Attack.png ATK D.png 99 C.png 2332 +2233
Health.png HP B.png 1046 A.png 12418 +11372
Defense.png DEF B.png 71 A.png 459 +388
Speed.png SPD D.png 92 B.png 102 +10
Critical.png Crit A.png 8% A.png 8% +0%
Crit DMG 150% 150% +0%
Effect HIT 0% 0% +0%
Effect RES 0% 0% +0%


2051.png Soul Fire (魂之火/魂の炎)

Type: NormalOnibi: 0Cooldown: 0

Zashiki casts soul fire to attack a single target, dealing damage equal to 100% of her attack, and has a 50% chance of gaining 1 onibi.

Level Effect
2 Damage increases to 105%
3 Damage increases to 110%
4 Damage increases to 115%
5 Damage increases to 120%

2052.png Serendipity (福运昌隆/福運繁栄)

Type: Passive Onibi:Onibi.png0 Cooldown: 0

Upper Hand
Automatically gain 1 onibi at the start of battle.

Level Effect
2 Number of onibi gained increases to 2
3 Number of onibi gained increases to 3

2053.png Trade-Off (祸福相生/転禍為福)

Type: Special Onibi:Onibi.png0 Cooldown: 0

Zashiki sacrifices 30% of her current HP to gain 2 onibi.

Level Effect
2 Number of onibi gained increases to 3
3 HP sacrificed reduced to 20%

Biography Unlock

No. Unlock Conditions Rewards
1 Clear Awakening Dungeon 5 (Solo) with Zashiki Warashi.
2 Win in PVP or Practice Mode with Zashiki Warashi 40 times.
3 Grant 5 Zashiki Warashi shards in the guild.

No. Unlock Conditions Rewards
1 Clear Awakening Dungeon 5 (Solo) with Zashiki Warashi.
2 Win in PVP or Practice Mode with Zashiki Warashi 40 times.
3 Grant 15 Zashiki Warashi shards in the guild.


Skins Info

Fortune Flourish
CN: Collection
TW/JP: Puzzle event
GL: Skin Shop
Firework Display
Skin Shop
春寄灯鲤Skin Shop


Bio 1


I am Zashiki, the Fortune Child. I hide in homes to bring wealth and fortune to those living there. That's my duty. So of course everybody wants me to stay with them. They'll do things like preparing the room for another child or hiding money under the floor, trying to make their house tempting to me. But in the end, those people are doing these things for their own sake. They don't care how I feel! What they want is the good fortune I bring, not me! It was then that I developed this belief.

Bio 2


“Oh, you’re really cute!”
As she spoke, she smiled in a way that squeezes all the wrinkles on her face together. I was very familiar with that smile. She wanted me to stay at her home, to bring her good fortune. That was that only reason anyone smiled at me.
“You’re back again, I’m so happy! Would you like some candies?”
Humph! Your smile isn’t going to fool me! But I like candies, and since you offered, I’ll take it.
“You are now our family’s child.”
I won’t believe your lies! But… If I ever saw my true mother, would I have the same thoughts? Would i mistrust her too? I was just thinking, nothing more.

Bio 3


“Cough, cough… Ah, are you patting my back? Thank you.”
Her body was getting weaker and weaker. How could this be? I had brought so much good fortune to this family! Why couldn’t I cure sickness and banish hunger? It seemed like there was nothing that I could do. But I wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing!
Mother, she can’t… I will protect her!

Voice Lines

Enter Battle
Skill 3
Skill 3
これでよしMhm, this is okay too.

Voice Lines for Skin: Fortune Flourish

Skill 3



Zashiki is an indispensable Shikigami during the early part of the game as an orb supplier. She plays a crucial role in PvE and PvP battles as she provides orbs that allow other Shikigami to deploy their skills with minimum issues. In general, Zashiki has the following characteristics:

A Shikigami with the ability to produce and supply orbs so that her teammates can launch their skills successfully to create the maximum impact.
Her basic speed is slow, and she needs to reduce her own HP to supply orbs.
It is strongly recommended that Zashiki be promoted since an orb supplier is a must for any team to battle effectively.
She is suitable for all kinds of PvE battles.
When Zashiki starts the battle, the team get orbs immediately. This plus the probability that she can add orbs to the team when she leads a normal attack make Zashiki an integral part of any team.

Skills Analysis

Soul Fire
There is a 50% chance for Zashiki to get an orb when she attacks with her normal skill. As her active skill requires her to sacrifice her own HP to get orbs, when Zashiki's HP is relatively low, her normal attack is one method to get orbs at no cost.
When her passive skill is stacked to the maximum, she can feed three orbs to the whole team so that the team has a stable supply of orbs at the beginning of the battle. This is strategically important for any offensive team.
Her active skill, Trade-off, at its maximum, will trade Zashiki's HP in return for three orbs immediately, so that her teammates have sufficient orbs to launch their skills subsequently. Zashiki plays a vital role in helping her team operate team combos with ease.

Souls Selection

Fortune Cat (SPD for slot 2, HP/DEF for slot 4, and HP/DEF for slot 6.)
Fortune Cat has a 50% probability to supply two orbs, and this greatly alleviates the need for Zashiki to sacrifice her own HP to generate orbs. The team gets an ample supply of orbs, and Zashiki would not lose much HP.
Azure Basan (SPD for slot 2, HP/DEF for slot 4, and HP/DEF for slot 6.)
An Azure Basan set with SPD in slot 2 for Zashiki. With this combination, it is guaranteed that the team will start the battle with a massive firepower of 8 orbs, 3 from Zashiki's own passive skill and the rest supported by Azure Basan. This gives the team a formidable head start where they may be able to run the whole show.
Jizo Statue (SPD for slot 2, HP for slot 4, and HP for slot 6.)
Jizo Statue is a soul with a strong survival instinct. When up against Crit attacks, Jizo Statue not only forms a shield with 10% HP to protect his own Shikigami, but there is a probability that he can protect the rest of the team as well. This soul can easily counter the damage impact of Shikigami with multi-stage Crit DMG capabilities like Ootengu and Ubume.
Mirror Lady (SPD for slot 2, HP for slot 4, and HP for slot 6.)
The Mirror Lady has an immensely strong ability to restrain Shikigami with incredible damage capabilities. Any AOE type of Shikigami will think twice before they attack her.

Sample Team

As orb suppliers are unique Shikigami, Zashiki is suitable for any team that demands a steady supply of orbs.

Disadvantaged Against

Samurai X, Yuki Onna, Yumekui, Shishio]

Zashiki relies on active turns to acquire orbs. When a control Shikigami restrains Zashiki and prevents her from using skills, Zashiki can no longer effectively supply her team with orbs.

Advantage Against

Aoandon has the ability to absorb orbs. To her, a Shikigami like Zashiki who can replenish her teammates with orbs is a major hindrance that weakens the effect of her skill.


  • Her name does not fit within the game's 12 character name limit


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