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I started my journey to the highest clouds once again. This time I'm determined. I'm no longer lost. After countless obstacles, I climbed to the pinnacle, the highest point, as the sun started to rise once more. I looked up and saw the highest clouds sitting in the sky where I could never reach. I felt refreshed inside and out. I did what I could, no matter what. Suddenly, a gust of wind caught me defenseless. I was blown off of the pinnacle and started to fall. The faster I fell, the faster my consciousness began to blur. Is this... Is this what flying feels like? Wait, no, there's something more... Something started to rise inside me, to burst out of me. When I opened my eyes I saw feathers snowing from the sky. From my back a pair of wings stretched out, wide and beautiful. Memories began to flow back. I picked up the flute and began to play the tune I'd heard under the moon light. The flute was one of my two gifts from the performer. The other was something that still inspires me till this day: a simple phrase. "Being a great spirit isn't about the view you enjoy from above after gaining power. It's about your dogged perseverance in reaching for that view."

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