Media:296story1.ogg Biography 1

The night was a shadow of the moon, and all was still.
Suddenly, a massive yokai rushed out, his eyes alight with fire. He approached step-by-step, and my instincts told me to flee, but my legs have already failed. As I gave up the struggle to life, he passed by my side, fiercely roaring behind me, and letting out growls of warning.
I was completely shaken, but still managed to turn, finding the wolves hidden in the bush gazing hungrily at me.
He saved me......!

Media:296story2.ogg Biography 2

He’s undoubtedly the king of the forest. He has taught me many things, and I’ve gladly followed his teachings. I realized that one day he would trust me to watch over his land and accept the reverence of his people. I understood what an honor this would be and hoped that I’d be ready to take on this responsibility. And now the day has finally come. I arrived home only to find his carcass. His body and entrails were eaten. His spiked hide was left untouched, I caught the scent of a wolf on it. His people were crying around him, but I didn’t shed a tear. I put on his hide in silence. I will carry his honor and his responsibility.

Media:296story3.ogg Biography 3

As I rested by the river, I beheld a familiar sight. The gazes of the wolves on the opposite bank were just like that night, when it all began.
The pungent scent of blood emanated from me; My blade was scarred with the traces of battle. I approached the wolves step-by-step, a fervent joy had overtaken me. I had long, long awaited this moment, I imagined it countless times, the veins of my hands bulged in excitement......! The time for revenge had come. The wolves detected the danger, and seemed to want to run, but it's too late......!
An acrid odor spread across the riverbanks, and the waters a bloodsea.
I stepped over the corpses of the wolves, into the forest depths.

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