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A 6 day Boss Challenge event. It's kind of like the Kyonshii Imouto event. It also retells what happened during Ootakemaru saga/Sealand Invasion events but from the perspective of Ootake, Kujira and Kani. So if you weren't around for those events, this is nice way to get a quick recap.


Illusion Boss

Fight a 3 round boss to farm gems used to upgrade stats and skills for the Sealand generals. There's 3 difficulties, costs Sushi.png6 AP to do and there's no time limit. Can be challenged 20 times per day.

Boss Challenges

Fight the boss onmyouji for an area within a 24 hour period. Everyday 1 boss will be available, they can only be challenged 3 times per day, costs Sushi.png20 AP to do and there's a 3 minute timer. Despite the 3 challenge limit, there is a practice mode. You can do practice mode as many times as you want but your score for damage dealt will not be recorded and will not count towards ranking. The fight itself is like of day 7 of a boss defense/vanquish in super oniou/uber event. In other words, the bosses cannot be KO'd so you're goal is to simply do as much damage as possible within the time limit.

The bosses for each area are:

  • Yaobikuni (Arakawa River)
  • Shuten (Mt Oe)
  • SP Shuten (Mt Oe)
  • Seimei (Heian-kyo)

There is guild ranking. Ranking is based on total damage dealt to all the bosses by the top 40 players of a guild. Rewards will be listed below.

Sealand Generals

In this event your onmyouji will be replaced by Ootakemaru, Kujira or Kani Hime depending on who you have selected in this tab. Each of them of have 5 total skills. Ootake and Kani get 2 new passive effects, while Kujira has all his skills except his defensive normal attack. Their skills are not exactly the same as their regular ones so make sure you read them carefully before using them.

Like onmyouji they have 3 active skills, their normal attack + 2 changeable skills. To increase their stats and skills, you do it they same way you would increase an onmyouji's totem, but instead of souls you use gems obtained from illusion bosses. The upgrades are also shared with your guild. So to max out the skills, your guild must work together to upgrade the same Sealand General/s.

Recommended Sealand Generals to level up are Kujira and Kani.


Since this just a short recap event, will only provide a tl;dr of the skills instead of full translations.

Skill Effects

Offensive normal attack. Can read what it does here, but it also has a Call to Arms effect.


Offensive passive. Can read what it does here, but chance to co-op increases as Kujira's skill levels increase.


Passive effect. When an ally receives damage, SPD for all allies is increased.


Passive effect. Damage dealt Kujira outside of his own turn is increased.


Passive effect. Every time Kujira co-op's, his damage is increased for 1 turn.

Skill Effects

Normal attack. Stronger version of his regular normal but instead on inflicting reduced SPD, he'll also deal splash damage.


Passive effect. Ootake will gain the soul effect of 1 ally, priorities the ally with the highest ATK.


Passive effect. After Ootake attacks, he has a chance to attack again.


Passive effect. If an ally doesn't deal damage on their turn, the next time they deal damage it will be increased.


Special attack. Can read what it does here.

Skill Effects

Normal attack. Can read what it does here.


Passive effect. When an ally uses a onibi using skill to deal damage, there's a chance for them to use it again.


Special attack. Can read what it does here.


Passive effect. Skill damage for all allies is increased every time onibi is consumed. And all current onibi will consumed when there isn't enough to use a skill.


Passive effect. When Kani or an ally deals non-transferred damage, also deal splash damage.


Notable rewards from obtained from the mission tab are; Magatama.png150 jade, a Normal Summon.pngblue summon ticket, a 5* white daruma, 2 new icon frames and a black daruma.

The rewards for guild ranking are;

  • Top 10 guilds: Normal Summon.png1 blue summon ticket, Merit.png200 guild feats, ROrder.png10000 guild medals, Guild Gold.png60mil guild gold and a new guild border
  • Top 11-30 guilds: Merit.png150 guild feats, ROrder.png8000 guild medals, Guild Gold.png35mil guild gold
  • Top 31-100 guilds: Merit.png100 guild feats, ROrder.png5000 guild medals, Guild Gold.png20mil guild gold

Example Teams

Like the Kyonshii Imouto event, recommended souls and stats etc won't be included. Shiki in the same column and row can be swapped with each other.

Illusion Bosses

219.png 219.png 330.png 332.png 347.png
2 Multi-hit attackers 295.png 228.png 291.png
256.png 256.png 325.png 341.png
2 Multi-hit attackers 260.png 228.png 341.png

There’s no time limit for this so use whatever team works for you.

Boss Challenges

Boss Sealand
O4skillup.png 335.png
338.png 258.png 347.png 260.png
219s1.png 335.png
217.png 347.png 260.png 228.png
341s1.png 332s1.png
330.png 228.png 302.png 332.png
O1skillup.png 335.png
338.png 217.png
347.png 271.png 228.png
352.png 330.png 228.png 302.png 347.png

Again, these bosses can only be fought 3 times per day. So avoid using a team that relies too heavily on rng and remember to test your team in practice mode first.

SP Shuten is particularly difficult due to him having Scarlet and hitting very hard. Attacking him directly is out of the question unless you want your shiki to die quickly. So what you must do is link Ushi's doll to SP Iba, then do the same with Kosode's needle and hope her needle also links to SP Shuten. Regardless of which Kiyo you use, she must be set to only use her normal attack.

Seimei is even more difficult. At the start of battle he'll use his shield that breaks within 1 hit. So when it does break you're entire team will take a big hit to their HP. The next threat is Inugami with Scarlet, there's 2 ways to deal with him; 1) use Hannya and someone with Dawn Fairy to constant push his move bar, 2) use a Ushi + Kosode team and completely avoid attacking him.

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