The village is the location for many multiplayer aspects of the game.


For more information visit Hyakki Yakou

Place where Hyakki Yakou tickets can be spent to attempt to obtain shards of most shikigami.

For more information visit Arena

It is the PVP mechanism which is open daily.

For more information visit Hunt

A mechanism that allows members of a Guild to team up and fight a Kirin boss for rewards.

For more information visit Coop Arena

PVP except with 2v2 format.

For more information visit Oumagatoki

The cross-server mechanism that allows players to explore their surrounding areas to find treasure, fight monsters, etc.


All online friends will appear in the village, as well as onmyouji that were recently teamed with. Their current onmyouji and skin will be shown, and tapping on them brings up additional options.

Secret Scroll Pupil

The Secret Scroll Pupil offers the same functionality of the Secret Scroll Shop and nothing else. It appears to be a reskinned Akajita.

Assembly Realm

A portal which offers cross-server mechanisms. A map in the background shows player activity.

For more information visit Hyakkisen

A cross-server PVP mode that utilises card-flipping mechanism of team creation. However, the shikigami are provided by the game and do not require player ownership.

For more information visit Regional Kiou

A servers-wide PVE mode that allows players to challenge Kiou located in real life. The better the rating, the higher the ranking, and the better the rewards.


Dueling Guesses is a mechanism that is occasionally enabled.

There is a chance of a "Youkai Parade" easter egg appearing in the Village. It has a chance to appear at 03:00 after completing Hyakki Yakou, or if friends are online.