Attack.png ATK S.png 145 S.png 159 +14
Health.png HP A.png 1067 S.png 1174 +107
Defense.png DEF D.png 54 D.png 60 +6
Speed.png SPD B.png 100 S.png 110 +10
Critical.png Crit S.png 12% S.png 12% +0%
Crit DMG 160% 160% +0%
Effect HIT 0% 0% +0%
Effect RES 0% 0% +0%

Attack.png ATK S.png 3055 S.png 3350 +295
Health.png HP A.png 11393 S.png 12532 +1139
Defense.png DEF D.png 318 D.png 353 +35
Speed.png SPD B.png 100 S.png 110 +10
Critical.png Crit S.png 12% S.png 12% +0%
Crit DMG 160% 160% +0%
Effect HIT 0% 0% +0%
Effect RES 0% 0% +0%


3001.png Soul Burst (灵击)

Type: Normal Onibi:Onibi.png0 Cooldown: 0

In this world, everyone has their secrets.

Uses spirit energy to attack 1 enemy, dealing damage to 100% of his ATK with a 10% Base Chance (+Effect HIT) of inflicting Confuse lasting 1 turn on them.

Level Effect
2 Increases damage to 105%.
3 Increases damage to 110%
4 Increases damage to 115%
5 Increases damage to 125%

3002.png Fox Fire (狐火)

Type: Special Onibi:Onibi.png3 Cooldown: 0

I have to punish you!

Focuses Fox Fire to attack 1 enemy, dealing damage equal to 263% of his ATK. His damage is reduced by 15% on targets with more than 80% HP.

Level Effect
2 Increases damage to 276%.
3 Damage is increased by 15% on targets with less than 50% HP.
4 Increases damage to 289%.
5 If the enemy is KO'd when using Fox Fire, uses The Falling without spending any orbs.

3003.png The Falling (堕天)

Type: Special Onibi:Onibi.png3 Cooldown: 0

Outer beauty always makes one forget inner danger.

Channels all of his power, dealing damage to all enemies equal to 131% of his ATK. His damage is reduced by 15% on targets with less than 50% HP.

Level Effect
2 Increases damage to 138%.
3 Damage is increased by 15% on targets with more than 80% HP.
4 Increases damage to 145%.
5 If the enemy is KO'd when using The Falling, uses Fox Fire on the enemy with the lowest proportion of HP without spending any orbs.

Ignore 100 defense.

Biography Unlock

No. Unlock Conditions Rewards
1 Increase Tamamo no Mae's skill 8 times.
2 Clear Mitama Dungeon 9 with Tamamo no Mae.
3 Win in the Arena with Tamamo no Mae 40 times.




Skins Info

Midnight Dance
Skin Shop
Purging Foxfire (Exclusive)
miuokerCN: Purchase the Tamamo no Mae Figure
Lotus Dream
Skin Shop: S-Jade only

Biography Accessories

NameBio No.TypeRequirement
九尾神堕4 Skill Animation1200 Affection

Biography 1

Dear Kuzunoha,
How are you?
This is a hard letter to write, I don't really know where to begin. I guess I'll just write down what's on my mind. I hope you don't mind.
Kuzunoha, I saw your son the other day. Everyone in the court is talking about him. I wanted to meet him for you. After all, I promised to look after him. But he's so naive. He's taken the responsibility of protecting the capital upon himself and I'm sure he'll see me as his enemy. I think this must be the destiny you told me about.

Biography 2

An important figure has been attending the court lately. When we met, he asked me why I was dressed like woman. Looks like my beauty can’t fool everyone.
Your boy looks just like you. I’m so happy about that, Kuzunoha. I don’t want to pretend to be someone else when I meet him. I'll meet him as my true self.
Seeing him will be like seeing you again.

Biography 3

Kuzunoha, please forgive me. I have to trouble your boy with a dilemma. Frankly, even I'm not sure if there's a right or wrong choice or whether it's merely about finding the lesser of two evils. But if he's truly your boy, I'm sure he'll make a choice that will satisfy me. You've always been proud of him. And I've always been proud of you, Kuzunoha.
The destiny you told me of, I want to conquer it, even if it's just once. Pray for me, Kuzunoha.

File:.ogg Biography 4

Unlocks the skill-casting effect Blasting Tails.
I've been taking advantage of this beautiful face I have while living in the court, and I've learned quite a few interesting facts. One that particularly caught my attention was the conspicuous act of the onmyoji from the Minamoto clan, who had been feeding a giant monster in the forbidden area belonging to the Minamoto clan. I once reached the field in that forbidden area and saw the monster with my own eyes. It was coiled upon a tower, and at its base were piles of dead bodies, the remains of maidens that had been sacrificed as offerings. The whole place reeked of a nether force. A sight of absolute disgust.
There was also another thing that caught my attention... That master who came to the court a few days ago — the one who asked me why I was dressed like a woman — seems to know everything. I believe he also knows of the unusual acts of the Minamoto clan, yet he never questions them. I wonder if he's playing dumb on purpose. Which makes this even more interesting. There must be a particular reason behind this. Kuzunoha, it's truly like you said before. In this city of cherry blossoms, everything is tangled in a huge web...

File:.ogg Lotus Dream

Chiyo, Yuto, Aika... I just had a dream. A dreadful dream. In my dream, you left one by one, leaving me alone in a desolate world. I know parting is inevitable in the mortal world. But I never thought we wouldn't even be able to spend the short span of a human life together. I always pictured one thing in my mind. Decades later, I would be holding Chiyo's hand, welcoming Yuto and Aika home. They would happily tell me all the interesting things they saw in the mortal world and all the pain and happiness they experienced, and we would listen quietly.
Oh, really? Is it my time to return already? Return to that sad nightmare? If only this place was reality. I'd rather stay here a little longer. Chiyo, Yuto, and Aika, I miss you so much. Wherever and whenever you are, my heart longs for this place and longs to return to you.
My wife and children...
How I wish I could show you the future I saw, the one I expected.

File:.ogg Tap

File:.ogg Entrance

File:.ogg Hit

File:.ogg Death

Awakening of the Master Trailer

Kuzunoha, due to your child.
We were able to experience another world.


  • The leveled up Skyfall/Foxfire technically takes place over 2 moves, so Tamamo no Mae can fail to complete it if he is controlled, dead, etc. (Miketsu, Kagami Hime, Hangonko)
    • However, it does not factor into Kagura's life extension.
  • If an assist during the attack killed the target, extra move will not be triggered
  • The 3rd skill has decimals, so the maxed damage is not 144% but 145%


  • Tamamo no Mae's 3rd skin actually exposes his chest muscles, but it's obscured by the dark flame


  • According to the gekota, Tamamo no Mae is planning to awaken Yamata no Orochi before the humans to use his power to attack Heian-kyo


  • Tamamo no Mae is male in this game.
  • Tamamo no Mae's name cannot fit inside the 12-character name limit
  • Tamamo no Mae only considers revealing his motivation for wearing a mask to Seimei
  • Tamamo wants to see the gekota forms of the daiyokai that came after him
  • Tamamo has never visited Seimei's courtyard before
  • He is good friends with Kuzunoha
  • He is described as an alone weirdo, who takes drastic actions but also reclusive; who disguises himself but also values sincerity. Strange in some areas but firm in his reasons, although he doesn't attempt to be understood by others. Basically, a very mysterious and cool person.
  • Tamamo no Mae was a rather important character, and model creation began in April, however, the movements were done later since the awakening art could only be drawn after the pre-awakening art, and then checked against the model which was created from the three view drawing. So, the editing took 3 and a half months.
  • The initial plan was for Tamamo no Mae to be able to change mode through skills, also providing flexibility, however, changing modes was found to clash with the steady setting of daiyokai, so the idea was scrapped to instead be conveyed through the awakening art and story bios.
  • Tamamo no Mae was considered to be pure attacker or controller. However, controlling clashed with the strength of daiyokai and could not properly display Tamamo no Mae's status and power, so Tamamo no Mae was determined to be an attacker.

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