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ATK.png ATK A.png 135 S.png 3109 +2974
HP.png HP S.png 1323 SS.png 15380 +14057
DEF.png DEF B.png 68 B.png 437 +369
SPD.png SPD B.png 101 S.png 111 +10
CRIT.png Crit A.png 9% A.png 9% +0%
CDMG.png Crit DMG 150% 150% +0%
HIT.png Effect HIT 0% 0% +0%
RES.png Effect RES 0% 0% +0%


3631.png Celestial Judgement​ (天誅)

Type: Normal Onibi:Onibi.png0 Cooldown: 0

The king must charge before his men.

Taishakuten attacks a single target dealing damage equal to 100% of his attack.

Level Effect
2 Damage increases to 105%
3 Damage increases to 110%
4 Damage increases to 115%
5 Damage increases to 125%

3632a.png Flawless Lotus (無垢蓮華)

Type: Special Onibi:Onibi.png2 Cooldown: 0

I know everything that's on your mind.

Unique effect.
At start of Taishakuten's turn, if he is not immobile, he activates the Ceremony of the King field.

Upon Usage
Taishakuten has a 100% base chance to inflict a single target with Golden Lotus, lasts for 1 turn.
Golden Lotus (金蓮)
Debuff, Mark: The inflicted target's turn is manipulated by Taishakuten. Golden Lotus negates all control effects inflicted by a single skill for Taishakuten at the cost of 1 turn of the duration for Golden Lotus. When Taishakuten takes lethal damage, Golden Lotus will be removed, the damage dealt to him will be blocked and 5% of his max HP will be restored. When a monster inflicted with Golden Lotus receives damage, they'll receive an additional 40% of that damage as true damage. The true damage does not trigger Taishakuten's souls, and the effect lasts until the end of battle.
A max of 1 enemy can be marked at a single time and Taishakuten is immune to Golden Lotus.
Unable to take a turn due to being inflicted by Banish and similar effects or with control effects such as Freeze, Deep Freeze, Sleep, Daze or Transform.

Level Effect
2 Decreases initial attack for the enemy inflicted with Golden Lotus by 80% on their own turn
3 If the Ceremony of the King field isn't active, increases Taishakuten's move bar by 50% at the end of his turn
4 If an enemy inflicted with Golden Lotus uses a normal attack, you gain 1 onibi
5 Duration of Golden Lotus increases to 2 turn and if it's inflicted on a monster, the inflicted additional true damage increases to 70% of Taishakuten's attack

3632b.png Ceremony of the King (王の盛宴)

Type: Special Cooldown: 0

I shall deliver judgement upon this world!

Buff88.pngWhile this field is active, reduces speed for all allies by 3% for every enemy or onmyouji. At the start of an enemy's turn, the move bar for the ally at the top of the move bar is increased by 30%.
The field disappears when Taishakuten is KO'd.

3633.png Instant Lotus Bloom (刹那蓮華綻放)

Type: Special Onibi:Onibi.png3 Cooldown: 0

This throne, built on flesh and blood, will only grow higher and higher.

A myriad of lotuses instantly bloom, attacking all enemies dealing damage equal to 138% of Taishakuten's attack. Also restores his own HP and the ally with the lowest HP by 100% of his attack.

When this skill is used, also deals additional damage to the enemy inflicted with Golden Lotus twice.

Level Effect
2 Damage increases to 145%
3 Damage increases to 152%
4 Damage increases to 159%
5 When Golden Lotus disappears, all control effects on Taishakuten are removed and this skill is activated once without using onibi (this attack will not trigger enemy passives or souls, but damage and restored HP is reduced by 40%)

Biography Unlock

No. Unlock Conditions Rewards
1 Increase Taishakuten's level to 40
2 Increase Taishakuten's skills 12 times
3 In PVP or Practice, successfully control the turn of an enemy with Golden Lotus 99 times


Skins Info



Bio 1


"As a Celestial noble, this was not my first time in the Royal Palace."
When I was young, I had been to the Royal Palace with my father to pray for our people with the Deca.
There was a wall of bells in front of the Royal Palace. Countless bronze bells were hanging on the racks. No matter what the weather was like, or how long time passed, they never moved.
I once struck the smallest bell out of curiosity and heard a lingering chime. The sound came from afar and could be heard throughout the ethereal future. For my undecided fate, the bell tolled.
There seemed to be a secret in that sound. When I tried to listen closely, I was yelled at by my father.
"The bells are only tolled for the new king," Father said, "You have committed a serious crime of disrespect."

Then, as I was sitting in the lotus pool, countless musicians were striking hundreds of bronze bells with their batons outside of the Palace, preparing for my coronation.
I still disrespected my fate, but no one can find me guilty now.
There were priests standing on both sides, throwing lotus petals over me. The Grand Priest respectfully kneeled down, holding a white fumigated robe above his head before me.
"May this incense expel all filth, may the flowing water cleanse all sins, may you be reborn as a lotus, and may everything in the past become soil in your feet.
In the name of Trayastrimsa, forget all of your past sins; walk out of the pool, be reborn like a white lotus, and become the new king."
I asked him, "How do I forget my sins?"
The Grand Priest lowered his head and said, "Just speak out your greatest wish that has yet to be achieved, place it in the water and never look back."
I looked at the waving lotus in the water and said,
"All I wish for in my life is to end the battle between the Celestials and the Demons with my own hands. I want to take my friend's hands, and lead our people into a world without struggle and sacrifice.
But now that the war is over, he's not here with me. My life's greatest wish has become my life's greatest sin."

Bio 2


"I will create a new 'justice' for the Celestials."
"Injustice can only be crushed by force. Yet force is the most unjust thing in the world."
I used to battle side by side with my friend Asura against the Demons on the battlefield.
He was always at the forefront of the battlefield. No enemies have yet survived before his limbs. I would follow him closely behind, making sure he doesn't lose himself in the carnage.
He never quits, and I never wanted to lose him out of stubbornness. One in the front and one in the rear, together we strove to become more powerful with out strong resolution.
I saw the future of our people over his shoulders, and along with it, a bright world without struggles.
However, what the world lacked was not some kind man who would battle to end all wars. What we lacked was an evil man who would battle to end all wars.

"Under the new order, one's value is no longer decided by one's birth.
From now on, for all Celestials, the value of man will be decided by their abilities rather than their bloodline.
The good ones will be rewarded with privileges and the bad ones will be thrown into the prison of the Abyss. All is equal in the new order."
As the one who controls the order, I stand above all else. I'm the embodiment of supreme power, and the last unjust one.
"Alas, as long as there's injustice in the world, the struggle will never cease to exist."
"Today, I will sit on this one and only throne"
"My throne will become higher and higher. It will be built on the dead bodies of the outsiders I have killed.
On the beliefs of my people that I placed judgment upon.
It will grow higher and higher, until it reaches into the sky. Until everything in the world falls falls under my command. Until I take control of every living being in the world. Until I have infinite power that none can compete with."

The long gone Battle God Asura was a miracle made of flesh and blood. I can still feel the warmth of his shadow left on me, even now his body has turned cold.
He was fiery like the sun, but he never scorched me. Yet, my shadow left him with a fatal frostbite.
He failed to keep up, but I wouldn't stop for him. I believe he would do the same were he in my place.
I'm still convinced that nothing will ever make me prouder than meeting him.

"I will sit on this throne of sin and wait for my personal 'justice' to come before me in person."
"And when the day comes, all the sins I forsook will return to me.
Then, the last 'injustice' in the world will cease to exist.
And then, we shall see a world in eternal peace. One that is truly free of struggle."
I lowered my head and smiled at the lotus, "there's something more exciting than a fateful encounter."
"It's a reunion."

Bio 3


After I finished speaking, the Grand Priest was drenched in sweat and he knelt next to me, shivering. It was as if he was terrified after listening to a secret that he shouldn't have heard. Then I smiled and deliberately asked the white lotus, "did I make myself clear?"
The white lotus didn't answer, and simply continued to wave in the water. The seemingly rootless duckweed is in fact firmly rooted at the bottom of the pool.
Weather terrible enough to pluck out the divine trees cannot cut down floating lotuses.
The world is filled with lies, just like the thousands of bells before the Royal Palace.
They were built to give consolation to millions of dead souls. Yet people said they can only be tolled for the new king and it's a crime for others to touch them.
Over the past millennia, a shadow weaved by countless flesh and blood has shrouded the Celestial Realm. Since none can escape, people started praising their benevolence.

I reached out my hands and ordered the priest to change my robes. I snapped the lotus that had been fully fed with my sins.
Surrounded by the crowd, I walked towards the center ensemble. I pushed open the gates. The Royal Palance sat high above the ground, towering over everyone else.
Further above, there was a boundless blue sky and pure white clouds.
White birds flew through the clouds, chirping as they went.
The nobles kneeled on both sides of the path to the Royal Palace with the Deca. They chanted repectfully with their heads lowered,
"All hail the new king."

Just as I was about to make my first step forward, the Grand Priest knelt down behind me, asking for the lotus I had just picked.
"I'm afraid your sins cannot accompany you on this journey."
I laughed and turned over my hand. Nothing fell out. He then realized that the lotus in my hand was just an illusion.
Seeing that the lotus was not in the pool as well, he panicked and asked, "Then where did you put your wish?" I said. "it's been in my heart ever since the beginning."
I walked straight towards the throne as the bells' music tolled.
The bells of the Royal Palace were tolled for heroes, for the people, for celebration, and for the return of heroes.
The tyrant is dead, the war is over. An era of peace has begun, and I will wait for that day to come.
I will wait for the day of your return, Asura.

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