These are a series of challenge instances that are more difficult, and are unlocked at player level 30, where they remember the floor level for each instance. They can be found in Exploration.


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Strange Tales instances cost 3 stamina regardless of victory or loss. Clearing a floor allows the next floor to be challenged, but all floors can be challenged repeatedly.

The 8-10th floor recordings can be viewed through battle playback, with the exception of Yamausagi's which allows 9th and 10th.

The instance must be soloed, but players can use friends' support shikigami up until the 9th floor, and each use is counted into the general limit of 15 uses.

All instances allow players to use 1 onmyouji and 5 shikigami, though enemy formations may differ. Additionally, some instances have special conditions and mechanisms which are not found elsewhere.


Challenges are re-runs of the original instances but with different, more difficult conditions. They take place over the period of Monday to Sunday, where all players that have completely passed the original version may participate.

All rewards are replaced with one-time rewards of jades that are 10x the floor number. Difficulty is increased by two additional enemies added to the fray, in the form of invincible snake demons that buffs the enemies and debuffs the player's party as well as attacking them.

Speed Challenge

Players are ranked on the total time needed to clear all floors, and the top 1000 players receive prizes such as limited time emoji, marks.

Hundred Battles

The number of different shikigami used on the 10th floor will be recorded as the player's hundred battle effort and put into rankings. This score can rise as players change up their formations. The top 1000 players will receive prize, and if numbers are tied it is first come first serve.


Clearing a floor for the first time gives one-time rewards that cannot be obtained otherwise. You can use gold buff to double one-time reward gold.

After clearing the floor the subsequent rewards will be the regular rewards.


  • To avoid cheating, the challenges and the 10th floors are mechanisms that are played server-side