• Since the damage calculation is dependent on the attacked shikigami, damage taken will depend on target's defense, higher defense on the equipper will not lower damage for either party
  • It is triggered by attack, so the target does not need to take damage (ie; shielded) to be protected, conversely, it is possible for the equipper to take damage first due to different thicknesses of shields
  • It's trigger causes both shikigami to be considered attacked, and shikigami like Mannendake will counter accordingly, it will also trigger passive of shikigami like Kuro Douji, depending on if damage is taken
  • It can also be triggered by random target attacks due to them being considered as multiple single target attacks
  • Shikigami equipped with it can still be targeted by random target attacks even if they do not appear to be in original spots, it's a display thing, not targeting
  • In a formation with more than shikigami equipped with it, both will not protect the attacked shikigami at the same time
  • The order that multiple Soul Edge steps in to protect is currently unknown, but is not dependent on health at all, so, its trigger chance is consistent at 50% no matter the number of equippers.
    • Decision: Third shikigami is attacked > Soul Edge will protect them or not > one of the two equipped with Soul Edge will protect
    • Obviously, if one shikigami with it is attacked, they may be protected by the other
  • When equipper is under Shouzu link and target is not, it has a chance to trigger, if both are in Shouzu link, then it will not trigger
  • As only damage is affected, the protected target may still be subject to various effects, such as triggering Senecio, Jizo, Scarlet, passives. And the attacker will still enjoy damage buff, Shadow, Seductress, etc.
  • Teikon's previous 4 set effect was: 20% chance of inflicting silence on target when dealing damage
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