This boss is unlocked after beating Yamata no Orochi's fourth layer.


Sougenbi is a Soul dungeon that drops Soul typically unavailable through challenging Yamata no Orochi, and is an alternative to buying them from the Shop. The three floors of Sougenbi are accessed through passes that are dropped at random from challenging Yamata no Orochi floors, these tickets are consumed to access Sougenbi, though they are refunded if the dungeon is exited half-way.


Sougenbi can only be challenged solo, and there are 5 shikigami and 1 onmyouji allowed in a lineup, exactly like soloing Soul and some other instances. Similarly, no spectator shikigami are allowed.

The 3 dungeons (arrays of Avarice/Wrath/Greed) all contain the same youkai, however, the difficulty to defeat them increases, as their attributes become higher.

Round Youkai
3[Note 1] 3 bosses
  1. This floor comes with attack buffs for the player.


Tickets are obtained from their respective Soul floors.

Floor Ticket
5-7 Scroll of Avarice
8-9 Scroll of Wrath
10 Scroll of Desire

Boss Skills

None Avarice (贪)

Type: Normal Onibi: 0 Cooldown: 0

Single target attack with chance to daze.

None Wrath (嗔)

Type: Normal Onibi: 0 Cooldown: 0

Single target attack decreasing attack and defense.

None Desire (痴)

Type: Normal Onibi: 0 Cooldown: 0

AOE attack decreasing attack and defense.


All Sougenbi floors drop the same kind of rewards, though the quantity and quality may differ. They will drop Gyokjuju, Teikon, and Hangonkou, as well the Soul that are on the rotation for the Yamata no Orochi Soul floors.


Greed is narrated by Park Romi. Anger is by Yasumoto Hiroki. Foolery is by Onosaka Masaya.

F: Ooooh...... Ooooh......

G: What is it, dumbo? Anything bothering you?

F: Why...... why am I always, unable to understand what others are thinking, not grasping what they're saying, not knowing what they're doing...... Why, why......

A: How could you be bothered by things like that! Because humans are all so strange, wouldn't not understanding them be normal? It's not our fault, it's their fault! Yeah, it's all their fault! Ahhhh, thinking about it is making me mad!

G: Hehe, although humans are strange, they're also wonderful! The pretty faces and fair hair of the young girls, those shining jewelry worn by the women...... Ah, want them, I want them so much......

F: Why do you always have so many things that you want...... Are they really that good......

G: You not understanding how wonderful these things are is precisely why I call you "dumbo" you know, hehe.

F: Ooooh...... Ooooh......

A: I get so mad from seeing the two of you! You woman, always calling this idiot "dumbo" this, "dumbo" that, but whenever he opens his mouth, you come running! And you, you're such an idiot, the woman's already answered so many of your questions, and you still don't understand what she's saying? This pisses me off! Pisses me off to no end!

F: ......Ooooh, what does that mean? What does she mean?

G: Shut up, dumbo!