Onmyoji Wiki
No. Name Featured Characters
1 Oni Apprentice
见习鬼使 - 見習い鬼使い
278.png 277.png 251.png 255.png
2 Cherry Blossom Banquet
春樱之宴 - 桜の宴
281.png 282.png 280.png
3 Seito Kaidan
青灯怪谈 - 青灯怪談
252.png 208.png 266.png
4 Heian no Hanabi
花火之都 - 平安の花火
204.png 10.png 300.png
5 Tesso's Anecdotes
铁鼠轶闻 - 鉄鼠の巻
13.png 232.png 261.png
6 Wind God's Blessing
风神之佑 - 風神の守り
274.png 306.png 272.png
7 Lament of the Solitary Feather
孤羽之鸣 - 孤羽の鳴
285.png 283.png 304.png
8 Visitor from Afar
309.png 308.png Peach & Karashi
9 Memories of Ice and Snow
292.png 293.png 300.png
Note: The Hozuki no Reitetsu collab side story specifically requires the player to own SSR Hozuki to access it.