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The Shikigami Records is the interface where the player can view all of their available shikigami and shards. Furthermore, the shikigami can be promoted, skills can be checked, Soul can be configured, shikigami can be awakened, and biographies can be unlocked.

When a shikigami is available to be summoned, when a new biography can be unlocked, or when a new type of Soul is discovered, a red dot will appear above its relevant icon indicating the player to check it.

Personal Shikigami

The personal shikigami pane is only concerned with shikigami that the player currently owns. The pane can be toggled via the bottom left corner to see the current number of shards for each shikigami that the player has collected.


This pane shows literally all shikigami that are summoned, and the total number is listed on top. The icons of shikigami can be browsed through using a scroll bar. Though they are listed in a default order of levels and favourites, it can be changed via the use of various filters.


Five arrangements of shikigami can be saved and named in presets, with each preset holding up to five shikigami. These presets can be rapidly switched to before battle. Shikigami can exist in more than one preset, but the preset only reproduces the arrangement of shikigami, their Soul stays the same.


There are two types of filters. The first filter is to change from the "All" view to sort shikigami by level, rarity, order obtained, or stars. Furthermore, the view can be changed from portrait art to square art, which shows more shikigami.


When a shikigami is selected, it can be locked or unlocked, the voice actor is given, its nickname can be set or reset, guides for using it are available, comments from other players can be viewed, and it can be set to be a favourite. The 3D model of the shikigami itself can be tapped on for a special animation and spoken line. The shikigami can also be nurtured, and the button is surrounded by a glow when it can be upstarred.

Shikigami Information

Pressing on the arrow next to a shikigami opens an interface to the right which shows the attributes of a shikigami. At the top, they can be shared. In the middle, their level, experience, and all additions to their base attributes are shown. At the bottom, their skill descriptions are available.


The detailed slot arrangement of Soul can be viewed in this tab, and Soul can be tapped to show manipulation options. The attribute additions are repeated at the bottom.

Soul Profiles

The Soul set currently equipped can be saved, or switched to ones already saved. A new set can also be made from scratch.

Shikigami Awakening

The materials and progress towards awakening the shikigami can be viewed, as well as a peek at the awakened model/splash art and the skill improvement or stat improvement that will be gained. Once the shikigami is awakened (a permanent action), the skin function is unlocked, and the skins can be previewed, purchased, and donned at will, along with seeing the artist attribution. The 4-star skin special effects cannot be viewed in advance.


Requirements and rewards to unlock voiced biographies can be seen. If requirements are met then biography can be unlocked and read or listened to, with automatic scrolling. The full 2D art can also be viewed in the art tab.

Shikigami Shards


The interface resembles that of personal shikigami, but can only be seen as "All" or sorted by rarity. The name of the shikigami can be seen, but the model is not shown and only a blacked silhouette of the shikigami can be seen in its thumbnail art.