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Delegation is a mechanism that is used to exchange time and AP for rewards. It is unlocked when the onmyouji is level 13, and has cleared the second chapter of the main story. However, three delegations can be given simultaneously at level 30+, and four when level 50+.


Send out shikigami to complete their tasks, and get experience, gold, and other items as rewards. There are even 6-star Soul and keys to the goryou realm.

Shikigami that are sent out receives experience upon completion. The difficulty (level requirements of shikigami) of the missions also depend on their stars, but more difficult ones have better rewards. Each shikigami can only partake in one delegation at a given time, and must complete it before accepting any others.

Serial Delegations

They are refreshed at random. Each stage of mission takes 24 hours, and the greatest CD is also 24 hr (even if entire series is complete).


For more information visit Delegation List

There is a relation between player level, delegation level, and associated rewards.

Level Max Missions Simultaneously Max Mission Star Max Soul Star
>=13 2 2-4
>=21 3 2-5
>=31 4 3-5
>=41 5 3-6
>=51 6 4-6

Rewards include experience, gold, and drops. If lucky, there are also ones like 6 star Soul and Keys to the Goryou Realm, just pay attention to the mission interface.

Note that once players hit the AP cap of 9999, only dispatches costing over 100 AP will be available.

Success Rates

The rewards have relation to the success rate of the mission:

  • The higher the shikigami level, the more units that are awakened, the higher the chance for success
  • Using recommended shikigami boosts chances for success
  • It goes without saying, but the higher the success rate, the higher the chance for good rewards
Result Rewards
Unsatisfactory (差强人意) Base rewards
Successfully met (顺利达成) Base rewards + success rewards
Perfect (完美达成) Base rewards + success rewards + surprise