• The shield comes up after Hiromasa's passive, so it is possible to take damage, anything associated with Hiromasa's passive (ie; soul effects from assists) will not be blocked either
  • The shield comes before Higanbana's passive, so no damage will be taken
  • The shield's health is more specifically based on the equipper's health, and can change depending on the crit and crit damage of the equipper, the actual thickness depends on the defense of each shikigami
  • The shield vanishes after the turn of each shikigami that has it, but if a shikigami does not move, the shield stays until health is depleted, shield also does not disappear from false turns (ie; Kaguya Hime's passive)
  • The shield can block effects from control-type souls that specify "dealing damage" but cannot block skill effects
  • Shields will not stack if more than one shikigami is equipped with it, but stacks with any other shield (eg; Kaguya Hime has Sea Sprite, and can get a shield from Hako no Shoujo from the false turn)
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