• To specify, the normal attack conveys the skill's effects and the equipper's passive skill, i.e. Kamaitachi chance to daze, Hotarugusa self-heal
  • As a "fake turn", shikigami triggered by Sou will not be damaged by Higanbana's illusionary realm
  • As a "move", shikigami triggered by Sou will be affected by healing effects
  • Sou can activate more than once, i.e. from Hari extra damage
  • Counterattacks from Sou can trigger assists from other shikigami
  • Sou cannot trigger if equipper cannot move (i.e. controlled)
  • Sou adds a counterattack, and does not replace a shikigami's inherent counterattack skill
  • Sou can be activated by damage conveyed via Shouzu's link or Ushi's doll (will attack Ushi regardless)
  • Sou works across rounds and with instant revival