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A gameplay mechanism through the Realm of Gathering. It is unlocked at player level 30 and is open from 6:00 to 24:00, where rewards are distributed.


Regional Kiou is, basically put, a way to challenge Kiou in different regions. However, Kiou require Fame in order to be found: the greater the Fame, the greater the search distance, the more Kiou that could be found. Each Kiou will also have differing conditions to be challenged, which changes by the day.


All players begin with 300 fame. With every 1 point of fame that the player gains (and player does not lose fame), the challenge radius for regional kiou increases by 1000 m. Furthermore, fame affects the number of different kiou that can be challenged per day.

Fame Number of Kiou
<2000 1
<10000 2
>10000 3

Challenging any kiou will give a place on the world rankings, which in turn is guaranteed to increase fame as detailed below.


For more information see Condition List

Kiou fights are conducted under special conditions, which are randomly assigned by the system and changes daily. Otherwise, fights begin with costing 1 stamina, repeatedly challenging the same kiou will increase the cost, with a max of 6. Instances can only be soloed with one onmyouji and 5 shikigami fighting through three rounds of shikigami, with the kiou boss being on the last round.

Enemies in the instance will have varying strength of attributes depending on the level the instance is set to - from 1 to 60. Their Soul will not change. After completing the instance, there is an option to share the rankings for 20 jade reward, once weekly.


The higher the difficulty, the higher the rating. The more turns used, the lower the rating. The accumulated health loss also lowers rating. Thus, in some cases, passing a kiou instance with lower difficulty but with fewer turns and health loss will give a better rating than passing a higher difficulty instance with poorer performance.

The lowest rating appears to be 100 and the highest appears to 35k.

Kill Counter

Kiou challenging interface also has a progress bar for each kiou, documenting the amount of times they've been defeated per day. The counter is also cross-server, and increments upon a successful or unsuccessful challenge towards the kiou, repeated challenges count, including repeated losses. There are additional rewards for all players that participated in the kiou challenge that day if milestones are met.

Kill Count[Note 1] Rewards
Fragmented Talisman
1 key to the goryou realm
1 hyakki yakou ticket
Note: It is 900/1800/3000 in non-CN servers.

Places of Gathering

All Kiou will stay put in their respective regions, the shikigami of the rounds stay the same, and the shikigami at the locations only match them thematically. There is no added difficulty for any location, except for the Fame required to reach them.


Potential rewards from challenging kiou include:

  • gold (30*level)
  • exp (10*level)
  • mystery amulet
  • kekkai toppa ticket
  • fragmented amulet
  • hyakki yakou ticket
  • stamina
  • blue daruma shard
  • red daruma shard
  • white daruma shard

These rewards are given immediately upon clearing the instance. Rankings-based rewards are given at the end of the day.

Team Rankings

Players on the same server are randomly sorted into teams based on level, to be ranked based on their rating for each kiou. Each team consists of 10 places, placing near the top gives better rewards (higher chance of SR/SSR shard and 6 star Soul). Rewards from team rankings for challenging various kiou will stack. The highest rating from all attempts is used for placement.

Ranking Rewards
1 R/SR/SSR shard
5-6 star Soul
2 R/SR/SSR shard
5-6 star Soul
3 R/SR/SSR shard
5-6 star Soul
4 N/R/SR shard
5-6 star Soul
5 N/R/SR shard
5-6 star Soul
6 N/R/SR shard
5-6 star Soul
7 50
8 45
9 40
10 35

World Rankings

Players from across servers are ranked based on their points rating for each kiou. There is an unlimited number of places on the world rankings, but placing near the top gives better rewards (higher chance of SR/SSR shard and 6 star Soul). Rewards will be distributed based on the best ranking (not rating) of all kiou challenged. The highest rating from all attempts is used for placement.

Ranking Rewards
1-3 100 fame
6 star Soul, random surprise
4-10 90 fame
5-6 star Soul, random surprise
11-20 80 fame
5-6 star Soul, random surprise
21-50 70 fame
5-6 star Soul, random surprise
51-100 60 fame
5-6 star Soul, random surprise
101-200 55 fame
5-6 star Soul, random surprise
201-500 50 fame
5-6 star Soul, random surprise
501-1000 45 fame
5-6 star Soul, random surprise
1001-2000 40 fame
5-6 star Soul, random surprise
2001-5000 35 fame
5-6 star Soul, random surprise
5001-10000 30 fame
4-5 star Soul, random surprise
10001+ 20 fame
4-5 star Soul, random surprise
  1. This was adjusted from 15k/30k/50k.