Attack ATK A 135 → 3055 This shikigami cannot be awakened.
Health HP B 982 → 11735
Defense DEF D 59 → 384
Speed SPD A 105
Critical Crit S 10%
Crit DMG 150%
Effect HIT 0%
Effect RES 0%


3311 Returning Hatred (恨返)

Type: Normal Onibi: 0

Oura Hannya attacks a target with dealing damage equal to 100% of his attack. When Sealing Realm is active, Oura Hannya attacks twice dealing 80% of his attack and 15% HP steal.
Unique Effect: Gains 1 layer of Grudge Mark.

Level Effect
2 Damage increased to 105% and 84%
3 Damage increased to 110% and 88%
4 Damage increased to 115% and 92%
5 Damage increased to 125% and 100%

3312 Deep-rooted Grudge (积重难返)

Type: Special Onibi: 3

When an enemy crits Oura Hannya has a 40% chance to gain one layer of Grudge Mark. Will not trigger more than once per enemy action.
Upon Usage: All 9 Grudge Mark layers are consumed and a Sealing Realm with 9 masks is activated around the enemy. When all 9 masks have been destroyed the realm disappears. When realm is closed there is a 100% base chance for all enemies to be inflicted with Spreading Hatred for 1 turn.
Sealing Realm: All enemy passives are sealed and changed to the skill Realm Breakthrough. All mitama 4 sets and boss mitama 2 sets effects are sealed and changed to Malicious Demon. While realm is active Oura Hannya's speed is increased by 30. At the end of every non-summoned allies' turn, 1 mask is destroyed.

Level Effect
2 When a non-summoned ally dies, gain 3 layers of Grudge Mark
3 Onibi cost is reduced by 3
4 Chance to gain Grudge Mark increased to 80%
5 Upper Hand: Automatically start battle with 6 layers of Grudge Mark

3312 Realm Breakthrough (衝撃結界)

Type: Special Onibi: 1

All enemy passives are changed to this skill.
Destroy 2 masks to close the Sealing Realm faster.

3313 Promised Wish (予愿必还)

Type: Special Onibi: 3

Oura Hannya attacks a target 3 times and attacks all enemies once, each attack deals 72% of his attack. If Sealing Realm is active he will do an additional attack to all enemies dealing 72% of his attack.
Unique Effect: Gains 3 layers of Grudge Mark.

Level Effect
2 Damage increases to 74%
3 Damage increases to 77%
4 Damage increases to 80%
5 For every non-summoned ally with <50% hp, attack a random enemy dealing 80% of Oura Hannya's attack

Biography Unlock

No. Unlock Conditions Rewards
1 Increase Oura Hannya's level to 40
2 Clear any instance with Oura Hannya 30 times
3 Use Oura Hannya in Kekkai Toppa 30 times


Chapter None
Soul None
Demon Seal None
Challenge None
Skin Instance None
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