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Orbs, or Onibi, are the will of the wisps that shikigami consume in order to use some of their skills. It is accomplished by a counter on the battle interface, that holds at most 8 orbs, and has an orbs flume that represents the next time that orbs will be replenished.

Initial Number

Battles begin with players being provided 3 orbs and one block of progression. Battles against players begin with 4.

Limit of Orbs

At most, there can be 8 orbs available to use, when the orb bar is full, no more orbs can be gained after hitting that limit.

Certain instances with special mechanisms can lower the upper limit of available orbs.

Orb Replenishment


After progressing through one round (i.e. all units have moved), orbs will be naturally replenished. This is because one point is added on the orbs bar for each move. The number of orbs replenished will vary and can be checked by looking at the orb bar.

For the first round, 3 orbs are replenished. For the second round, 4 orbs are replenished. For the third round and ones after, 5 orbs are replenished.

Certain instances with special mechanisms can lower the number of orbs that are naturally replenished. The orbs bar for the replenishment of orbs can also be influenced by skills like Oitsukigami's, who will increment points by 2.

Via Effects

Souls may provide orbs as well as shikigami skills.

Orb Consumption

Shikigami may consume orbs in order to release certain skills.

Some souls and skills also have the ability to diminish the existing supply of orbs.


Orb numbers and usage may also be used as a metric or trigger for augmenting other factors such as damage or action bar.