With hundreds of pages and no easy way to search through them, Onmyoji Wiki may appear hard to peruse through at first glance, but no fear, this is a guide on navigating the wiki!


The Home Page of the Onmyoji Wiki is aimed at providing new information to current players of the game as well new players. Navigation is organized into Events, Updates, Beginners, New Shikigami Releases, Timers for various events, and more. From here the navigation should provide a springboard for deeper reading.

General information regarding the game mechanics are in the first 2 dropdowns on the navbar and should require no further explanation. The third header, Community, offers more information about the wiki itself, official and unofficial links for the game, and access to the blogs. Blogs are intended to be places where guides are posted, as the articles on the Wiki proper should not be subjective. The fourth should also require no explanation. The final button to Discussions allows for player discussions that are in a more preferable format to comments on articles.


Since there are currently no navboxes, content is primarily discovered through linked articles or exploring the category that the article is placed in (sub-pages have no categories). Categories should be reasonably well-structured (i.e. super- and sub-categories) so exploring content that way shouldn't be too difficult.


Chatting has been disabled on the wiki in favor of less ephemeral communication like Discussions, and the rest of the community is gathered on the Onmyoji Discord.