Here are some general guidelines to contributing on the Onmyoji Wiki.

Articles and Comments

  • American English is used
  • Articles are generally formatted well in VisualEditor, but some custom templates require editing in Source
    • Most if not all custom templates have documentation of some kind of another, and are not released without ensuring that they don't break, so there is no reason they should not work
    • It is possible to make a Sandbox under your user page, so edits can also be tested there
  • All times are the same, but across different timezones, so they are either mentioned or glossed over depending on context, most articles excepting those regarding updates should not have to mention timezones
  • Game terminology is prioritized over conventional or "player-preferred" terms, in the order of ENG > CN/JP > etc.
    • With this in mind, well-meaning but uninformed edits will be changed without justification
  • Due to the game's complexity, contributions on interactions will be taken in good faith without requiring references, though explanations may be needed depending on how extraordinary or well-known the claim is

Profiles, Blogs and Discussions

(This may be mentioned in the Guidelines as well)

  • Generally personal content will not be edited by other users for no reason, grounds of having them being modified is if they contain inappropriate content, just... follow common sense...

In Case of Issues

If there appear to be additional problems with editing, the admins will hopefully be happy to help!