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Here are some general guidelines for contributing to the Onmyoji Wiki.


  • Anyone with a wiki account is more than welcome to make edits and you're encouraged to do so! The wiki is always in need of some help, so any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.

How to Help

  • Here are some useful things you can do to help with the wiki:
    • Check out the MediaWiki:Community-to-do-list page and see what articles needs help
    • Create blog guides and/or tutorials you think the wiki would benefit from (eg; beginner guides, farming guides, boss guides, pvp tips).
      • If you have existing guides that you have created and posted elsewhere, then you can create links to them.
    • Fix any double redirects by redirecting the first page to the third page or remove the redirect completely and mark the page for deletion.

Articles and Comments

  • English is used. Both American and British English is fine.
  • Any Chinese or Japanese names for ingame zones etc should be placed in round brackets after the English name.
  • Under no circumstances should the hanzi/kanji for the CN/JP names of shikigami, skins, items, etc be removed from any articles. Nor should they be completely replaced by GL names.
  • Articles are generally formatted well in VisualEditor, but some custom templates require editing in the Source Editor. Quite a few of the pages on the wiki have custom templates - which might not be handled correctly by the VisualEditor, thus destroying the content upon saving.
    • Misuse of VisualEditor can result in accidentally wiping entire sections.
    • Most if not all custom templates have documentation of some kind or another and are not released without ensuring that they don't break, so there is no reason they should not work.
  • If your edit, or template has not been applied to the article but already saved, it might just be the cache and you'll need to do a purge or NullEdit (saving the article again without editing anything).
  • Before making any new templates or formatting changes that may affect multiple articles, consider making a personal sandbox page at User:Name/sandbox to test said changes out first. An example can be found here at User:Tenseki/Sandbox.
  • When referring to time, always use ingame and avoid mentioning time zones.
  • Game terminology is preferred over conventional player-preferred terms or translated terms, in the order of GL > CN/JP > etc.
    • However, if the English game terminology from GL contains vastly different translations to CN/JP, there are typos or a lack of consistency, then exceptions can be made.

Shikigami and Mechanics

  • The full words for stats must be used in skill descriptions, eg; attack instead of ATK.
  • Not all common skill effects need to be listed in skill descriptions for shikigami.
  • A shikigami's full name must be used at least once within each skill description.
    • Things such as effect descriptions for damage types (indirect damage, true damage) can be omitted.
  • When adding the description for a common skill effect to an article, please copy the text used on the Skills.
  • By default all shikigami pages will use which ever name is most common among all CN, JP/TW and GL for their title. If there is no common name then either the JP or GL name will be used instead.
  • When referring to shikigami in their own articles, both the JP or GL names for them can be used. Due to how long names for SP shikigami can be, they can simply be referred to SP "shikigami name", eg; Blazing Tamamonomae or Jinten Tamamo no Me can be referred to as SP Tamamo no Mae or SP Tamamonomae.
  • When linking shikigami names in articles, there is no preference between the official JP or GL names, either can be used.
  • GL translations for skill descriptions and effect names are preferred over CN/JP. CN/JP skill names and effect names must always be included.
    • However, if the skill descriptions do not match what happens ingame, they lack clarity or there are typos then exceptions will be made.
    • There are currently no plans to include the simplified skill descriptions and skill types skill descriptions on this wiki.
  • Due to the game's complexity, contributions on interactions will be taken in good faith without requiring references, though explanations may be needed depending on how extraordinary or well-known the claim is.

Stories, Bios and Voice Lines

  • When adding text for bios or memory scrolls, please use <poem> to preserve spacing for lines and paragraphs. Eg;
    <poem>"This is example text."</poem>
  • Only the official JP/GL text can be used for onmyouji and shikigami biographies.
  • Official GL text is preferred for event stories. If there is no record of the event story to make a transcription from, translations based on the CN/JP transcripts is allowed.
    • In the latter scenario, please add a note to the top of the article stating that the text is a translation. Eg;
      :''The text below was translated from Chinese/Japanese for record-keeping purposes and will replaced with official translations at a later date.''
  • Please have some level of Chinese or Japanese proficiency if you are translating voice lines into English and let the admin/s in the wikia discord know what you translated so it can be double-checked.
  • Google Translate is not acceptable. Please do not try to pass off Google translations as your own, it will be obvious if you do.


  • Subjective content such as guides, general tips, tier lists, etc should be made as blog posts.
  • Resharing/re-uploading of guild exclusive guides is prohibited. Only representatives from the guild, ideally someone who assisted in creating the guide/s or the guild leader/lieutenants, may reshare them as blog posts.
    • Similarly, only representatives from the Roundtable group may reshare their guides as blog posts.
  • Guild advertising in blog posts are not allowed.
  • Translations of non-English guides as must be properly attributed in a Reference section of the blog post/s.
  • Re-uploading of blog posts onto other websites without permission from the user who created the blog post/s is prohibited.

Profiles and Discussions

  • Commenting and discussions are discouraged on sub-pages for shikigami and onmyouji pages.
  • Generally, personal content will not be edited by other users for no reason, grounds of having them being modified is if they contain inappropriate content, just follow common sense.
  • If you ever have a question that needs answering, try asking in one of the discord servers.
    • For wiki-related or CN/TW/JP server related questions, ask in the Wiki Discord.
    • For GL server related questions, ask in the Official Discord.


  • No uploading of fan artworks that you do not own.
  • Only upload important files.
    • Files that will be used in User Profiles are okay.
  • Files uploaded but are not used anywhere or are fan art will be deleted during housekeeping sessions.

In Case of Issues

If there appear to be additional problems with editing, the admins will be happy to help!