Onmyoji Wiki

This is the Onmyoji Wiki, currently the largest English compendium of knowledge about the game Onmyoji by Netease. Most of the content was gleaned from the non-English version of the game, but as the official English version comes online, information should be updated to reflect the current state of the game in English.


We're avid fans, and we understand that the game may be a bit too deep for first-time and veteran players alike, that's why the wiki is here to provide a encyclopedic reference to all things Onmyoji!


A list of the administrators, active or inactive, can be seen here.


The wiki currently has several projects in progress:

  • Translation of updates, which can be accessed via the main page
  • Translation of skills, which while covering the latest shikigami, need to be checked once again to cover balance changes made over time
  • Writing articles on game mechanisms, occasionally information may be taken from the preview server, and not integrated to the live servers after all
  • Gathering quantitative data, which will be presented in lists
  • Understanding interactions between skills and mitama, and other effects, and documenting them
  • Providing game guides


Effort is put into maintaining the wiki and keeping it up to date, but there is no guarantee given the current number of contributors. That's why we need your help to keep the wiki updated! Join us!


Follow the link in the navbar under Community to join the unofficial Onmyoji Discord server, and get up to speed on what needs to be done!