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Onmyoji is a 3D RPG developed by NetEase Games. Follow the legendary onmyoji Seimei in his journey to recover his lost memories while encountering demons of all shapes and forms. Unravel the supernatural tales of the shikigami, spirits, and demons, and listen to their inner voices. The game can be played on PC, Android and iOS.

This wiki aims to provide information and guides in English for players of all active servers.


New SP Shikigami!

New SP Yama Usagi

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New SSR Shikigami!

New SSR Suzuhiko Hime

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New Collab SSR Shikigami!

New SSR Shikigami Yato no Kami

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New SP Shikigami!

New SP Inaba Kaguya Hime

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New Limited Shop Skin!

New Skin for SP Yamakaze

New S-Jade Skins!

New Skin for SP Kingyo Hime

New Event Skin!

New Skin for Orochi

New Shop Skin!

New Skin for Kyonshii Ani

Event Guide

Roundtable Guide for the Kawazaru Uber Event

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Event Guide

Rough guide for a new Boss Trial event

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Event Guide

Guide for event that coincides with the release of Shokurei & Mishige

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Event Archive

Check out current & past events

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Getting Started

Game Updates

Game Features

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Events Wanted Quests Demon Encounter
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Move Bar Formulas Skills Damage
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Collection Guild Mall Missions Onmyoji Shikigami
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Illustrations Icon Frames Items Pets Duel Souls

Wiki Announcement

Since there is mainly one active admin on this wiki, we are looking for potential candidates for new wiki staff!
Just keep contributing to the wiki or fill out this form and we will review who are up to the job.
Please visit the guidelines and rules page before you start contributing to know the dos and don'ts and check out the To-Do-List to see what we need help with.

Server Time

GL server icon.png
_ -5:00 EST

JP server icon.png
_ 9:00 JST

China & Taiwan
CN server icon.pngTW server Icon.png
_ 8:00 CST


Upon joining either server, please make sure to read and adhere to the rules.

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