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The bar that dictates the order in which units have their turns.


Progress refers to how a unit moves from the beginning to the end of the action bar. It is affected by the speed of the unit. A unit with speed that is twice as high can move twice as often than another unit. In other words, the length of the bar appears to be be determined by the speeds of units.

Progress is reset across rounds - a larger concept of "battle."

Manipulation of Progress

Speed Effects

Some skills will grant higher or lower speed to targets, so the move order would be affected.

Progress Effects

Some skills can affect the progression of units on a percentage basis. No immediate effects of progression will happen on the unit's own turn (i.e. Kamaitachi, Yamakaze with passive trigger), but even shikigami on their own turns can pull themselves so that they return to have their turn earlier after the current turn. However, once units arrive on their own turn (different from 100% progression), there is no way for them to lose their turn even if push effect is incurred.

Note that Kagura and Yokinshi's skill falls into this category, so the target, even with 100% progress, has chance to be pushed back from effects like Juzu.


A battle lasts from the entering and exiting of instances. Typically, from seeing the lineup interface, to the reward calculation interface.



A round is a stage of a battle, and all status effects, cooldowns and the action bar is reset when a new round begins. The HP and orb counts stay the same. Some shikigami skills can span rounds.


A round passes when all units of one side have taken their turn (moving is irrelevant). The judgement flag bestows buffs and debuffs based on the number of rounds that have passed.


Onmyoji is a turn-based RPG. It is a mechanism for battle. Closely associated with "move." See also "round."

There is real turn and false turn.

Real Turn

A real turn is when the unit has chance to move and players have chance to control it, this includes when unit is controlled.

False Turn

A false turn is when the unit takes actions without being on their real turn, and they don't actually move.


When a unit reaches their turn, they may be able to move - in other words, make an action. Various effects may happen before, during, and after a unit's move, on their turn. However, making an action is not always akin to moving, due to false turns.

For example, Sea Sprite's shields last as long as they do not reach health limit or unit does not move.

Real-time Aspect of Actions

All moves take a certain amount of time to complete, due to animation speed.