Media:215story1.ogg Biography 1

My father died when I was very young. All I remember of my childhood is my mother crying, day after day. If she hadn't had to take care of me, I think she would have followed my father.
I didn't want her to suffer so much pain. I thought that if my mother could forget all of her pain, it would be wonderful! So I tried to find a herb, one that could make people forget their pain, one that could make my mother happy again.
I wanted to make a soup to let people forget their pain.
But my mother couldn't wait for that day, and she left me.

Media:215story2.ogg Biography 2

Huh? What kind of person was my mother? How could she leave?
Hehe, I forgot. I only remember that I want to make more and more of that soup, otherwise I’ll feel the pain of it. Many things are better left forgotten. Isn’t that right?
Hey, don’t be so jumpy around Bitey. You’ll scare her. Bitey’s a lovely girl. She won’t hurt you!

Media:215story3.ogg Biography 3

Ah? Those people who fainted over there? Bitey just went to play with them, and they collapsed. Human beings are so fragile… Bitey! Wait! Calm down. Huh? This man? He fainted too. The people here are pathetic! Let’s go, Bitey. Let’s go and look for the next herb!

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