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Before I embarked on my voyage, the Master came to talk to me, "Kyoto is no longer the serene and beautiful place it once was. The place you're heading for is a living hell. Are you prepared for that?" I looked at his dignified yet cold face and replied firmly, "I understand." But my hands were sweating so that I could barely hold my bow. The Master sighed and said, "If you are ever in danger, run for your life. Your mission is to be there when everything is over. To bring new life and blessings to that ruined place. But until the time comes, you must hide well and protect yourself." I was about to say something, but he continued, "I will protect you when it is necessary." I held tight my bow and nodded in silence.

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The moment I laid my feet in Kyoto, I felt a hail of grief fall upon at me. I was enveloped in feelings and prayers that were too heavy for me to bear. The Master looked down on me and said, “It must be a heavy burden upon you to feel such thoughts all at once.” “It is. But it is my duty and I will lift the despair from these people.” I could barely keep standing. “Warmth and favor will bring happiness to the people, and that is my duty here.” The Master replied in a freezing tone. “Favor cannot bring happiness here. In this living hell only hard-hearted order can bring even temporary respite. I believe you’ve felt that yourself, have you not? The thoughts on people’s mind are not wishes for tomorrow, but vengeance, hatred, and despair of the present.”

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“Even… even…” I plucked up my courage to try to speak my thoughts, “Even if the people in Kyoto are now vexed by the darkness inside, I still believe…” “How dare you defy me!” He rounded upon me, “You do not have the power of foreseeing destiny and so you have no idea of your own ignorance! Never let the false tenderness of your humanity blind your sense of judgement.” The Master’s voice became low and hoarse, “The mortal world has always been a hell. Wherever it is, whenever it is.” The Master… He lives in a hellish place, doesn’t he?

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