Media:story1.ogg Biography 1

Semimaru, the mask that represents failure, was assassinated. With tears and envy in his eyes, Semimaru stared up at Fukujin with his last breath. Black hatred glinted in his eyes and he sneered with red lips. Black and red were all that remained of the once iridescent clown.
Fukujin, representing pleasure, drinks the wine of victory, laughing at the clown who died in envy. He was later found dead, drenched in his own wine. Wine spilled from his goblet with a tint of tears from the clown he mocked.
Komote, who’s always calm, tried to trace the murderer but was stopped in his tracks, assassinated. His last words were “Everyone dies. No one escapes from it.”

Media:story2.ogg Biography 2

Outobide, the hysterical one, was relieved after his assassinations went successfully. That night he slept well… So well he never woke up. In his dreams, he had power over everyone in his grasp, and became the only mask that survived.
Kitsune is the mask that represents wisdom. To avenge her fallen, she killed her allies who were in the dream. She couldn’t stop crying after acquiring the power of the other four and kept blaming herself for not having started the slaughter earlier…
Uba, the blank mask, the mask without feelings, had no control over her own body from the beginning. She held the knife high in her hands and stabbed Semimaru, which leads back to where it all began...

Media:story3.ogg Biography 3

Saru, who feels nothing but fear, fled, hooting, after seeing everyone turn their back on eacch other. He begged for protection from his master, but his master, too , turned his back on him.
Hate no Kawakatsu left seven masks behind with seven moods contained within; pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy... Each of his masks sought only to devour the other masks, to gain their power. But it would be a waste if only one mask was left... I want all seven masks. And we will become one.

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