Onmyoji Wiki

Help is needed for the following projects!

Continuous and Recurring

  • Keep the Updates/Global and Events/Global pages updated.
    • Add links to the maintenance notes on facebook for GL on the updates page.
    • Add event banners, names and start/end dates to the events page.
  • Keep the Collection/Illustration pages updated.
    • Check out the page to see which illustrations are missing.
    • Illustrations are found in the directory folder "ui/loading/download" for PC versions of Onmyoji. Before uploading any illustrations for the page, CN/JP/GL must be added to the file name/s (eg; LoadingpicGL001.png).
  • Keep the Artist List page updated.
    • List the names/aliases of known official artists, if they changed their name/alias then include both the old and current ones.
    • List their social media accounts or website/s, add notes for any that are deactivated/deleted/etc.
    • List their contributions, ie; character or skin designs, promotional artworks, loading screen illustrations, etc.
    • Can check the #gallery channel in the wiki discord for links to some official artists.
    • If you want to include artists who have done work for other Onmyoji games, can either add them to the list or create a sub-page (eg; Artist List/TCG) with a similar table and add them there.


  • Update skill descriptions for older shikigami.
    • Skills for most shiki from Kuro Mujou to Onikiri in the Shikigami/List haven't been updated. Any shikigami that received a skill adjustment in 2020 or afterwards should already have updated skill descriptions.
    • Please try to keep the formatting for skill descriptions similar to the ones for up-to-date shikigami. If you require help, please contact Admin Tenseki via the community or official discord server.
  • Update the infoboxes for all shikigami.
    • Add CN, JP or GL names if they haven't been added already. CN requires piyin and hanzi, JP requires romaji and kanji/kana.
    • Intro and Methods to Obtain sections must use the text from the ingame Shikigami Collection page.
    • Must check if evo materials are correct.
    • Change CVs to be in order of "Firstname Lastname", if not already.
    • Remove unused parts of the infobox template, eg; name_kr, version, type.
  • Add the GL names for skins to the gallery pages for shikigami and onmyouji.
    • Name order is CN > JP > GL and they should be separated with <br>.
  • Add official GL translations for bios to dialogue pages for shikigami and onmyouji.
    • If a dialogue page does not have an updated layout, either ask Admin Tenseki to update it or copy the code used on the Template:VoiceList page to update it yourself.
    • Please check if bios for older shikigami have text that match what is ingame.
  • Add translations for shikigami and onmyouji voice lines.
    • If you can do CN > EN or JP > EN translations, feel free to add translation to Dialogue pages as you see fit (admin/mods will double-check to make sure it's all ok).
    • Using Google Translate is unacceptable.
  • List all know locations for shikigami on the Wanted Quests/Location List page.
    • Check out the Wanted Quests/Location List page and fill in the missing info.
    • Recommended locations should contain places that beginners can easily clear, ie; do not recommend stages 8-10 of secret zones or Regional Boss locations.

Outdated or Missing Content

  • Update any outdated pages about various ingame content like co-op pvp, battle royal, etc.
    • Check out the pages in "Exploration" and "Town" top navigation tabs to see which articles need additional or updated info.
  • Add transcriptions for Demon Encounter quizzes and sort them.
    • Check out the Demon Encounter/Answers page and fill in the missing info.
    • There are known translation errors/typos for the GL quizzes, so please try to add notes or create a separate section for those questions.
    • If you don't know what GL transcriptions go with which CN/JP text, put it in the "Unsorted" section and an admin/mod will check and sort it later.
    • New quiz questions are added every couple of months, so if you notice any please add them to them page in an appropriate section.
  • Add or expand upon any existing formulas or mechanics.
    • Feel free to add relevant info to the Formulae and AI Behaviour pages.
    • If you know of additional resources from the NGA forums or know of calculators/spreadsheets, feel free to add links to those too.
  • Add descriptions or summaries about NPCs on their pages.
    • Check out the Category:NPC page to see which articles might need additional info.
  • Add translations for CN exclusive event stories.
    • If you can do CN > EN translations, feel free to create pages for those events and add your translations.
      • If you need help finding CN transcripts or help with laying out the event page/s, contact Admin Tenseki.
    • Using Google Translate is unacceptable.
  • Add transcriptions or summaries for the main story, side stories, Heian Stories and events.
    • Check out the Main Story, Side Story and Heian Kitan pages to see which articles might need additional info.
    • Check out the Assemble & Memory Scrolls page to see which articles we are missing. Please use the same formatting used for other Assembly or Memory Scrolls articles.
      • Illustrations for missing Memory Scroll articles can be found in Admin Tenseki's sandbox. All the illustrations are in order. For illustrations not in the sandbox page, please contact mod Nsbank.