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The Shopping District (商店街) is the fifth option in the scroll menu from right-to-left on the main page. There you can buy skins, Soul, amulets and many other things that will be explained in this article. To access the shops you can tap on the icons or in their respective stores.

Merchandise Shop (周边屋)

This feature is only available in Chinese servers.

Shiro Doji's minion plushies at the shop

Will lead to the real world shop, there you can buy merchandise with CNY currency. You can also access the website via http://gmall.yys.163.com/.

Home (首页)

Cart (购物车)

Order (订单)

Help (帮助)

Illustration Shop (挿絵)

For more information see Collection

Art can be purchased with jade to be set in place of the loading screen.

There must be at least one custom loading screen set.

Various illustrations are made available on rotation, and can be previewed before purchase.

Mystic Trader (秘卷/秘巻)

The Mystic Trader can be found in Town, and also has shortcut through Mall.

Soul Gift Boxes

Items can be exchanged for mitama.

Plain Soul Gift Box

A random grade 6 soul can be purchased in exchange for 50 Orochi Scales, has a weekly limit of 30.

Exquisite Soul Gift Box

A soul of choice of type and slot can be purchased in exchange for 50 Reverse Orochi Scales.

Boss Soul Gift Box

A leader mitama of choice of type and slot can be purchased in exchange for 50 Demon Souls.

Totem Skins

Has a special skin for all 4 onmyouji totems. Challenge the Totem Zone from Tuesday to Sunday for materials to unlock them.

Voiced Emoji

For more information see Chat/Emoji#Voiced Sticker

These emoji are voiced by their original voice actors.

When enough items are gathered, a selected emoji can be unlocked. Each emoji costs 20 Totem Hanafuda, 60 Soul Hanafuda, and 30 Evo Hanafuda to unlock that can be found in their respective instances. Voiced emoji can be sampled first.

Mystery Soul Shop (秘魂)

Shop souls.png

Also known as the Soul shop, various Souls can be purchased with gold.

The shop will show random Soul and will refresh every 60 minutes with new offers (starting from the first time it is visited upon login). Offers can be refreshed at any time by using 3 jade at the top-right corner. There is a limit of 500 refreshes a day. Around the refresh button is a fortune counter. When you refresh 10 times to fill the counter, refresh one final time for guaranteed grade 6 souls (noting restrictions below).

Player level Grade Chances
<15 3/4 80/20%
16~30 3/4/5 60/30/10%
31~40 3/4/5 30/50/20%
41~60 4/5/6 30/50/20%

All Soul can be found there at random at varying grades. The souls Himeidori, Shinju, Hakamori, and Saikoro no Oni are shop exclusives.

Slots 2/4/6 fixed stats are: 10% for special attributes and 90% for other attributes. Sub stats chances are: attack-type 36%, defense-type 36%, utility-type 28%. The number of sub stats is random.

The shop may work differently in times of events.

Skin Shop (皮肤屋/スキン)

Sells skins for onmyouji and shikigami. Skins can be previewed by looking at the still art and 3D model in 360 degrees, as well as purchased with skin tickets, jade or s-jade depending on the item. Purchases are one-time.

Players also have the option to purchase skins with s-jade as gifts for friends, limited to friends who play on the same OS.

Be aware that to use any shikigami skin you have to awaken them. You can also buy skins for shikigami you still don't have, it will be stored until you obtain them.

Misc Shop (杂货铺/アイテム)

Shop special.png
During events limited items may also be available.
Note: Weekly quota for Totem Passes is 40.

Shop honor.png
Skins: Like the Skin Shop, purchases are one-time.
Note: Weekly quota for Black Daruma Shards is 2.

Shop friend.png

Shop medal.png
Note: Weekly quota for the Black Daruma, Mystery Amulet and 100 AP is 1.
Also prices may vary slightly on GL.

Regarding the random 6-star Soul, it like the mystery shop. Besides fixed 1/3/5 attributes as expected:

  • 2/4/6 main stats are: 10% for special stats and 90% for other stats.
  • Sub stats chances are: attack-type 36%, defense-type 36%, utility-type 28%.
The shop refreshes on Monday 00:00.

Note: This shop is exclusive to CN.

Magatama Shop (勾玉屋/勾玉)

S-Jade (魂玉)


S-Jade packs which serve as an intermediary to buy other packs. Exchange rates vary.

Jade (勾玉)

Jade packs. Each language version has its own currency. Exchange rates vary.

Pack Shop (礼包屋/パック)


Has different packs with different prices. Clicking on the pack of your choice will reveal a list of the items it will provide.