Tako is a coop instance that has a chance of appearing after clearing chapter 4 or higher, where it stays for a maximum of 5 minutes. The level of the Tako is dependent on the player's level, rounded by 5s (level 32 players will cause level 30 Tako to appear, but level 38 will cause level 40 to appear), and the maximum level is 40.



It costs 30 stamina to participate, but it's not consumed if the instance is exited before receiving reward. A Tako instance that is discovered by the player and teamed for does not have a cooldown, but joining a Tako instance will have a cooldown of 1 hour.

The level of the Tako is inherited from the person who discovered it. Team setup is akin to other cooperative instances, and two spectator shikigami are also allowed.


The drop rewards are high-grade Soul, high level awakening materials, gold and experience.

  • The quality of the rewards is limited by the maximum Soul floor that a player has access to.
  • The experience and gold rewards are not impacted by the player's, but the entire team's damage contribution.


The reward skill is activated when Tako's health drops below 40%, and stays that way for 2 turns, the higher the damage to the treasure ship while Tako is submerged, the higher the rewards.

The health calculation is done separately for multi-stage attacks, unlike single-stage attacks. In other words, the higher the level of the Tako, the greater the health, and the higher the potential damage.



Tako has next to no defense.

Level Health


Tako1 Tentacle Attack (触手攻击)

Type: Normal Onibi: 0 Cooldown: 0

Tako reaches out with a tentacle and deals 100% attack damage to one target.

Tako2 Greedy to Live, Feary of Death(贪生怕死)

Type: Passive Onibi: 0 Cooldown: 0

When health is below 40%, Tako will abandon treasure ship and submerge for 2 turns, during this period, the greater the damage, the greater the rewards.

Tako3 Water Burial (水葬)

Type: Normal Onibi: 0 Cooldown: 0

Tako's tentacles drill into the ground to create geysers, dealing 120% attack damage to all targets.

Tako4 Black Ink (黑墨)

Type: Special Onibi: 2 Cooldown: 0

Tako has 20% chance to mark target with ink blotch, when marked targets die they are revived. At the same time, Tako enters Berserk status and +40% damage.

Alternate Formats

In the past, players were able to solo the instance, but this option was cancelled as too many players held up the queue by joining a team and waiting for everyone to leave so they could solo it. The most updated Tako instance has auto-queue functionality and forcibly begins the instance after 2 minutes on teaming interface. Conversely, it may be possible that the older version of the Tako instance exists on authorised partner channels.