• Onibi will even be recovered at times between turns i.e. Judgement Flag, so it is possible for two onibi to be generated between unit moves


  • The design elements are bamboo, girl, wealthiness (junihitoe), jeweled branch of Horai, dragon jewel, fire-rat robe, others like Buddha's begging bowl, cowry shell, were filtered out to reduce clutter
  • Straight up creating a girl in a bamboo following the story is impossible, so tools and accessories were added to optimize the ratio of elements that could accompany the design
  • The default skin was 35% bamboo, 35% clothing, 10% of the character, 10% of the jeweled branch, 8% of kamon, and 2% of the dragon jewel


  • The ofuda in her illusionary realm tells the story of her life