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To play on CN a real name and ID verification is needed. Verification is a one time thing for every NetEase/Bilibili account. Once it is complete, the process will never need to be repeated.

CN Residents

To verify your ID if you have a valid Chinese ID card, you must provide the following 3 pieces of information when the relevant pop-up appears ingame before logging in.

  • 姓名: Full name
  • 国家/地区: Country/region
  • 证件号: ID number

If there's no pop-up, can also follow the steps outlined in this post from the Onmyoji Customer Service account: https://ds.163.com/article/6083e98273b051667149d92c/

Overseas: NetEase

To verify your ID the legitimate way via NetEase, you must fill out the relevant form on their site.

Site: http://gm.163.com/user_help.html?paper_id=4517

To access the overseas ID verification form, first open up the "海外用户或微信/QQ等授权登录帐号实名" section then click the blue button labelled "海外手机号或第三方授权登录帐号提交入口". If you're not already logged in, you'll be prompted to do so with your NetEase account.

Fill out the form with the following information:

  • 国家或地区: Country (select your country from the list)
  • 姓名: Real name on ID or Passport
  • 姓名(确认) : Confirmation of real name
  • 证件号码: ID or Passport Number
  • 证件号码(确认): Confirmation of ID or Passport Number
  • 出生日期 : Birth date
  • 证件正面(必要): Upload an image of the front of your ID
  • 证件反面(必要): Upload an image of the back of your ID
  • 本人手持证件图片(需拍摄到本人人脸): Upload an image of you holding your ID
  • 游戏: Game name (阴阳师 )
  • 游戏信息截图(包含角色编号、服务器等信息) : Upload a screenshot of your profile ingame (optional)
  • 游戏服务器: Server name
  • 游戏角色ID: Ingame ID number

Overseas: Dashen

To verify your ID the legitimate way via Dashen, you must fill out the relevant form in the app.

While on your page in the app, click the treasure box icon labelled "帐号百宝箱" then click the purple icon labelled "帐号实名". You'll be present with an option: 中国大陆 (Chinese resident) or 非中国大陆 (non-Chinese), select the latter. Finally, fill out all of the necessary information in hanzi, english won't be accepted in the form.

Overseas: Bilibili

To verify your ID the legitimate way via bilibili, you must contact their support email.

Bilibili support email: gamehelp@bilibili.com

Compose your email with the following:

EMAIL TITLE: 海外实名申请 - 阴阳师
1.证件类型:(身份证,护照)Pick 身份证 for ID card or 护照 for passport, eg: 证件类型: 身份证 (ID)
2.真实姓名:Real name on ID or Passport
3.证件号码:ID or Passport Number
4.联系方式:(电话,者邮箱)Contact Phone number or Email
5.游戏账号:In-game Name, ID number and Server Name
6.游戏帐号绑定信息:(绑定的手机或邮箱)What you use to bound your onmyoji account, phone (手机) or email (邮箱)
7.B站UID:(请您用游戏账号登录bilibili官网,可在个人页面中查看的数字ID)Your bilibili UID
  • The email will require front and back photos of your passport or ID card.
  • Your bilibili UID can be found on your profile page in the 仅自己可见 section and should match the number in your profile's URL.
  • This verification process should take 2-4 hours.