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A PVP mechanism that opens from Friday to Sunday from 19:00 to 23:00. The card pool is refreshed on Monday 0:00.


In Royal Battle, only shikigami from the system-designated card pool are provided for players to use. The shikigami will all be level 40, awakened, and have maxed skills. These shikigami can be customized through selecting Soul sets and adding attributes through the distribution of points.

At the same time, the onmyouji used in the battles will be level 60, level 40 goryou, and maxed skills, while skills settings will be the same as own onmyouji.


While Royal Battle is open, players can enter matches, where they are matched according to accumulated wins (players with similar win numbers). Teams will be decided using card flipping mode regardless of current status.

Each victory adds 1 to accumulated wins, and each loss adds 1 to accumulated losses. When accumulated losses reach 3 then accumulated wins are reset.

There is no limit to the number of matches that can be played weekly.

There is anoption to spectate matches.


There is a pool of 20 random choices (unless mentioned otherwise, i.e. specific previewing before widespread release). The shikigami have +486 attack, +2053 health, +104 defense as default. This corresponds to maxed position 1/3/5 Soul.

Shikigami can have attributes set by allocating 50 points into any of their attributes. Each point increments attack, health, and defense by percentage points. Attack is incremented by 6%, health is incremented by 5%, and defense is incremented by 7%. Other attributes are directly added, where speed increments by 6, critical rate increments by 5%, critical damage increments by 7%, effect accuracy increments by 6%, and effect resistance increments by 8%.

Further, there are limits to the number of points for each attribute. Attack, health, and defense are limited to 30 points. Speed, critical rate, and critical damage are limited to 20 points. Effect accuracy and resistance are limited to 15 points.

There is an option to see the Soul sets of winning players.


Just like PVP, when enough turns pass, both sides will receive "damage increase" and "healing decrease" effects. Likewise, when a unit is KO'd onibi will be compensated, an onmyouji gives 2 onibi and shikigami gives 1 onibi.

When two or more shikigami have the same speed, their move orders will be determined at random.


Rewards are given out instantly, and counters are reset on Monday 0:00.

Each victory will give victory rewards, but is limited to 10 weekly. There are also additional rewards when hitting milestones that can be obtained once weekly:

Accumulated Wins Rewards