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A story mode on the Exploration map that involves players reaching a separate map to play out its story, with limited resources but the chance to "reroll."

Why did Ibaraki Doji suddenly visit? And why are yokai gathering? How is this all related to Onikiri? Please find out the truth in this Heian Kitan.


Players go on a journey of hunting demons.

  • The Heian Kitan is isolated from the outside world, which means players won't be able to bring their own shikigami into this game mode. Players need to obtain shikigami and souls within the Heian Kitan to be able to defeat the enemies they meet along the way and reach the ending.
  • This game mode consists of nine chapters in total. Completing each chapter also unlocks its corresponding achievement. In addition to the regular rewards, players can also obtain illustrations from the Onikiri emaki.


Ibaraki Doji's Visit

Kohaku: What? Is that really Master Ibaraki Doji?
Ibaraki Doji: Seimei, it’s been a long time.
Seimei: Ibaraki Doji, it’s rare to see you here.
Ibaraki Doji: Ha, yeah. I have a favour to ask.
Seimei: I’m curious to know what kind of favour has brought you.
Ibaraki Doji: Seimei, let me ask you, do you know a clan that goes by the name of Minamoto?
Kohaku: The Minamoto clan?! Isn’t that where Master Hiromasa is from?
Seimei: I’ve heard about them. The Minamoto clan is a big clan of onmyoji that’s well known in the capital with over a hundred years of history.
Seimei: They are responsible for performing the grand imperial ceremonies and rituals. Rumor has it that they also conduct secret rituals.

Ibaraki Doji: The favor I want to ask is about the Minamoto clan.
Ibaraki Doji: And since it’s related to human beings, I think you should take care of this.
Seimei: Uh, Ibaraki Doji, what kind of matter are you referring to?
Ibaraki Doji: I heard from the spirits of the forest that a huge number of monsters are gathering in the Underworld Realm.
Ibaraki Doji: The monsters are wreaking havoc, and jeopardizing all sense of order.
Seimei: The Underworld Realm? In the past, it was a place of cleansing. Why would the monsters suddenly want to gather there?
Ibaraki Doji: Humph, it’s the work of the infamous Minamoto clan!
Ibaraki Doji: The Minamoto clan sealed Onikiri, the legendary demon slayer, into the Underworld Realm, in an attempt to cleanse him.
Ibaraki Doji: But they underestimated his powerful demon force, which overwhelmed the cleansing energy.
Ibaraki Doji: Though he was sealed in, his demon force still lured many monsters trying to feed on his power.
Seimei: Hold on. Isn’t Onikiri the weapon of Minamoto no Yorimitsu, the leader of the Minamoto clan? Why did the Minamoto clan seal him in?

Ibaraki Doji: Tsk, you know how snobbish you humans are.
Ibaraki Doji: They held him in awe when he was strong and powerful and discarded him mercilessly when he was no use anymore!
Seimei: ...
Seimei: Do you want me to lift the seal on Onikiri?
Ibaraki Doji: That’s right. Onikiri’s demon force is the source of all these monsters.
Ibaraki Doji: However, he’s sealed in the deepest part of the Underworld Realm, with a giant realm field. Ordinary people would get lost there.
Seimei: So far as I know, the spacetime in the Underworld Realm is chaotic and disordered.
Seimei: The realm is created from the memories of the one sealed in. Anyone who tries to enter will be lost.
Ibaraki Doji: Yes, you should know that best, great onmyoji.

Ibaraki Doji: The most important thing is that the field deep in the Underworld Realm can only be lifted by the power of an onmyoji.
Ibaraki Doji: Seimei, if you’re ready, you must go to the Underworld Realm immediately.
Ibaraki Doji: I’m going there now. I’ll meet you in the center of the field.
Seimei: It’s my duty to repel the demons and monsters.
Seimei: But, Ibaraki Doji, what’s your part in this?
Seimei: Also, you and Onikiri...
Ibaraki Doji: It’s complicated.
Ibaraki Doji: Seimei, do you still remember the letter I wrote you before?
Seimei: Is this about the Mt. Oe?
Ibaraki Doji: Hehe, you’re very perceptive.
Ibaraki Doji: When you get to the Underworld Realm, you’ll find out about Mt. Oe, him, and everything that happened.

Seimei: ...
Kohaku: Master Seimei, let’s get ready and go to the Underworld Realm now!
Seimei: Sure.

Save 1

Kohaku: Master Seimei! Master Seimei!
Seimei: I’m right here, Kohaku.
Kohaku: Woof woof... I followed your scent and finally found you.
Kohaku: There seemed to a force separating us the moment we got here.
Seimei: My hunch was right. Not all of us entered this Underworld Realm from the same place.
Kohaku: What? Does that mean we have no way to rendez-vous with Ibaraki Doji?!
Seimei: I guess we’ll just have to keep looking while we investigate further.
Kohaku: Woof woof... It’s so dark and cold in here. I’m scared. I know this is just an imaginary realm, but it looks so real.
Seimei: You’re right. We’re in an unreal realm. I cannot sense the passing of time here. I’m afraid we’re cut off from the mundane world.
Kohaku: Do you mean to say we’re in the past?
Seimei: We are in a kind of past. To put it more precisely, we’re in a world built from Onikiri’s past memories.
Seimei: Looks like his heart has been devoured by cold darkness.
Kohaku: I can sense the sadness in the air as well...
Seimei: I don’t feel right. I can’t feel my power right now.
Kohaku: What do you mean, Master Seimei?
Seimei: The power I have in the mundane world may not be as powerful in this realm.
Kohaku: What?!
Seimei: I tried contacting my other shikigami, but received no response.
Kohaku: Wh-what?!
Seimei: The onmyoji who created this realm field is quite powerful. It’s blocking most of my power and my shikigami outside the field.
Kohaku: S-so what should we do, Master Seimei?!
Seimei: I tried using my spell to destroy the field before we entered this Underworld Realm.
Seimei: But my spell was quenched. And the backfire dragged the nearby villagers and spirits into the field as well.
Seimei: We have to find a way to lift the seal of the realm and save those innocent villagers and spirits.
Seimei: Or... maybe we could use them as our allies.

Hakuro and Kusa (Main)

Seimei: Hold on, I can see two people ahead.
Kusa: Master Seimei!
Hakuro: Master Seimei.
Seimei: Kusa, Hakuro. How did you end up here as well?
Hakuro: I don’t know. We woke up and found ourselves in this place.
Seimei: Did you notice anything strange?
Kusa: Hakuro was tracking a mysterious onmyoji. She thinks he’s the one who created this realm field!
Hakuro: I found him suspicious, so Kusa and I followed him in secret. But we fell into his trap.
Seimei: A mysterious onmyoji...
Hakuro: That onmyoji shouldn’t be far, Master Seimei. Let’s track him together.
Seimei: Alright, let’s go.

Realm (Main)

Kohaku: Why are we stopping, Master Seimei?
Seimei: I sense a field here. Rin-Hyo-Toh-Sha-Kai-Jin-Retsu-Zai-Zen!
Seimei: I don’t think I can break the field for now. We’ll just have to keep exploring.
Kusa: That is impressive, Master Seimei! You were able to detect a field concealed so secretly.
Hakuro: Look! There’s a village ahead.
Kohaku: I can see it as well! I’m starving! Let’s get there quick!

Battle Outside the Village (Main)

Kohaku: Something’s not right, Master Seimei.
Kohaku: Master Seimei, I sense a demonic force here.
Seimei: Yes, I’m sensing waves of demonic force coming towards us.
Kusa: Look, we’re surrounded.
Seimei: Let’s repel those evil spirits before they hurt the villagers.


Seimei: That was close.
Kusa: Yeah. I didn’t know there was another wave of them.
Kohaku: Fortunately Master Hakuro and Master Kusa are here to help.
Hakuro: Let’s get to the village quick.
Seimei: Right. Let’s go.

Empty Village (Main)

Seimei: The village is empty.
Hakuro: Master Seimei, could they have been taken by the evil spirits?
Yuki Onna: Master... Dark Seimei...
Kohaku: Who goes there? It’s Master Yuki Onna!
Seimei: Yuki Onna, how come you’re here?
Yuki Onna: (Screaming) No!
Kohaku: She looks troubled.
Seimei: Eliminate the contaminated! Cleanse the unclean! Evil begone!
Yuki Onna: Seimei... You..
Seimei: You’re fine now. How did you end up here?
Yuki Onna: I can’t remember. I was dragged into a house that was on fire. I used every effort to manage to escape.
Kohaku: Hey, there’s something strange stuck to Master Yuki Onna.
Seimei: It’s... A torn piece from a mark. I remembered I was just...
Hakuro: Master Seimei, what do we do now?
Seimei: We can’t just stand here and do nothing. Let’s keep exploring.
Seimei: Hey, Yuki Onna, it would be too dangerous for you alone. Why don’t you join us.
Yuki Onna: Well... I think we could manage a temporary alliance.
Seimei: Let’s see... Where should we be heading next?

Keep moving
Return to check

Return to check

Mysterious Seal (Side)

Kohaku: Master Seimei, look.
Seimei: Yes, I noticed. I was just thinking about it when we came across the piece from Yuki Onna. I was wondering if it happens to be a piece of the mark of the field.
Kohaku: Too bad it’s torn and we can’t activate the mark again.
Kohaku: So what should we do?
Seimei: I will try to fuse the mark and activate it again.
Seimei: Rin-Hyo-Toh-Sha-Kai-Jin-Retsu-Zai-Zen!
Kohaku: The field is opening!
Seimei: Looks like it worked. Let’s go.

Secrets of the Minamoto Clan I (Side)

Kohaku: Woah!
Kohaku: Master Seimei! It’s on fire!
Kohaku: And my tail is on fire too! Woof woof! Help!
Seimei: The fire is too big to have been set by any human.
Kohaku: Someone’s screaming for help up ahead!
Seimei: Let’s go take a look.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 1: Master Seimei!
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 1: We don’t know why, but many evil spirits attacked Minamoto Manor all of a sudden.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 2: There are so many of them. We can’t hold out any longer...
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 2: Master Seimei, please help us!
Seimei: The demonic force is strong here. There’re more of them than I expected.
Seimei: Eliminate the contaminated! Cleanse the unclean! Evil begone!
Kohaku: Master Seimei, here comes a big one!


Green Imp: *Cough... cough...* Revenge, revenge...
Red Imp: Revenge... The Minamoto clan...
Seimei: ...
Kohaku: Phew... The fire is almost out.
Seimei: Glad we took care of it in time.
Seimei: (But I wonder why the spirits attacked Minamoto Manor.)
Seimei: (And what did that spirit mean when he said “revenge” with his last breath?)

Secrets of the Minamoto Clan II (Side)

Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 1: Master Seimei.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 1: Thank you for helping us protect Minamoto Manor.
Kohaku: After a tough battle like that, I’m exhausted as well. Let’s head back to our courtyard, Master Seimei.
Seimei: Not yet, Kohaku. What happened tonight is not as simple as it seems.
Seimei: (Pretending to leave.)
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 1: Tsk, that Seimei doesn’t look like a “Master Onmyoji” to me...
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 1: I don’t think he was expecting the strange things that happened tonight.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 2: Master Minamoto no Yorimitsu told us to be extra careful.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 2: By Master Yorimitsu’s command, these “things” need to be transported tonight.
Kohaku: *Cough, cough...* What a strong taste of blood.
Kohaku: Are these... from those evil spirits?
Seimei: So the onmyoji of the Minamoto clan were behind all this.
Seimei: And that spirit who talked about “revenge.” I wonder if this is what he meant.

Mysterious Onmyoji (Main)

Kohaku: Master Seimei, do you have any idea about the identity of that mysterious onmyoji?
Seimei: There are many onmyoji in the capital. But only few of them possess such power.
Kohaku: So you’re saying...
Seimei: If we follow him, we may have a chance to discover where Onikiri is sealed. And now, I can sense that ominous force nearby.
Mysterious Onmyoji: You have keen senses.
Kohaku: Master Seimei!
Seimei: Is that you, Minamoto no Yorimitsu? State your purpose!
Mysterious Onmyoji: Well, the answer to your question lies in this place for you to find out yourself.
Seimei: What?
Kohaku: And, he disappeared...

Follow-Up (Main)

Kohaku: Damn it! Where did he go?
Kusa: Ah! There are so many spirits here!
Hakuro: Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you, Kusa.
Seimei: Watch out! Here they come!


Kohaku: I can’t believe he just ran away after we fought so hard against his minions.
Seimei: He didn’t seem to want to take our lives here. I wonder what he’s planning?
Kohaku: Master Seimei, look!
Seimei: Looks like someone lost their memory shard.
Kohaku: Strange. Why is there a memory shard here?
Seimei: The Underworld Realm is a place for cleansing, filled with spiritual powers. It can also seal memories. This must be something to do with Onikiri’s memories.
Kohaku: Master Seimei, let’s see what the memory is about! This might be related to what happened tonight!

Memory Shard (Main)


Kohaku: The memory is about Shuten Doji!
Seimei: It’s about Mt. Oe to be precise. This must be what happened at Mt. Oe in the past, as Ibaraki Doji mentioned.
Kohaku: Is this the memory of Minamoto no Yorimitsu?
Seimei: Yes, this is the memory of Minamoto no Yorimitsu. It looks like all the memory shards in this place are related to Onikiri.
Seimei: But I still have my doubts.
Seimei: What is it that made Minamoto no Yorimitsu so confident that he could conquer Mt. Oe with Onikiri alone?
Kohaku: Master Seimei?
Seimei: However powerful he is, Onikiri is nothing more than the tsukumogami of a blade.

Kohaku: There has to be something else.

Spooky Tomb (Main)

Seimei: Such a grand tomb chamber. A real celebrity must be buried inside. Could it be?
Hakuro: Master Seimei, there’s a voice coming from the chamber.
Kohaku: I hear a voice too. Sounds like someone’s crying.
Kusa: Eek, that sounds creepy!
Seimei: The strangeness here has been haunting my mind… Anyway, let’s get down there and take a look.
Yuki Onna: Agreed.
Kohaku: Really? Why are you all following him? Hey, wait up!

Tomb: The Battle (Main)

Kohaku: What’s the smell! I’m suffocating!
Mysterious Man: Who are you guys?
Kohaku: Who-who are you?
Mysterious Man: Don’t you dare bother Mother!


Seimei: Is that you, Zashiki?
Zashiki: Master Seimei?
Kohaku: Hurray! You remember us!
Seimei: The nether force is strong here. Let’s get out before we talk further!

Tomb: The Beginning (Main)

Seimei: So, Zashiki, why were you in that tomb?
Zashiki: I don’t know. My memory is blurred. Thank you for waking me up, Master Seimei.
Seimei: Why did you mention Mother in the tomb?
Zashiki: Well... Mother was the only thing on my mind when I was half-conscious. I could almost see her before me. And I felt like I could sense her breath.
Yuki Onna: When Seimei saved me, Master Dark Seimei was the only thing on my mind.
Seimei: Looks like this place has a bewitching power. But we don’t have any further clues.
Seimei: Zashiki, did you notice anything usual besides this tomb?
Zashiki: There’s one thing. When I just got here, I heard a strange sound coming from the forest to the west. I was scared. That’s why I hid in the tomb.
Hakuro: Master Seimei, do you think we should check that forest?
Seimei: Let’s see.



Forest Fierce Battle (Side)

Kohaku: Master Seimei, it’s so creepy here. It’s giving me goosebumps.
Kusa: It feels like we are being watching by the evil spirits, Master Seimei!
Kohaku: Woah, here they come, Master Seimei!


Kohaku: Um...
Kohaku: Master Seimei? Why are you...
Seimei: Don’t worry, I just sealed their power. They look like they have something to say.
Lantern Boy: Help... Help us!
Lantern Boy: Those evil onmyoji of the Minamoto clan took our family!
Lantern Boy: Many of our people were taken away. Only I managed to escape. Boo hoo...
Seimei: I see. I will look into it.
Kohaku: Sniff, sniff... Something’s not right.
Kohaku: Master Seimei! We have visitors!
Seimei: The onmyoji of the Minamoto clan.

Secrets of the Minamoto Clan III (Side)

Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 1: It was quite a successful hunt this time.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 2: Humph, those lesser spirits were no match against us.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 1: True. Master Minamoto no Yorimitsu would surely be happy with us.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 1: After all, it was a very successful “mission”.
Seimei: Is this your so-called mission?
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 2: Well well, if it isn’t Seimei the Great Onmyoji.
Seimei: Has slaughtering innocent spirits now become the duty of the onmyoji of the Minamoto clan?
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 2: Tsk, Master Minamoto no Yorimitsu was right. Seimei the Great Onmyoji is going to be a problem.
Seimei: ...
Seimei: If that is your duty now, I will not allow you to perform it.


Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 1: Damn it! I still underestimated you.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan 1: But never mind. Do you think you can stop all of this by interfering in this mission?
Lantern Boy: Father! Mother!
Lantern Boy: Boo hoo... I’m sorry, I’m sorry for not making it here in time.
Seimei: Poor child.
Lantern Boy: I-I want to get revenge against the onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan!
Lantern Boy: For Father and Mother...
Seimei: The world is more than a place of cruelty and hatred.
Seimei: There are more ways to resolve hatred and sorrow than relying on killing and revenge.
Seimei: And your power is no match for the darkness and the truth that lies behind what you face.
Lantern Boy: ......
Seimei: If you feel lonely, you are always welcome at my courtyard.
Lantern Boy: Onmyoji... I mean, Master Seimei, Thank you.

Lonely Zashiki (Main)

Seimei: Are you okay, Zashiki?
Zashiki: I just felt lonely. I know it’s just an illusion, but I saw Mother again.
Kohaku: Don’t worry, we’re your family now!
Kusa: That’s right. Even though we’re all trapped in this strange place, as long as we stick together, we’ll find a way!
Hakuro: True.
Seimei: Come on, let’s go.
Zashiki: Yes, sir!

Sealed Heart I (Main)

Kohaku: Master Seimei, the thing about the onmyoji of the Minamoto clan that those spirits mentioned...
Seimei: Yes, I was just thinking about it.
Seimei: But we don’t have any more clues at hand.
Kohaku: Woah! Master Seimei! What’s that thing?!
Kappa: Ah... The onmyoji of the Minamoto clan are here!
Satori: Hahaha! Those damned onmyoji are finally here!
Seimei: Watch out! They laid a trap!
Kappa: Onmyoji... Damn onmyoji of the Minamoto clan!
Satori: Finally, we have the onmyoji of the Minamoto clan in our trap!
Seimei: I’m not from the Minamoto clan.
Kappa: Tsk! Don’t you dare lie to us, you sly Minamoto onmyoji!
Satori: That’s unforgivable!


Kohaku: Master Seimei! Are you okay?!
Seimei: I’m fine.
Kohaku: The spirits. They just keep coming...
Kappa: Hahaha! This is where you die! Onmyoji of the Minamoto clan!
Kohaku: Woooof... No matter how many we strike down, there are always ten times more coming.
Seimei: If they keep coming, I’m afraid...
Yoto Hime: ...
Kohaku: Who goes there!
Satori: Waah...
Kappa: He-help!


Yoto Hime: That was easy.
Yoto Hime: Master Seimei, are you hurt?
Yoto Hime: This forest has always been rich with spirits.
Yoto Hime: I was passing by and saw that the spirits were besieging you.
Yoto Hime: Master Seimei, please take care.
Seimei: Thank you, Yoto Hime.

Amulet of Dependence (Main)

Kohaku: Master Seimei, why are we stopping?
Seimei: The force of the realm is weak here. This is also where the spiritual powers are converged. I think the thing I prepared earlier might be useful here.
Kohaku: Are those paper dolls?
Seimei: They are. But they’re no ordinary paper dolls. They’re called Amulets of Dependence.
Kohaku: Amulets of Dependence?
Seimei: Our connection to the outside world was cut off. However, we need more forces to face the dangerous journey ahead.
Kohaku: But how can these amulets increase our power?
Seimei: Through them, I can summon the shikigami who have formed a pact with me here.
Kohaku: Cool!
Seimei: However, I can only summon the spiritual form of those shikigami. They cannot think and have no feelings. They only follow battle orders.
Kohaku: Does that kind of spell really exist? I’ve never seen you use such a spell before.
Seimei: That’s because they were together with me.
Kohaku: Fair enough. I kinda miss them.
Seimei: We have to get out of here and reunite with them.
Kohaku: Agreed!
Seimei: Now, I’ll get started.
Seimei: Shikigami, hear my call!
Kohaku: Wow, two of them responded.
Seimei: But we can only choose one of them to join us.

Memory Shard (Main)

Kusa: It’s been such a long journey. I’m exhausted...
Yuki Onna: We still have a long way to go. Are you going to quit now?
Kusa: Humph, who talked about quitting? I’m just saying that because little Zashiki might want to take a rest!
Zashiki: Me? No, I’m not tired.
Kohaku: Pff... Hahaha!
Kusa: What are you laughing at you little dog?!
Kohaku: I’m no dog!
Hakuro: What’s this?
Seimei: It looks like that thing we had earlier. Is this another memory shard?
Seimei: Let’s see what story you contain.


Seimei: This is the memory of Onikiri fighting alongside Minamoto no Yorimitsu.
Kohaku: Did the Minamoto clan really seal Onikiri away?
Kohaku: It looked like Onikiri was guarding his master like I was guarding you, Master Seimei.

Seimei: ...

Forest Battle (Main)

Kohaku: Master Seimei, I’m sensing multiple spirits ahead. They’re releasing forces very much like the ones we faced earlier.
Seimei: Looks like they’re bewitched. Stay alert.
Hakuro: Watch out! They found us as well and are approaching fast!
Seimei: Prepare for battle.


Kusa: Phew... The spirits are getting stronger.
Seimei: Actually, to be precise, as we explore further, they spell on the spirits is affecting them more.
Hakuro: That is to say, battles will be more difficult as we venture further!
Kusa: That said, as long as we have Master Seimei and Hakuro, I think we have what it takes to face any challenge.
Kohaku: Count me in!

Giving Wines (Side)

Tanuki: ...
Kohaku: Master Seimei, that spirit has been following us for some time!
Seimei: I noticed. He looks suspicious.
Seimei: Hey, state your purpose here!
Tanuki: Waah... Are you an onmyoji?! Spare my life!
Tanuki: I was just going to send the demon boss some wine. Please don’t hurt me!
Seimei: Wine?
Tanuki: Yes. I’ve long admired the demon boss. I heard he likes to drink, so I prepared the best wine I could find.
Tanuki: But you see, it’s hard to meet him in person...
Seimei: Why is it so hard?
Tanuki: Well you see, there’re a lot of spirits on this road, keeping guard over the demon boss and the spirits of Mt. Oe.
Tanuki: To meet the demon boss, I have to get past them.
Tanuki: Though I stated my purpose, they still didn’t let me pass through. They’re quite stubborn.
Seimei: Hmm. Now that is a problem.
Tanuki: Sigh. I spent great effort in finding these wines. But it seems I have to take them back now.
Kohaku: He looks poor, Master Seimei. Why don’t we help him?
Seimei: All right, you can leave your wines to me. I promise to give them to Shuten Doji.
Tanuki: Really?! That’s great! Thank you, master!

Guard (Side)

Yamawaro: State your purpose!
Seimei: We’re here to offer some wines to the demon boss.
Yamawaro: And you think you can just walk in and meet him? Catch them!
Seimei: Prepare for battle.


Kohaku: Phew, finally. Now that all the spirits are taken care of, we should be able to meet Master Shuten Doji now.
Kohaku: Master Shuten Doji! Master Shuten Doji!
Seimei: ...
Yamawaro: Are you looking for Shuten Doji? He’s not around.
Seimei: He’s not?
Yamawaro: They said he’s out having drinks with an old friend. What do you want?
Seimei: I see. Well, can you give these wines to Master Shuten Doji for us?
Yamawaro: Hmm... That smells nice. It must be a great wine. Thank you for your generosity.

King of the Forest (Main)

Kohaku: The forest is so big. I wonder if it even has an end.
Yuki Onna: I think it’s more likely that we’re just lost.
Kohaku: How come?
Yuki Onna: I just feel that the places we passed by look so alike. Is it possible that we’re circling around the same places?
Yamakaze: Your hunch is right.
Yuki Onna: Who are you?
Yamakaze: Who I am is not what you need to know. I’m here to provide a little helping hand.
Yuki Onna: How can you help?
Yamakaze: Someone created an intangible field in the forest.
Yamakaze: Under its influence, you lose your sense of direction and can never leave the forest.
Seimei: May I ask how we can lift the field?
Yamakaze: That won’t be hard. The onmyoji who created the field sealed the amulets that generate it onto some of the spirits. You just need to take them down.
Seimei: I see. Thank you. May I ask who...
Kohaku: Did he just disappear?

Lifting the Seal I (Main)

Kohaku: Wait. How come we’re back here again?
Seimei: This is strange. Let’s head back into the forest.

Kohaku: Now I’m really curious about who he is.
Seimei: We don’t have time for that now. Let’s find the spirits with the amulets first.
Kohaku: Master Seimei, look!
Seimei: They’ve appeared.
Seimei: Prepare for battle.


Kohaku: Well, this is not the one.
Kohaku: I knew it wouldn’t be easy.
Seimei: Let’s keep looking.

Lifting the Seal II (Main)

Kohaku: Another one here! Is this the one?
Seimei: I guess we just have to find out ourselves.


Merchant (Main)

Merchant: You look troubled, master. I believe I have something you need, meow!
Kohaku: Master Seimei, there’s a suspicious man ahead.
Yuki Onna: Do you want me to freeze him?
Merchant: Wait. We could talk first!
Seimei: Why are you acting all suspicious?
Merchant: I’m just a merchant. Don’t hurt me!
Seimei: Do you expect me to believe there’s a merchant in an unreal place like this?
Merchant: I do business everywhere. You might have seen me in other places!
Seimei: Now that you mention it, I do seem to recall such a merchant.
Merchant: I assure you that I have what you need!
Seimei: Show us what you have then.

Sealed Heart II (Main)

Kohaku: Wait, is that Master Yoto Hime ahead?
Yoto Hime: Master Seimei.
Yoto Hime: I urgh...
Seimei: Are you okay, Yoto Hime?!
Yoto Hime: I... Go away! Don’t make me do this!
Yoto Hime: Urgh... Ahhhh!
Kohaku: Master Seimei! What’s going on?!
Seimei: Danger! She’s out of control!


Yoto Hime: Urgh... *Cough cough...*
Seimei: Yoto Hime, why are you...
Seimei: Can you tell me what’s going on?
Yoto Hime: I-I’m one of the shikigami under the control of the Minamoto clan.
Yoto Hime: I have been following their orders to kill non-stop.
Yoto Hime: As long as Minamoto no Yorimitsu keep giving orders, I have to keep killing. No matter whether it’s spirit or human.
Seimei: ...
Yoto Hime: I don’t want to keep killing. So I ran from Minamoto Manor.
Yoto Hime: But my pact with the Minamoto clan always forces me to hurt anyone who comes close.
Kohaku: Master Seimei! What’s she talking about?
Kohaku: Why did Master Yoto Hime say she’s a shikigami of the Minamoto clan?
Seimei: It seems it’s more complicated than I expected.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan: I knew you would come here, Yoto Hime.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan: Do you think you can just escape from the control of the Minamoto clan?
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan: Ha, Seimei the Great Onmyoji, hand over the shikigami now.
Seimei: I’m afraid I can’t do that.


Seimei: Your power is waning, Yoto Hime.
Yoto Hime: Master Seimei, please end my pain, please.
Yoto Hime: I don’t... I don’t want to kill anymore. I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore.
Yoto Hime: I don’t want to go to Mt. Oe to purge the demons.
Seimei: Purge the demons? The purge of Mt. Oe is already over.
Yoto Hime: What?
Seimei: We’re caught in a field created by Onikiri’s memories.
Seimei: So the Yoto Hime here is the Yoto Hime in Onikiri’s memory. She’s an illusion.
Kohaku: So you’re saying this Master Yoto Hime is a fake one?
Seimei: She might be an illusion, but maybe we could...
Seimei: Yoto Hime, please leave here now. You would be in trouble if they send reinforcements.
Yoto Hime: Yes, thank you, Master Seimei.

Summon (Main)

Seimei: We’re here.
Kohaku: I see the Amulet of Dependence you’re holding, Master Seimei. Are we going to have a new ally?
Seimei: The spiritual power of the leyline here is not as powerful as the one we saw earlier. Still, it’s filled with some power at least. Worth giving it a go.
Kohaku: Okay.
Seimei: Shikigami, hear my call!
Seimei: The power of swift destruction versus the balance of water. Hmm, who is the one we need?

Memory Shard (Main)

Kohaku: Look, Master Seimei!
Seimei: We’re finally going to get out of the forest. And we have another memory shard.
Kohaku: One step closer to Onikiri.
Seimei: Yes, let’s see what this memory is about first.


Kohaku: What?! Shuten Doji was slaughtered?!
Seimei: Memories cannot be forged. If it’s not Onikiri’s imagination, then it means Shuten Doji died once.
Kohaku: I can’t believe this! But what about the Shuten Doji we know?
Seimei: It’s probable that some spirit saved him.
Kohaku: Come to think of it, the Shuten Doji I know is a little different than the one in Onikiri’s memory.

Seimei: True. It seems he lost the ambition to lead all demons and spirits. In that case, the reason why Ibaraki Doji was involved might be because he wanted to kill Onikiri.

Save 2

Disappeared Village (Main)

Kohaku: This place looks...
Kusa: The village looks so lifeless.
Hakuro: Yeah, I can only see houses, but no villagers.
Seimei: What we’re seeing might be an illusion.
Kohaku: An illusion?
Seimei: The place might be affected by some kind of field created by someone who doesn’t want us to see the village as it really is.
Zashiki: Why would someone want to do that?
Kohaku: Woah! You scared the hell out of me. How long have you been standing there?
Zashiki: I’ve been standing behind you guys since we met.
Kusa: She really does have a low sense of presence.
Seimei: There might be two possibilities. One is to protect the village by hiding it from view.
Seimei: And the other might be because something terrible happened to the village and someone wanted to conceal it.
Yuki Onna: Whatever the truth is, we need to investigate it.
Seimei: That’s right. There seems to be something hiding in the west side of the village. Something that might be relevant to why the village disappeared.
Kohaku: Let’s go find out.

Broken Bridge (Main)

Seimei: If you’re all well rested, we should get going.
Yuki Onna: Everything here looks so unnatural.
Seimei: It’s because we’re not in a real world. Everything here is built on Onikiri’s memories.
Yuki Onna: If Onikiri’s situation is not stable, the longer we stay in this realm, the more danger we’re in.
Seimei: True. We don’t know if Onikiri’s mind is sane or stable. If he gets emotional, we might be affected in the field.
Kohaku: Master Seimei! There seems to be a problem ahead.
Seimei: What is it?
Yasuke: The wooden bridge over the river is damaged somehow. This really is troubling.
Kusa: We can’t cross the river.
Seimei: How long before the bridge can be fixed?
Yasuke: 3 to 5 days at least.
Seimei: We don’t have that much time. Is there any other way we can cross the river?
Yasuke: There are boats upstream from here.
Seimei: Thank you. Let’s go.

Ambushed (Main)

Seimei: It never ends.
Kohaku: Bewitched spirits again!
Seimei: We don’t have time to mess around. Let’s get over with it.


Crossing the River (Main)

Seimei: Excuse me, can you take us to the other side?
Kumagorou: No problem. It’s just...
Seimei: Is there anything concerning you?
Kumagorou: Well, the thing is, the spirits in the nearby rivers used to live in harmony with us, but recently they’ve started to get cantankerous and keep attacking the boats crossing the river.
Seimei: I see. I know a thing or two about repelling evil spirits. Can you take us to the other side? I’ll tame those havoc-wreaking spirits in the rivers.
Kumagorou: That would be great!

Hakuro: Master Seimei, there’s something strange under the water.
Seimei: Already? Prepare for battle.
Seimei: And be careful!


Summon (Main)

Seimei: Another place of spiritual power convergence.
Kohaku: The enemies are becoming stronger, it’s time we found some new allies.
Seimei: The air is surging and the leyline is flowing. Now is the time.
Seimei: Shikigami, hear my call!
Kohaku: Another two responded.
Seimei: Who do I need now?

Memory Shard (Main)

Kohaku: We finally made it across the river.
Seimei: Yes. And that thing appeared.
Seimei: A new memory shard!
Seimei: Let’s take a look.


Kohaku: I never knew Ibaraki Doji and Shuten Doji had a past like that.
Seimei: The Shuten Doji in the past has a different personality. And his attitude towards Ibaraki Doji is totally different.
Seimei: I don’t think this change is simply from taking a hard beating.
Kohaku: Are you saying Shuten Doji...

Seimei: Shuten Doji lost something important.

Ambushed (Main)

Hakuro: Bewitched spirits incoming!
Seimei: We don’t even have time to rest.


Kohaku: I’m glad we have powerful allies now!
Seimei: I don’t have my full power in this realm. We still need more allies.
Hakuro: There seems to be a building ahead.
Seimei: Let’s go and see what’s inside.

Pact Spell Instrument (Main)

Kusa: Looks like there’s nothing here.
Kohaku: Wait. What’s that?
Seimei: Looks like we don’t have to leave empty-handed now.
Kohaku: What is it?
Seimei: It’s an instrument for forming a pact with the Minamoto clan!
Hakuro: I see a lot of spirit names.
Seimei: They must be the ones controlled by the Minamoto clan who turned them into puppets.
Kohaku: Poor souls.
Seimei: Come on, we have to release them as soon as possible!

Vengeance (Side)

Kohaku: Master Seimei, watch out! There seems to be a spirit gathering ahead!
Kohaku: They don’t smell like they are from the mountain.
Kohaku: Are they...
Mouba: Human onmyoji, what do you want from here?!
Yamausagi: Damn onmyoji, die!
Mouba: Revenge for the demon boss!
Seimei: (My guess was right. They are... I need to be careful not to hit them too hard.)


Yamausagi: Ouch! It hurts! How come that weak looking onmyoji has so much power!
Mouba: Demon boss, we let you down!
Yamausagi: Enough! If you want to kill us, then kill us. We will never yield to the Minamoto clan!
Seimei: Hold your thoughts. Shuten Doji is actually one of my… old acquaintances.
Yamausagi: What?!
Yamausagi: Onmyoji, you said you know the demon boss?
Seimei: Yes. And I’m not an onmyoji of the Minamoto clan and have no interest in fighting you.
Seimei: Shuten Doji and I are friends.
Yamausagi: If what you said is true, onmyoji, can you help us find something?
Seimei: What are you looking for?
Yamausagi: The head of the demon boss.
Kohaku: Wh-what did you say?!
Yamausagi: When they were purging Mt. Oe, to protect us, the demon boss...
Yamausagi: Later when we returned to Mt. Oe in secret to look for his head, we couldn’t find it anywhere.
Yamausagi: If you know the demon boss, can you help us?
Kohaku: Master Seimei, let’s help them.

Search for the Head 1 (Side)

Kohaku: Could it be here?
Seimei: We’ll know after we defeat the guards.


Seimei: Nope.

Search for the Head 2 (Side)

Kohaku: There are guards everywhere. It’s so annoying.
Seimei: Don’t lower your guard. We need to defeat them first.


Seimei: Not here.

Onikiri Appears (Side)

Kohaku: This is the third place we’ve looked. It feels like the guards are getting stronger.
Seimei: Watch out!


Seimei: There’s nothing here.
Kohaku: Master Seimei, we’ve looked around everywhere.
Seimei: I see. But it looks like someone’s been following us for a while.
Kohaku: What?!
Onikiri: You got me.
Kohaku: Master Seimei! We found Onikiri!
Seimei: Not exactly. This should be an illusion of Onikiri from his own memory.
Onikiri: Suspicious onmyoji, what are you doing here?
Seimei: (Let’s keep him calm and avoid unnecessary battles.)
Seimei: I was asked by the Minamoto clan to cleanse and purify the bodies of the spirits here.
Onikiri: Do you mean Master Yorimitsu?
Seimei: Yes. He said you were not available, since you were badly hurt.
Onikiri: I’m fine.
Onikiri: I am the blade that brings doom to all demons for Master Yorimitsu, and the sheathe that prevents his blades from tainted by blood.
Onikiri: You can leave now, onmyoji. I can take care of this.
Seimei: Let’s go, Kohaku.
Kohaku: Phew, we almost didn’t make it. That was close.

Merchant (Side)

Merchant: Oh, it’s the breeze of Spring! And the breeze brought me some customers. We meet again.
Yuki Onna: Cut your nonsense!
Seimei: Let’s see what you have.
Merchant: Now? Why don’t we celebrate our reunion in this realm first?
Seimei: (A kind look.)
Merchant: Okay okay, I have some new things for you. Even better than before. Take your time while I take a stroll over there...

Bewitched Spirits (Main)

Kiyohime: No! No! Get out of my head!
Kohaku: The spiritual power is strong with her!
Seimei: I guess she was lured by that instrument as well.


Grow Up (Main)

Kusa: Not a forest again...
Kohaku: Master Kusa seems to have forest phobia now!
Zashiki: It’s called hylophobia.
Hakuro: It’s okay, Kusa. We’re all here with you.
Kohaku: Master Hakuro always takes good care of Master Kusa. You two remind me of Master Ibaraki Doji and Master Shuten Doji.
Hakuro: Are they really like us?
Yuki Onna: Perhaps. But they’re not so direct. You know, friendship between men doesn’t have to be made so obvious.
Seimei: You guys...
Kohaku: Master Seimei is laughing at us.
Yuki Onna: Did we say something funny?
Seimei: No, I just think you’ve grown a lot.

Summon (Main)

Kohaku: Do we have enough Amulets of Dependence, Master Seimei?
Seimei: I have 3 left. We should choose wisely.
Kohaku: Yeah, we’re nowhere near the end.
Seimei: The spiritual power is rich in the leyline here. Let’s do this again.
Kohaku: Come on, Master Seimei!
Seimei: Shikigami, hear my call!
Seimei: The blade for protection or the fragrance for healing?

Ibaraki Doji (Main)

Kohaku: Is this Ibaraki Doji?
Ibaraki Doji: Die...
Kohaku: Wait, I thought he was on our side.
Seimei: I don’t think that’s the real Ibaraki Doji. I’m afraid he’s a manifestation of a demonic force from Onikiri’s consciousness.
Yuki Onna: Looks like we’re going to have a hard battle!
Ibaraki Doji: This is my chance to get revenge. I’m going to...
Yuki Onna: Revenge? Wait! What’s he talking about?
Seimei: I’m afraid it’s about Shuten Doji. Something must have happened between them and Onikiri.
Ibaraki Doji: Return it to me...
Kusa: I don’t think he’s himself, and I don’t think he’s willing to let us through.
Seimei: We’ll have to take him down first!


Memory Shard (Main)

Kohaku: For the first time, I can feel the great power of Ibaraki Doji!
Seimei: A new memory shard appeared!
Kohaku: I wonder what it’s about this time.
Seimei: Let’s take a look.


Kohaku: Whaaaaaaat?! Onikiri is from Mt. Oe as well?!
Seimei: No wonder Shuten Doji got distracted when fighting Minamoto no Yorimitsu.
Seimei: He must have known who Onikiri really was.
Kohaku: Woof, this is utterly terrible!
Seimei: There was a rumor I often heard in the capital before.
Seimei: The onmyoji of the Minamoto clan require their shikigami’s absolute loyalty. And for this, they did whatever they could.

Kohaku: So the reason Onikiri was sealed by Minamoto no Yorimitsu is because he got to know his true identity?

Humans and Spirits (Main)

Kusa: The view is beautiful here!
Hakuro: Indeed. You can see the lake on the far side and the stream of the valley down there.
Seimei: If you all enjoy the view, why don’t we take a rest here?
Zashiki: I wonder why spirits and humans keep hurting each other.
Seimei: Why are you asking this all of a sudden?
Zashiki: Because I like you guys. Whether it’s you Master Seimei, a human, or the spirits around you.
Kohaku: Me too.
Zashiki: You’re all so kind. But why do you have to face so many sad things?
Seimei: Because sometimes it’s hard for both the humans and the spirits to understand each other.
Zashiki: How so?
Seimei: The humans and the spirits have things in common, and things that are different. When difference is involved, there are always misunderstandings.
Seimei: When misunderstandings are left unexplained or unattended, they evolve into conflicts. And conflicts always bring sadness.
Zashiki: So how can the humans and the spirits learn to understand each other better?
Seimei: I don’t have the answer for that yet, and I’m still searching for it.
Kohaku: How noble, Master Seimei!
Seimei: If you’re all well rested, we should get going now.

Reunion with Dodomeki (Side)

Kohaku: This village looks terrible. Are there any villagers still living here?
Hakuro: Master Seimei, there are spirits fighting ahead!
Kohaku: Wow, that spirit looks familiar. Isn’t she Dodomeki?
Kohaku: Looks like the spirits controlled by the Minamoto clan are chasing Dodomeki.
Kohaku: Look! Dodomeki is surrounded! Let’s go help her!


Search for the Demonic Eye (Side)

Seimei: Dodomeki, are you all right?
Dodomeki: I’m fine. Thank you for your timely help.
Dodomeki: But I lost my demonic eye while running.
Kohaku: Um, the eye you were talking about. Is it the one that spirit’s holding?
Dodomeki: Yes, that’s my demonic eye!
Seimei: Let’s go.

Join us!
Live on with

Live on with

Nothing happens.

Join us!

Truth (Side)

Kohaku: This must be the place Dodomeki talked about.
Seimei: Watch out. There are guards around. Prepare for battle.


Seimei: This must be the demonic eye you lost.
Dodomeki: Thank you so much, Seimei.
Seimei: You need to get out of here. This place is very dangerous.
Dodomeki: I will. But Seimei, I’m under an investigation here.
Seimei: What investigation?
Dodomeki: Do you still remember what I said earlier? Some spirits say Onikiri is from Mt. Oe and some say he’s the tsukumogami of a blade.
Dodomeki: The memory of Warrior Soul is a mess. It seems to hold the memories of several guards of the Minamoto clan. Here’s what I managed to learn from his memory.
Dodomeki: Minamoto no Yorimitsu once caught a spirit from Mt. Oe. The spirit was kept in Minamoto Manor to be used for performing some kind of secret ritual.
Seimei: ...
Kohaku: I remember! We ran into some of the onmyoji who had been transporting spirits!
Kohaku: Do you mean to say they’re all related? Woof woof, that’s too much for my brain to handle!
Dodomeki: Shortly after Minamoto no Yorimitsu took back the spirit, he came across a legendary blade.
Dodomeki: The next thing we know, Onikiri appeared.
Dodomeki: I suspect Onikiri may be the result of that spirit and the blade being merged.
Seimei: Merged? Do you mean to say Minamoto no Yorimitsu has been forging monsters?
Seimei: I don’t believe it. I know Minamoto no Yorimitsu is a genius onmyoji, but only gods can create life.
Dodomeki: I’m not so sure about this. It’s only my speculation.
Seimei: I don’t know if we’ll be able to find any clues related to the blade.

Ambush (Main)

Hakuro: Master Seimei.
Seimei: Though the valley is beautiful, dangers lie within.
Yuki Onna: We’re surrounded.
Zashiki: What do we do?
Seimei: We fight through it.


Kusa: Yeah, we made it!
Yuki Onna: We’re not there yet.
Hakuro: She’s right, we can’t lower our guard.

Breakout (Main)

Kohaku: Damn it, more bewitched spirits are coming!
Zashiki: We need to put a stop to this. We have to stay alive and get out of here.
Seimei: That’s right. We still haven’t found the answer. Let’s go.


Kohaku: Huff huff, I’m exhausted.
Kusa: I can feel the sadness in their hearts.
Seimei: No one is born with malice.
Kusa: But was Master Minamoto no Yorimitsu once a good man?
Seimei: This thing about him, it may not be related to good or evil. We all experience different things, and we all have our pursuits.
Seimei: But whatever it is, what he has done is unforgivable.

Summon (Main)

Kohaku: I can feel a strong spiritual power here.
Seimei: You have quite the talent, Kohaku.
Kohaku: Hehe, who will come to our aid this time?
Seimei: To be precise, we decide who will come to help us.
Seimei: Using an Amulet of Dependence is different from normal summoning. It’s like a request that we send.
Seimei: Think about the shikigami you wish to come here.
Kohaku: I wish it could be...
Seimei: Shikigami, hear my call!

Shuten Doji (Main)

Kohaku: Shuten Doji?!
Seimei: My guess was right.
Yuki Onna: What did you guess?
Seimei: The convergence of these strong spiritual powers were leaked from Onikiri’s memory shards.
Hakuro: Ibaraki Doji earlier, and now Shuten Doji!
Seimei: This is not a coincidence. We’re on the right track to reveal the truth while we discover Onikiri’s memories.
Kohaku: What truth?
Seimei: The truth of why Onikiri is what he is now, and what happened to Ibaraki Doji and Shuten Doji in the past.
Seimei: The truth is right before us. But we need to defeat the enemies in our path first.
Shuten Doji: Who goes there?
Kohaku: Master Shuten Doji!
Shuten Doji: Who are you? I seem to hear a bell ringing...
Seimei: It’s no use talking to him. He’s nothing more than a spirit drowned in memories. He won’t respond us.
Shuten Doji: I have lost everything... That man took everything from me...
Seimei: Strike him down without hesitation and we will get the next memory shard.
Seimei: He’s still very powerful. So stay sharp.


Memory Shard (Main)

Seimei: More details are being revealed.
Yuki Onna: Yes, let’s see what we can learn from this shard.


Kohaku: How wonderful! So it was Ibaraki Doji who saved Shuten Doji!
Seimei: But it seems Shuten Doji has lost part of his memories.

Kohaku: Woof, I’m sure he’ll remember again one day!

Save 3

Long Journey (Main)

Yuki Onna: The ominous vibe is getting stronger.
Seimei: This long nightmare should be over soon.
Seimei: Come on, let’s get it over with.

Bladesmith’s Request (Side)

Bladesmith: Master, can I borrow you for a second?
Seimei: Anything you need?
Bladesmith: I need some amulets for sealing. I wonder if you could prepare some for me.
Seimei: Oh? Are you forging blades for rituals?
Bladesmith: No, I need to seal tsukumogami in blades.
Kohaku: Woof. Why would you want to do that?
Bladesmith: It’s actually a secret order from the Minamoto clan. I was asked to prepare materials for sealing blades.
Seimei: Did they tell you why they want to do that?
Bladesmith: No. But I guess it’s to do with the most powerful blade of the Minamoto clan.
Seimei: (Just as I suspected...)
Bladesmith: Have you heard the story of that weapon?
Bladesmith: They say, in order to forge a blade of incredible power, the Minamoto clan melded the soul of a spirit with a legendary blade, thus creating the most powerful weapon of the Minamoto clan.
Bladesmith: However, they method they used left a lethal flaw.
Seimei: Oh? What kind of flaw?
Bladesmith: That weapon still had its own will and feelings. It still had a heart and would not listen to every order of the Minamoto clan.
Seimei: I see. Every coin has two sides.
Bladesmith: So the Minamoto clan went to great efforts to control the blade. They erased its memories first, before forging its identity and filling it with lies. Even the seemingly noble Master Yorimitsu took part
Seimei: ...
Bladesmith: After this was done, the blade did indeed reach its full potential. Later, Master Yorimitsu carried the blade when purging Mt. Oe.
Bladesmith: But something happened during the purge. Master Yorimitsu has never carried that blade in public ever since.
Bladesmith: I guess that’s why the Minamoto clan wanted me to prepare materials for sealing blades. They also promised me a handsome commission.
Bladesmith: It’s a shame about that blade. They say it was Master Minamoto no Yorimitsu’s favorite blade in his entire collection.
Bladesmith: Master, can you help me gather materials for sealing?
Seimei: I’m sorry, we don’t have time to gather materials for you at the moment.
Bladesmith: It’s okay. Thank you anyway, master.
Bladesmith: After all, that blade is the work that all bladesmiths dream of. I don’t want to see it sealed.
Seimei: ...

Ambushed (Main)

Hakuro: We’re even more outnumbered now.
Kusa: We’ll just have to face the fact.
Seimei: No worries. Think of it as a test of our strength.


Hakuro: After two big battles in a row, we’re now even more powerful!
Yuki Onna: And we have forged an even tighter… Ah, nothing.
Zashiki: Are you trying to say we’ve created a tighter bond between us?
Yuki Onna: We collaborate better is what I meant. Anyway, we don’t have any time to waste. Let’s keep moving.
Kohaku: Yeah, yeah, sure.

The Last One (Main)

Seimei: The spiritual power here might not be enough for the Amulet of Dependence to take effect.
Kohaku: And we only have one left.
Seimei: This is our last chance, the last piece in our puzzle.
Seimei: Shikigami, hear my call!
Seimei: A flowing wind of protection or an ever-shifting omnipotence?

Kohaku: Master Seimei, there’s a small shrine ahead. Should we take a visit?
Seimei: We could. Let’s go.

Shrine (Side)

Seimei: Wait, the demonic force is strong here.
Seimei: It’s more of a grudge than a demonic force.
Maiden of Offerings: Master! Are you here to help us repel the demons?
Seimei: My name is Seimei, I’m just passing by.
Seimei: But it’s my duty to put a stop to chaos. Show me the way.
Maiden of Offerings: Thank you, Master Seimei! Follow me please.
Maiden of Offerings: This is the place.
Seimei: The demonic force is extremely strong.
Maiden of Offerings: Indeed. You can always hear the ghosts weeping at night.
Maiden of Offerings: The priests are helpless against this tainted place in the shrine. And we’ve been told not to tell anyone.
Seimei: You can count on me.


Friends who Lost Contact (Side)

Maiden of Offerings: The demonic force is waning...
Maiden of Offerings: You’re truly a master onmyoji! You made it look so easy.
Seimei: Perhaps because the grudge was not born of ill intention towards us.
Seimei: Now that the demonic force is dispelled, can we visit the shrine?
Maiden of Offerings: Please follow me, Master Seimei.
Kohaku: What a beautiful, tidy little shrine.
Maiden of Offerings: Um... Actually, I have another favor to ask, Master Seimei.
Seimei: Oh? Is it from the priest?
Maiden of Offerings: No, it’s personal.
Maiden of Offerings: My name is Kanae. I came to the shrine when I was very little to serve the gods.
Maiden of Offerings: I have a great friend. Her name is Kazuko.
Maiden of Offerings: Kazuko is a maiden in the capital. She performs blessing rituals for the Minamoto clan. But I haven’t heard from her in days.
Kohaku: It’s the Minamoto clan again. I have a bad feeling about this.
Maiden of Offerings: I wrote her many letters. But she didn’t write back.
Maiden of Offerings: I heard some terrible rumors about the Minamoto clan.
Maiden of Offerings: I’m worried for Kazuko.
Maiden of Offerings: Master Seimei, can you help me find her whereabouts the next time you’re in the capital?
Seimei: Sure, I’ll ask around.
Maiden of Offerings: Thank you, Master Seimei. I didn’t mean to trouble you, but I’ve tried everything I can...

Search for Onikiri (Main)

Kohaku: More monsters have appeared.
Seimei: Come on, I can feel that we’re getting close to Onikiri.
Seimei: Stay sharp!


Rashomon (Main)

Kusa: Look! There’s a giant gate there!
Seimei: That’s Rashomon! But why?
Yuki Onna: Looks like it’s an important place in Onikiri’s memory.
Seimei: There’s more. I feel something unusual is hiding behind that gate.
Kohaku: Could it be Master Onikiri?
Seimei: It’s highly possible.
Zashiki: I’m scared!
Hakuro: It will be fine. We have been watching each other’s back. Nothing will break us!
Seimei: Let’s go, everybody.

Minamoto no Yorimitsu Appears (Main)

Mysterious Onmyoji: Just as I expected. You still act like the same old Seimei I knew.
Seimei: Minamoto no Yorimitsu!
Mysterious Onmyoji: I’m impressed by your persistence. And I’m sorry for your stupidity.
Seimei: I have questions.
Hakuro: Watch out! He summoned a lot of spirits!
Seimei: Get yourselves ready!


Memory Shard (Main)

Seimei: He disappeared.
Kohaku: Look! One of Onikiri’s memory shards.
Seimei: Let’s check it out before we cross the Rashomon!


Seimei: I thought they only rigged Onikiri’s memories. But it seems it’s not that simple.
Seimei: The spell to create life is the most forbidden of all spells.
Seimei: Did Minamoto no Yorimitsu really master such a forbidden spell?
Seimei: (I don’t think any human has the caliber the do that...)

Seimei: (Only the gods can create life.)

Forbidden Area of the Minamoto Clan (Main)

Kohaku: Master Seimei, this should be the forbidden area of the Minamoto clan.
Kohaku: Sheesh! The nether force here is too strong for me! I’m getting a little dizzy!
Seimei: Yes, it’s as if we’re in the Underworld.
Kusa: Zashiki, are you okay?
Zashiki: I’m hearing a lot of human voices! No, they’re from spirits!
Kusa: What are they saying?
Zashiki: Pain, sadness, hatred, and fear...
Seimei: Is Onikiri here?
Hakuro: Over there. That must be Minamoto Manor!
Seimei: Looks like we have to get inside.

Battle in the Forbidden Area (Main)

Kohaku: Woah! The air feels so ominous here.
Seimei: The spirits here are extremely powerful. We better not disturb them.
Zashiki: Ouch...
Hakuro: Zashiki tripped and fell. The spirits are coming!
Seimei: I guess we’ll just have to fight them.


Locked Gate (Main)

Kohaku: Master Seimei, the gate is too heavy to open.
Seimei: I have a feeling that Minamoto no Yorimitsu is in there.
Kohaku: Wait, there seem to be 3 slots on the handle.
Seimei: These might be the keyholes.
Kohaku: But where do we find the keys?
Kohaku: They may be scattered in the yard. Let’s go find them.

Finding the Keys I (Main)

Kohaku: Look! There’s something hanging on the neck of that spirit.
Kusa: Hey! The shape looks like it could fit into the slot.
Seimei: That must be it.
Seimei: Let’s go. Defeat him and get the key.


Zashiki: They’re so powerful! Hope I’m not a burden to you guys.
Seimei: You did great. Your constant support is the reason we can battle with full power.
Kusa: And at this stage, we have to use our full power in every battle.
Seimei: Let’s keep up the good work and find Onikiri to break this illusion.

Finding the Keys II (Main)

Hakuro: This way!
Kohaku: Hakuro really knows how to track! If we didn’t have you we’d be taking many wrong paths.
Seimei: Let’s go.


Kusa: Now we have the second key.
Kohaku: One more and we can open that gate.
Kohaku: But we’ve already looked everywhere we can.
Seimei: Yeah, and we’ve repelled most of the spirits here.
Zashiki: Maybe we could go back to the gate to check again.
Seimei: Good idea. Let’s go.

Zashiki: Master Seimei, let’s get back to the gate to see if we can find anything there.

Seimei: Zashiki’s intuition is impressive.
Kohaku: Why is that?
Seimei: We’re misguided in our experience. We thought the clue to the last puzzle piece should be somewhere far from the puzzle.
Kohaku: Do you mean to say...
Seimei: Exactly, the last key is on the gate.
Seimei: And it’s right here.
Kusa: Hey, it’s the spirit’s eye engraved in the gate!
Seimei: I was wonder why one of the spirit’s eyes bulged like that. And now we have the answer.
Hakuro: Time waits for no one. Let’s open this gate.

Minamoto no Yorimitsu’s Way (Main)

Mysterious Onmyoji: I’ve been waiting, Seimei!
Seimei: Minamoto no Yorimitsu, where did you seal Onikiri?
Mysterious Onmyoji: You know I don’t have to answer that.
Mysterious Onmyoji: Seimei, the war between humans and spirits is just getting started.
Mysterious Onmyoji: Your hypocritical ways can never protect the capital.
Seimei: So you chose to kill them all? That’s your way?
Mysterious Onmyoji: Our original intent was always to protect the capital and restore the glory of our clan, isn’t that right? Unfortunately, we now walk different paths.
Seimei: Yes, we are different. Each spirit has a unique face and unique abilities.
Seimei: However, they, too, long for a better life. They, too, cherish the bonds between us. Maybe we’re not so different to them.
Seimei: And anyway, do we have to be the same to understand each other?
Mysterious Onmyoji: There’s no way that humans and the spirits can establish mutual understanding!
Seimei: Then explain the bond between me and my shikigami!
Mysterious Onmyoji: Ha, you’re just master and servants.
Mysterious Onmyoji: See? Even though we had the same original intent, there’s no way we can understand each other.
Seimei: Oh really? Because I agree with you on this!


Reunion with Kanae (Side)

Kohaku: Master Seimei! There are body parts of spirits everywhere!
Seimei: I can’t believe that such a place was concealed by the noble clan of the capital.
Seimei: These limbs look like they were ripped apart by some kind of great force.
Seimei: What could it be? What could be so powerful and cruel?
Seimei: What exactly happened in the forbidden area of the Minamoto clan?
Kohaku: Master Seimei, I found something!
Kohaku: There’s a body of a girl lying in a pile of spirit bodies.
Kusa: Eek, this is so creepy!
Maiden of Offerings: Master Seimei, Master Seimei, is that you?
Seimei: Kanae? Why are you here?
Maiden of Offerings: Long story short... I disguised myself as the maiden of the Minamoto clan to look for Kazuko.
Maiden of Offerings: I went into the forbidden area in secret while the onmyoji of the Minamoto clan were on their field mission. I didn’t know the place would look like this.
Maiden of Offerings: I’m so glad you guys are here. I thought the onmyoji of the Minamoto clan had returned. So I hid myself behind there.
Maiden of Offerings: Ah, that’s, that’s... Waaaaa!
Seimei: Kanae, calm down! Kanae, what did you see?
Maiden of Offerings: It’s Kazuko. Kazuko’s there.
Maiden of Offerings: And she’s dead. Boo hoo hoo...
Maiden of Offerings: Why, why did they do this to her?!
Maiden of Offerings: It’s all my fault. I should’ve stopped her.
Seimei: Kanae, it’s not your fault.
Kohaku: Master Seimei, there seems to be an altar under the pile of bodies.
Seimei: An altar?
Seimei: Now I see. The ritual that the Minamoto clan has been performing here is a sacrifice.
Seimei: The maidens and the spirits were their living offerings for the ritual.
Seimei: I can’t believe such an obnoxious, criminal act happened in a noble clan. Why did they do this?
Warrior Soul: Intruders!
Kohaku: Woah! What’s that?!
Seimei: Looks like the evil soul of a deceased warrior once loyal to the Minamoto clan.
Warrior Soul: Intruders must be eliminated!
Seimei: Protect Kanae, Kohaku.


Memory Shard (Main)

Mysterious Onmyoji: Well done, you still have your skills.
Seimei: Where’s Onikiri?
Mysterious Onmyoji: Seimei.
Mysterious Onmyoji: Your hypocrisy will bring your doom, just as destiny dictates.
Kohaku: Minamoto no Yorimitsu disappeared.
Kusa: Look, there’s something where he disappeared!
Seimei: It seems that the Minamoto no Yorimitsu here is yet another illusion formed from Onikiri’s consciousness.
Seimei: Let’s find out what exactly happened between Onikiri and Minamoto no Yorimitsu.


Kohaku: Woof, it seems Onikiri was completely devoured by his mad hatred.

Seimei: I hope he gets his salvation.

Merchant (Side)

Merchant: ...
Seimei: ...
Merchant: Here’s my stock.

Seimei: Thank you for supporting us along the way. I know they want to say thank you as well, though they’re too shy to say it.
Merchant: I wish you all the best of luck in your battles. Let’s meet again in another world.

Finding the Priest (Side)

Maiden of Offerings: Master Seimei, I have to go to Kayama shrine now and tell the priests of this heinous act by the Minamoto clan.
Maiden of Offerings: If I don’t stop them now, I’m afraid more maidens like Kazuko will become sacrifices of the Minamoto clan.
Maiden of Offerings: However, their acts are too heinous to be credible. I fear they won’t believe a word from me, a mere maiden...
Maiden of Offerings: Master Seimei, can you help me and explain this to them?
Seimei: Sure, I’ll go to Kayama shrine with you.
Maiden of Offerings: Thank you, Master Seimei!

Associate with an evil. (Side)

Priest: Master Seimei, welcome. Our Kayama shrine hasn’t seen an onmyoji for ages.
Priest: Kanae told me what happened. But I didn’t know an onmyoji like you would listen to the nonsense of that little girl, Master Seimei.
Priest: The Minamoto clan is a noble clan, which has flourished for centuries.
Seimei: I know it’s hard to believe. But everything that Kanae told you was true.
Seimei: I’ve been to the forbidden area of the Minamoto clan myself. I saw the sacrifices - that cruel ritual - with my own eyes.
Priest: If what you’re saying is true...
Priest: Then I have to say sorry.
Priest: You can come out now.
Maiden of Offerings: The onmyoji of the Minamoto clan?! But, priest, why? Why are the onmyoji of the Minamoto clan here in the Kayama shrine?
Priest: Because the noble blood of the Minamoto clan runs in my veins, Kanae.
Priest: They are the price we’ve paid for the greater cause of protecting the capital and restoring of the glory of the Minamoto clan.
Priest: It would be your utmost honor to die for the noble Minamoto clan, Kanae.
Priest: And Master Seimei, you will understand this as well when you’re in the other world.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan: Seimei, coming to Kayama shrine has sealed your fate.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan: Prepare to meet your death, Seimei!
Seimei: I can’t believe a noble clan, renowned for centuries, has now degenerated to such a degree!
Seimei: I will use my skill to cleanse Kayama shrine.
Seimei: Kohaku.
Kohaku: Yes! I’ll protect Kanae with all my strength, Master Seimei!
Seimei: Eliminate the contaminated! Cleanse the unclean! Evil begone!


Maiden of Offerings: I can’t believe even the priest was involved in this.
Maiden of Offerings: Kazuko, did you see all this in heaven?
Seimei: We’re now enemies of the Minamoto clan. Kanae, what is your plan for the future?
Maiden of Offerings: Though I’m a mere maiden, I’ll find a way to get revenge for Kazuko.
Maiden of Offerings: Kazuko, wish me luck.
Maiden of Offerings: Master Seimei, I’ll see you the next time our fates cross.
Seimei: Farewell. I wish you the best of luck.

The Final Preparation (Main)

Kohaku: Master Seimei.
Seimei: I can feel Onikiri’s powerful will as well.
Kusa: The demonic force is so strong here. And it’s suffocating me.
Yuki Onna: We’ve already got this far. We just need to hold ourselves together a little longer.
Kusa: Yuki Onna is not as cold as she looks now.
Zashiki: After everything we’ve been through, I feel like we’re a family now.
Yuki Onna: What are you talking about?
Seimei: Thank you everyone for fighting with me all the way!
Kohaku: Master Seimei...
Seimei: We’re at the final stage of the journey. Let’s fight together for the last time.

The Final Battle: Onikiri (Main)

Seimei: The origin of this nightmare realm. We finally meet.
Onikiri: I trusted him...
Kohaku: What’s he saying?
Onikiri: But he lied to me!!!
Hakuro: He doesn’t seem himself.
Seimei: No, he’s not the real Onikiri.
Hakuro: Do you mean to say...
Seimei: Exactly, he’s the self formed form of Onikiri’s consciousness.
Hakuro: But where’s the real one?
Seimei: Still trapped, I’m afraid. He must be going through extreme pain in both body and soul.
Seimei: But whoever this is, we have to defeat him.
Yuki Onna: That’s right. It’s time to end this!





Seimei: This should be the center of the field, so I guess Onikiri should be sealed here.
Kohaku: Huff... puff... huff..., we’re finally here! Oof, but where’s Ibaraki Doji?
Seimei: Let’s go find Onikiri and lift his seal first.
Kohaku: Yes, Master Seimei!

Kohaku: I’m sensing a strong murderous force in the air. And it’s suffocating!
Seimei: The seal is too weak to block his force. No wonder the monsters are drawn here. Onikiri really is a powerful weapon stained with the blood of demons and monsters...
Seimei: Anyway, we don’t have any time to waste.
Seimei: Eliminate the contaminated! Cleanse the unclean! Evil begone --!
Onikiri: ...
Kohaku: Huh? Nothing happened?
Onikiri: *Cough... cough...
Kohaku: Is he awake?
Onikiri: Mina... *Cough... cough...
Kohaku: Master Seimei, he’s trying to say something.
Seimei: He doesn’t look very clear-headed.

Onikiri: Mina... Minamoto no Yorimitsu!!! Don’t touch me!
Seimei: Urgh...
Kohaku: Why did you attack Master Seimei?!
Onikiri: Damn you, onmyoji. I won’t yield to you!
Kohaku: Wh-what?!
Seimei: Onikiri is not himself.
Onikiri: Ha- hahaha...
Kohaku: Woah, he looks scary.
Kohaku: Wait, we’re not...

Ibaraki Doji: Onikiri! Calm yourself down!
Kohaku: Ah, it’s Ibaraki Doji!
Onikiri: *Cough... cough... you’re...
Ibaraki Doji: Stop! They’re not your enemies!
Kohaku: Argh!!! What’s going on?!
Seimei: Kohaku, Onikiri must have mistaken us for the onmyoji of the Minamoto clan.
Ibaraki Doji: Anyway, you should leave. Now that the seal on Onikiri has been lifted, the Minamoto clan will know about this already. It will be dangerous for you.
Ibaraki Doji: I’ll give you all the details on the road.


Kohaku: So... Onikiri, you went to Mt. Oe after taking your revenge?
Onikiri: Mt. Oe... is something I can’t escape.
Onikiri: I have to face this, I have to face my kin who have been hurt by me!
Ibaraki Doji: I didn’t know Onikiri was under the influence of Minamoto no Yorimitsu. We even had a big fight.
Ibaraki Doji: Minamoto no Yorimitsu is such a despicable man! He attacked my best friend, Shuten Doji, in the same disgraceful way!
Onikiri: Damn it! I don’t know why I spared his life when I had the chance!
Kohaku: Wait, I thought Minamoto no Yorimitsu was dead!
Onikiri: That man still lives.
Kohaku: What?!
Onikiri: And he’s responsible for me being sealed in the Underworld Realm.
Onikiri: The Minamoto no Yorimitsu I thought I had killed was only his mirrored puppet.
Onikiri: When I had the chance to face the real him, I lost because I was not fully determined. He wanted to erase the memories I had after the purge on Mt. Oe and make me his own weapon again.
Onikiri: The pact he infused into my body has still not been lifted. The blood causing pain still runs through me, torturing me everyday!

Kohaku: Oof, I didn’t know the pact of the Minamoto clan had such a dreadful power.
Seimei: The pact that Minamoto no Yorimitsu created with Onikiri is a special one, something that cannot be broken by ordinary means.
Onikiri: After I learned that I’m from Mt. Oe as well, I formed an alliance with Ibaraki Doji and Shuten Doji.
Onikiri: I began investigating the Minamoto clan in secret, preparing my revenge against that man.
Onikiri: Meanwhile, I learned how to restore the power of memory of Shuten Doji.
Kohaku: What?! You can recover Shuten Doji?!
Ibaraki Doji: That’s right. My friend will regain his power one day and reclaim what is rightfully his!
Onikiri: During the purge of Mt. Oe, Minamoto no Yorimitsu killed Shuten Doji.
Onikiri: So I went to investigate how Shuten Doji’s power could be restored.
Onikiri: But I lost to that man when I was investigating… What a disgrace!
Onikiri: My blade won’t be so soft next time.
Onikiri: Seimei, I’m sorry for hurting you by mistake. And thank you.
Seimei: I’m with you on this.
Seimei: The most dangerous thing is the ambition of Minamoto no Yorimitsu.
Seimei: If necessary, I can also lend you my help.

Minamoto no Yorimitsu

Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan: Minamoto no Yorimitsu, someone took Onikiri from the field.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan: From the demon force they left behind, they seem to be from Mt. Oe.
Minamoto no Yorimitsu: Mt. Oe? He already betrayed me so I can’t use him anymore.
Minamoto no Yorimitsu: But, I must admit, he’s a great blade.
Onmyoji of the Minamoto Clan: Master, should we retrieve Onikiri?
Minamoto no Yorimitsu: ...
Minamoto no Yorimitsu: (Now that Onikiri has joined the Mt. Oe bunch, he should be able to balance the power of those guys...
Minamoto no Yorimitsu: (To feel the glory of god with your fragile human body, you must be prepared.)
Minamoto no Yorimitsu: (Yes, I understand.)

Comments by the Writer

(T/N: These are comments the writer posted on Weibo after major changes were done to the characters and story she had devised. As of now most of these changes have been rolled back and the story is moving in the direction it was always meant to, though some of the dialogue in this Heian Kitan still reflects the outdated version.)

“I’m the author of the Onikiri emaki story. I was also in charge of the outline and part of the dialogue writing of the first version of the Heian Kitan.
Last year, I took part in an in-house writing contest. The theme was Onikiri’s story. (Nothing but his name was conceptualized at the time, there was no characterization or background setting yet. As it was a shikigami’s individual story outside the main storyline, there was a contest for it.)
The script outline for the Oeyama purge of the Minamoto clan that I wrote was eventually selected. Afterwards, I refined and revised it dozens of times to finalise the emaki story and shape the two new characters Onikiri and Minamoto no Yorimitsu -- from personalities and backgrounds to story writing, etc.
At the same time, I supervised the art style and direction of the Onikiri emaki as well.
After that, I outlined the first version of the Heian Kitan, did the story layout, and worked on some parts of the dialogue, and so on.
This whole process took almost half a year. Most of it was spent on the emaki art supervision, and I wrote the story outside of work hours using my spare time. I have always loved coming up with stories and designing characters, so I wrote this with the desire to present the readers with a wonderful story.
The original script was actually a lot longer with rich background details. But due to the space limitations and issues with the emaki format, a lot of the content had to be cut. For this I deeply apologise.

All plotlines related to the Onikiri emaki and the first version of the Kitan, Onikiri, Minamoto no Yorimitsu, and Oeyama were then submitted to the main writers for future writing. I haven’t been involved with writing these characters outside the Onikiri emaki and the first version of the Kitan. And considering how busy work is, I doubt I’ll have the time to do so in the future either. All in all, I’m extremely grateful to Onmyoji for giving me the opportunity to create Onikiri’s story.

Also, I never expected the character Minamoto no Yorimitsu to make it into the main storyline...... The details about miko sacrifices or deals with the evil god wasn’t present in the Minamoto no Yorimitsu that I wrote, nor was his purpose obtaining the power of a god.
The Minamoto no Yorimitsu designed back then was an extremely hawkish onmyoji. He created countless youkai soldiers using a forbidden technique and trained them into a war-ready army. This is all because he’s aware of human limitations. Among the Three Realms, humanity is the weakest by far in terms of power, which made him realise the imbalance and feel like human beings are too cowardly. From a human standpoint, he believed humanity should stand at the pinnacle of the Three Realms. Meanwhile his ambition, desire and self-confidence drove him to seek greater power.
Minamoto no Yorimitsu is very ambitious, and possesses the talent to achieve those ambitions. He takes pride in humanity’s dignity and honour, and uses his own flesh and blood to do what ordinary humans cannot even dream of. This arrogance will one day destroy him, but he has no fear.
Interestingly enough, Minamoto no Yorimitsu has killed countless youkai in his lifetime, and yet ultimately saved one too. This intricate setup makes him a much more contradictory and three-dimensional character.

(Of course, everything I wrote above are currently scrapped ideas. But please feel free to treat this as a fan setting.)”

Heian Kitan/Orochi


This Heian Kitan consists of three chapters.

  • The Prequel tells the story between the events of Heian Kitan/Orochi and War of Mt. Oe.
  • The Main Story is based on the War of Mt. Oe story, with new details added.
  • The Side Story is about Minamoto no Yorimitsu and Onikiri solving serial murders that overshadow the capital.

Players start this Heian Kitan on the easy difficulty, and can unlock medium difficulty after finishing all three chapters and resetting the stages.


Heian Kitan/Prequel

Heian Kitan/Main Story

Heian Kitan/Side Story

Side Chapters

Side Chapters are extra fights a player can clear once a week. The bosses have a big HP pool and fights require collaboration between several players. A Side Chapter doesn't exist for the Side Story yet, but it is planned to be added in the future.

What’s this?!
Has the Ghost Armory been resurrected?!
Ibaraki Doji
Not just the Ghost Armory. The other demon weapons are also… It’s as if someone has rebooted them.
Shuten Doji
These weapons look like armor of the dead, like they don’t have a mind of their own. Someone must be controlling them with spiritual power.
It must be that man...
Ibaraki Doji
Incoming. A big one.
Damn it...
We must destroy it completely!

Shuten Doji
Although the armies of Mt. Suzuka have retreated, the magic field Uminari left behind has not yet dissipated.
Ibaraki Doji
Having been influenced by the magic field, spirits are fighting with illusions.
Ibaraki Doji
People are drenched in the shadow of what they fear the most...
Shuten Doji
But are these spirits real?
Shuten Doji
They might as well be illusions created by Uminari.
Ibaraki Doji
Illusions or not, it would make no difference to you. Am I right, my good friend?
Shuten Doji
That’s right. We’ll know when we have a good fight with them.