Attack ATK S 161 → 3404 This shikigami cannot be awakened.
Health HP B 1056 → 11279
Defense DEF C 65 → 384
Speed SPD S 105
Critical Crit SS 20%
Crit DMG 150%
Effect HIT 0%
Effect RES 0%


3341 (川息)

Type: Normal Onibi: 0 Cooldown: 0

Targets a single enemy dealing damage equal to 100% of his attack.

Level Effect
2 Increases damage to 105%.
3 Increases damage to 110%.
4 Increases damage to 115%.
5 Increases damage to 125%.

3342 Raging Rivers (川怒)

Type: Special Onibi: 1 Cooldown: 0

Unique Effect.
When ally recieves over 30% of their max HP as damage, SP Arakawa gains 1 stack of Raging Seas. Additionally, his move bar is boosted by 50% and 1 debuff is dispelled. Only triggers once every turn.
When Gyourou Arakawa is KO'd, he wil be Immovable and all allies will gain 20% damage reduction.
Upon Activation: Gain 1 stack Raging Seas. Gain Rage, lasts for 1 turn.

Level Effect
2 Damage reduction is increased to 30%
3 While having Immovable or 1 stacks of Raging Seas, restore all allies' HP by 125% of SP Arakawa's attack
4 While having Immovable or 2 stacks of Raging Seas, gain 3 onibi
5 While having Immovable or 3 stacks of Raging Seas, gain Rage as a permanent buff

3343 (驍浪海作斬)

Type: Special Onibi: 3 Cooldown: 0

Target a single enemy dealing damage equal to 287% of SP Arakawa's attack. If the target dies, lose 1 stack of Raging Seas.

Level Effect
2 Increases damage of the second stage to 315%
3 While having 1 stack of Raging Seas, deal Isolated damage
4 While having 2 stacks of Raging Seas, all allies receive 30% damage reduction for 1 attack
5 While having 3 stacks of Raging Seas, ignore 25% of target's defense and all enemies have a 40% chance of wasting 1 onibi after using a skill. Lasts 1 turn

Biography Unlock

No. Unlock Conditions Rewards
1 Clear any instance 30 times with Gyourou Arakawa
2 Increase Gyourou Arakawa's level to 40
3 Raise Gyourou Arakawa's skill 8 times.


Chapter None
Soul None
Demon Seal None
Challenge None
Skin Instance None
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