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Some calculations are not official.

Attribute Addition

Also apply flat attribute addition if need. Some attributes are subject to critical effects as well.

Skill Effect

Damage Calculation

There are random floats involved so damage is not completely the same.

Action bar calculation

To not be interrupted by opposing side: or


Speed addition like Oitsuki has yet to be investigated.

Judgement flag calculation

Damage is approximately doubled every three rounds, and heal is approximately halved.

Control calculation

Control and resist are calculated separately. When control effect is released, first it is calculated if it will take effect at all, then it is calculated if the effect will be resisted.

Control chance

Control chance against resist


Delegation Success[3]


  • Shikigami delegation level = Shikigami level + 10 if awakened + 20 if recommended + 2.5 if in a pair
  • Type of delegation: higher star = higher requirements, experience rewards = lower requirements, lots of shikigami = higher requirements

Demon Encounter Rating[4]


Finishing in 9:59 min gives 3000 points, not finishing in 20 min gives 0 points. For 10:00-19:59 there is a formula.

  • Ignore remainder

  • Round to whole


  • Ignore remainder

  • Round to whole