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Exploring the map allows the player to fight in the various dungeons (?) to obtain materials. For more details go to interface guide.

Right hand side are chapter shortcuts.


For more details go to Youki Fuuin

For more details go to Tako

For more details go to Nen

For more details go to Skin Instances

Bottom Bar

For more details go to Kakusei no Tou

For more details go to Orochi or Sogenbi

For more details go to Youki Fuuin
Just a interface that collects instances that will give shikigami shards. This includes finding them from clearing explorations (Youki Fuuin), seeking for kiou on the Guild map (Kiou Hunt, now deprecated), and passing leader challenge (part of exploration). The ones that show up here will also show in Multiplayer shards tab.

For more details go to Kekkai Toppa

For more details go to Goryou Realm

Shows the side story collection. Can access them only if you have the shikigamis in their respective covers. Information about the side stories can be seen here.

Note: The second stage of Best Friend Function called "Warm Protection" allows friends to share shikigami to unlock the side stories.

For more details go to Delegation

A portal which offers cross-server mechanisms. A map in the background shows player activity.


For more information visit Hyakkisen

A cross-server PVP mode that utilises card-flipping mechanism of team creation. However, the shikigami are provided by the game and do not require player ownership.

Regional Kiou

For more information visit Regional Kiou
A servers-wide PVE mode that allows players to challenge Kiou located in real life. The better the rating, the higher the ranking, and the better the rewards.

Shortcut Button

They can be entered to fight youkai with certain drop buffs. There is also a boss that appears at random with even better rewards, which can be defeated to exit the instance.

There are chances of them getting unlocked after completing exploration. They can be challenged using shikigami challenge tickets, where the level (and thus difficulty) increases with each challenge until the level 40 cap, at which point they are repeatedly challenged at that level.