Attack.png ATK D.png 95 C.png 2198 +2103
Health.png HP A.png 1142 S.png 13444 +12302
Defense.png DEF B.png 68 A.png 441 +373
Speed.png SPD B.png 100 S.png 110 +10
Critical.png Crit B.png 5% B.png 5% +0%
Crit DMG 150% 150% +0%
Effect HIT 0% 0% +0%
Effect RES 0% 0% +0%


3471.png Moonlit Flower (月下花)

Type: Normal Onibi:Onibi.png0

You'll never find happiness like this!

Attack a single target dealing damage equal to 100% of Enmusubi no Kami's attack.

Level Effect
2 Damage increases to 105%
3 Damage increases to 110%
4 Damage increases to 115%
5 Move bar for Enmusubi no Kami is also increased by 20%

3472.png Flower Moon (緋色花月)

Type: Passive Onibi:Onibi.png0

I'm happy to be single. But you two must get together!

Unique effect.
At the start of an allies' turn, Enmusubi no Kami grants them 1 out of 4 random Love Knots. If the ally's Love Knot is the same as the previous ally (other than Enmusubi no Kami) that moved, then a bond is formed, 1 onibi will be immediately granted and Enmusubi no Kami will gain 1 layer of Fateful Bond. If a bond fails to be formed she will gain 1 layer of Frustration.

When Enmusubi no Kami has 5 layers of Frustration, the next Love Knot is guaranteed to form a bond.
Fateful Bond
Common, Mark: Max 7 layers. Upon using Divine Pairing, every layer will increase damage for all allies by 5% and restores their HP by 1% of her max HP.
Common, Mark: Max 5 layers. When Enmusubi no Kami has 5 layers of Frustration, all of them are consumed and all control effects on her will be removed and dispelled. Then pushes the move bar for all enemies by 25%, effect is doubled for every successful bond.
Removes non-dispellable control effects such as Deep Freeze, Transform, Daze and Provoke.
Love Knots

3473.png Blessed Bond (神賜良縁)

Type: Special Onibi:Onibi.png2

Your chance has increased!

Enmusubi no Kami blesses an ally, granting them Shelter and increases Buff, Mark: +40% Increased Damagedamage for all allies by 40%, sustained for 1 turn. Also restores HP for all allies by 9% of her max HP.

Flame Reignited
Common, Mark: At the end of the blessed ally's turn, they are granted a new turn. Skills used in this new turn cost -3 onibi.
Common, Mark: Negates all controlling effects inflicted by a single skill, sustained for 1 turn.

Level Effect
2 When she has at least 1 layer of Fateful Bond, 50% of the excess healing will be converted to a shield
3 When she has at least 3 layers of Fateful Bond, increases Buff00.pngspeed for all allies' by 30
4 When she has at least 7 layers of Fateful Bond, the blessed ally is granted Bond from a Previous Life and grants Shelter to herself
5 Upper Hand: At the start of battle Enmusubi no Kami automatically gains Shelter

Biography Unlock

No. Unlock Conditions Rewards
1 Increase Enmusubi no Kami's level to 30.
2 Increase Enmusubi no Kami's skills 8 times.
3 In PVP or Practice, successfully form 99 bonds.


Skins Info

Snow-White Love
风铃彩Talisman Pass
福鲤霓裳Skin Shop: S-jade only


Bio 1


I'm a goddess who was born from the marital bonds of humans. I felt lucky at first, since marriage is such a wonderful thing and all humans will eventually marry someone. I thought it wouldn't be long before I become a great goddess, my name known in every corner of the land! However, I didn't know that human hearts could change so easily. Even a concrete oath or a bond forged through hardship can be torn and broken. And whenever a bond is broken, my power diminishes with it.
Even though I'm Lady Matchmaker, I no longer believe in predestined love. No human is capable of making an oath that lasts a lifetime.
Centuries ago, when the humans had less temptations, the bond of marriage could be maintained by a simple letter, or even a holding of hands. I wore luxurious garments and lived in a splendid shrine back then. As the material world flourished, people's pure hearts started to gain color. As the human world got more colorful, I began to fade. In the end, my shrine shrank to the size of a box and I could no longer maintain my luxurious garments.
But I will not give up. I will travel the world, taking my shrine with me, establishing bonds for people along the way. Don't underestimate me because of the size of my shrine. I have everything that the other gods have!

Bio 2


I arrived at the outskirts of the capital one cold winter's day. Thick snow had piled up on my hat. I saw an old lady fall down on the snow-covered ground. Just as I was about to rush to her, I saw an old scavenger help her get up. There was a thin thread of fate running between them. The old lady was severely ill. She had lost most of her memories and had been acting strangely. The old man scavenged at night and took care of her in the day. With each day that passed, the old lady got better and better. She even learned how to write her name – Sachiko, the name the old man had given her.
The two of them might not have taken their chances in this way when they were young. Fortunately for them, they met each other when they had reached old age.
I took good care of their thread of fate. However, the old man's children refused to accept the old lady, who was a stranger to them.
"You can't even take care of yourself. And you're always sick. Are you trying to bring a liability into our house?"
"Why do you want a partner at your age? It would be a disgrace to the family if the others knew!"
The elderly pair, both viewed as liabilities to their homes, met each other in the cold snow. They started to accept each other's presence in their life of solitude. Their hearts started to beat faster again, like they were falling in love for the first time. However, the fragile thread of fate began to fade away. Why? Why did their fate have to be bound by the rules?
The old lady, as seemingly ignorant as she was, appeared to understand the old man's predicament. Through the falling snow, she made her way to the dilapidated straw hut. And with a name and a memory, she left in silence. She left him a poorly-written letter.
"Sachiko must be lucky to meet you at this age. Do you feel happy for meeting me? I don't want to lose you, but I don't want you to suffer. I'll see you in next life."

Bio 3



I used to put all my heart into every possible marriage. I also blamed myself, felt ashamed and desperate when I first started to lose the power of faith. During that period, I had been willingly connecting people together with their fateful ones. Some didn't work out, and some became worse. They would not only lose their bond, but also their pure hearts.
When the old man knew the old lady had left, he rushed out, stumbling, to find her. Tears filled his eyes.
I promised myself that I would help them. Even though the old man has grey hairs all over his head and shambles when he walks, he still has the right to take his chance. So I used my divine power again to reconnect their thread of fate, this time with a different state of mind.
I used to think that I could recover my power if I kept connecting people together. But now I just hope they can be happy. I can hear those oaths lingering in my head.
"I miss you. But I can't tell you."
"I want to be with you forever. However hard our days will be, I'll be happy as long as I have you."
"Please, Lady Matchmaker! I like him so much! I can't tell you how much I like him! I pray that you can make him notice me."
"I don't deserve her. But I will keep improving myself for her."
All the threads of fate on the mountain were illuminated by the divine calling. The sound of bells rang through the night. The old lady looked up and saw the face she had been thinking about. Bridged by the red thread, upon a road that this very thread had paved for them, they finally seized their chance, surrounded by this magnificent view.
Although I can't bring them a life of luxury like other gods can, I can try my hardest to protect their bond. And that's why I exist. At that moment, I started to believe in fate again.
The waiting might be hard, but it won't be for nothing. Your fateful one might be late for your rendezvous, but they won't be absent. However far I have to travel, I will be there to help you meet your fateful one. So please, have faith – believe in fate.

Voice Lines

Summon Animation & Enter Battle
Tap (Head)
Tap (Body & Arms)
Tap (Body & Arms)
Tap (Body & Arms)
Tap (Legs)
Tap (Items)
Tap (Items)
Skill 1
Skill 1
Skill 3
Skill 3
Skill 3

Special Voice Lines

These are voice lines that only trigger when Enmusubi no Kami is placed in a team with the following shikigami or onmyouji.

Lord Arakawa
Tamamo no Mae
Yuki Douji
Shiro Mujou
Ame Onna


[1] [2]

Name Enmusubi no Kami
Sex Female
Rarity SSR
Weapon Thread of fate, bell of fate, Moonlit Flower (staff), onmyoji spells
CV Amamiya Sora
Height Varies with amount of divine power
Pronouns 1st person: 我 (ware), この神明 (kono jinmei/this god, when she thinks she has enough divine power)
Colour Red, pink, white
Qualities Genki and lively, makes clear distinctions between likes and dislikes, sheep in wolf's clothing, places where she is won't be awkward and is filled with love in the air
Issues Mood swings, unfocussed, scaredy-cat, picks on the weak (when fighting)
Hobbies and interests Helping others form bonds, selling stories and artbooks of love stories, using divine power to make memorabilia out of souvenirs from each marriage, travelling, making and holding onto money
Tics/Obsessions Way too many gestures and strange expressions to note
Special Abilities No other skills except forming bonds
Personality Optimistic and outgoing, makes clear distinctions between likes and dislikes, humourous and witty, slightly two-faced
Relationships Kidomaru (match she's scared of), big iceblock (wants to introduce a match for him), Miketsu (jealous of their fancy shrine), Tamamo no Mae (was there for his marriage with the miko), Susabi, Yamata no Orochi (colleague once upon a time in Takamagahara)
Motives To help people form bonds
Things she likes Cats, loose and comfortable pants, marriage souvenirs, terms related to marriage, gourmet food, money
Things she dislikes Canine teeth (will easily bite herself), demons with terrifying appearances, insects, difficult matters
Vulnerability Too many to list in detail
Gap Self-proclaimed god of esteemed origins, but is believed by no one due to her poverty-stricken appearance, in reality, she hails from Takamagahara. She is typically casual and cares little for decorum, but becomes more formal when serious matters arise.
Types she likes Lovers with deep feelings and who stay faithful
Types she dislikes Playboys and pick-up artists
Foods she likes Everything spicy
Foods she dislikes Sticky things (will get stuck on her canines), food with mild taste

Interview with the Design Team

A special interview with the design team about Enmusubi no Kami.[3]

Character settings

1. How was Enmusubi no Kami's character setting initially conceived?

We once travelled to a place called Hikawa Jinja, it's one of the shrines in Japan to pray for marriage, and there would be a lot of messages left on the ema on display wishing for marriage. This shrine is neither the largest or the most lavish, but it has a special atmosphere of warmth. We thought that players should also look forward to the game having a deity for protecting marriage, and who can listen to their hopes for marriage.

2. Did any interesting things happen during the design process?

A lot of interesting things happened while developing Enmusubi no Kami, she really is a "precious girl" in the production team's hearts. When the request was first made, we anticipated that she would be hard to design. Prior SSRs' styles tend to be quite fancy, but the appearance requirement for Enmusubi no Kami is that she is not a particularly good-looking character and is dressed plainly, after all, it does not quite make sense for a person whose appearance is overly beautiful to be making matchups for others.

When the draft was made, everyone liked it very much, but were also concerned about if she's not as fancy as other SSRs. We looked at a few more drafts, but ultimately decided on this version, the dev team also thought it was about time to release a somewhat plain SSR, to let everyone know that our SSRs aren't necessarily always so decorated on the outside. The development process was filled with laughter, and team members would always make jokes at her expense, for example when I received the final draft of her illustration, I asked a guy in planning about his thoughts on her appearance, he repeatedly zoomed in on her art until only the black cat was left on the screen and then asked: "This cat is the Enmusubi no Kami? The cat's not bad."

When we were developing her skills, the programmers named the branch "couples-must-die" and named Enmusubi no Kami "Leader of the FFF Inquisition", I was enlightened, so Enmusubi no Kami's affinity is in ending marriage affinity. Then I thought what a dark Enmusubi no Kami would be like? Would she threaten people with her red string and forcefully match them up?
"You don't want to marry but you don't want to go die, this puts me in a difficult position."
But this was just my imagination, it wasn't made into reality.

3. Did you draw inspiration from anywhere while designing Enmusubi no Kami?

While we were initially composing Enmusubi no Kami's character setting, we drew a lot of inspiration from every player who passionately made dojin works. A lot of content creators brought to life a lot of moving stories of relationships, and gave happy endings to incomplete stories, fictional characters became as large as life through their contributions. I think this could be considered matchmaking on some level.
Their passion was also very pure, while creating they could forget their troubles, and could produce many interesting "tropes", bringing forth more happiness. So we thought, Enmusubi no Kami absolutely has to be a precious character, so that wherever she appears she'd bring laughter and sweep away the sorrow.

4. How will the relationships and marriages of humans affect Enmusubi no Kami?

After the red string is connected, the two will be bonded in marriage, and theoretically pass their entire lives together. But the human heart is subject to change, so whenever each marriage ends, Enmusubi no Kami's power would be weakened.
The proud Enmusubi no Kami decided to take her little shrine and all of her belongings along to journey, recovering her power by helping people form bonds on the way. The shrine she wears on her neck can expand at will for her to live in, and her sack is full of all kinds of marriage souvenirs, which can be anything, you never know what she can pull out of that bottomless bag.

5. Is there any special meaning to the five-petaled sakura symbol for the Bond Shrine?

The season of spring sakura is also a time when love blossoms easily, there was once a cherry blossom tree that was always in bloom in front of the Bond Shrine, and countless couples exchanged their vows under that tree, so Enmusubi no Kami used the five-petaled sakura symbol on that tree to mark her own shrine.

6. As a god, why does Enmusubi no Kami wander Heian-kyo in the form of a young girl?

After Enmusubi no Kami left Takamagahara, her body shrunk to conserve divine power. Also, she herself wasn't willing to have too many restrictions, so she took on a none too attractive appearance. To earn money, she sometimes takes on another appearance, such as the puppet seller when telling stories, becoming an onmyoji to help drive off demons, and so on.

7. What is your favourite thing about Enmusubi no Kami?

I like her personality the most.
She's not perfect, and her personality even has some deficiencies, but that resilience, that positive attitude toward life despite enduring so much, it's something I like very much.
Perhaps people will tire of hearing this so much, but it still leaves a deep impression: Those who are truly strong are those that know the truth of living, and continue to love it.

8. What's in that massive sack that's on Enmusubi no Kami's back?

Every time a bond is successful, Enmusubi no Kami will use divine power to create something to remember it by to collect in her bag. Players will be able to find many hidden details in the art, such as that tiny black cat being the kitty she turned into to help the elderly couple to form a bond; the umbrella was a keepsake from helping the Eishi couple get back together.
When we made this setting we thought about how in our everyday lives, there's a story behind all of our belongings, even if it's old and beaten up we don't want to get rid of it, we want to hold on to that time we can't return to.
So Enmusubi no Kami keeps all of them on her, to take them journeying, to witness even more marriages.
There's another Easter egg for Enmusubi no Kami, when she appears together with some shikigami, her dialogue will change, those interested can check it out.

9. As a god, does Enmusubi no Kami have some special abilities?

Thread of fate: A red string only Enmusubi no Kami can see that wraps around people's wrists, when two pre-destined people meet, they will automatically link. But she can't see her own thread of fate, and can't detect the thread that connects to her.

Bell of fate: The bell on Enmusubi no Kami's wrist will ring when a bond that needs to be formed is nearby, directing her to the location.

Temporary bonding: Enmusubi no Kami will occasionally link the threads of fate of two people together for a short time to recover her divine power or to stop fighting, it dissolves after a day. But during this time the two parties cannot physically or verbally attack each other, and will be the best of friends. Enmusubi no Kami uses this power in interesting ways in the future story, the situation is uncontrollable.

Achieving bonds: When Enmusubi no Kami approves people's affinity with one another, she will use divine power to tie a knot from the two threads of fate, these threads of fate will never separate until death do they part.

Plot design

1. Though born in Takamagahara, why is Enmusubi no Kami's personality different from other gods, and why did she leave Takamagahara?

She had always trained in the mortal realm, and so she was different from the other gods on high, she was full of emotion and warmth. She learned many tips and tricks for earning money in the human world, and planned to build a majestic Bond Shrine from saving up money. While training, she came to know many truths about Takamagahara, and so gradually left it.
When she learned about the heavenly punishment upon the miko who was mutually in love with the nine-tailed demon fox, she understood that Takamagahara would not permit the existence of hanyo, and that it has always prevented humans from co-existing with demons, and so decided to break away from the divine plains maintained by Takamagahara. In her view the two people entering marriage are equal, and do not discriminate between race or class. After leaving Takamagahara, she needed a great amount of faith to maintain her spiritual form, and if the power of believers are lacking she will disappear, which is what produced the current story.

2. She had randomly brought people together in the past, but now Enmusubi no Kami treats each bond with more gravity, why was there this change?

When she was still at Takamagahara, Enmusubi no Kami was quite lively, would bean-count, and felt full of responsibility and sincerity toward bonds; After leaving Takamagahara, while trying to accumulate divine power Enmusubi no Kami bore witness to a lot of human cruelty, and felt lost, numb, and hateful, during that time her personality went through a big change, becoming very reserved. For the sake of recovering divine power she even forcefully brought bonds together ahead of time.
After experiencing events like the elderly couple, humans caused her to understand true bonds, and she found her original conviction. Affinity cannot be grasped and cannot be forced, and after letting go of that stubbornness, maybe that's when affinity will silently come. After that she came to an understanding with life, and with herself, deciding to protect every predestined meeting.
So the current Enmusubi no Kami recovered her energy from before, but underneath all that she has matured, and decided to live more freely, forming bonds, selling books, looking after cats.
Kingyo Hime's development is from lively to sombreness, while Enmusubi no Kami's becoming lively again from that sombreness.

3. As a god of bonds, did Enmusubi no Kami have any special meetings with the humans and demons of Heian-kyo while making bonds?

We did leave some Easter eggs about Enmusubi no Kami in earlier game content. The ema during the Spring Festival event from the passerby girl was her, the puppet seller during Kidomaru's event... aside from that, some were more hidden, such as the red strings that appeared multiple times in Heian-kyo, the red string that Seimei gave to Hakuzosu was given to him by Kamo no Tadayuki, he and Kidomaru and Kamo no Yasunori all got one, Seimei's was for a child, and so had a bell, Kamo no Yasunori gave his red string to Ibuki. Enmusubi no Kami also oversaw Tamamo no Mae's marriage with his wife the miko, and appreciated Tamamo no Mae's faithfulness and bravery. They also interact in later plot. Tamamo no Mae is subconsciously mischievous, and was amused by how Enmusubi no Kami was at a loss with how to deal with Kidomaru. But after losing his wife and children, he rarely displays his emotions outwardly.

4. Did anything interesting happen while producing the Enmusubi no Kami CG animation?

We wrote many versions of Enmusubi no Kami's story, and they're quite suited to be adapted to animation, we initially chose another story, but the director recommended the story of the elderly couple for the CG. We later thought that Enmusubi no Kami would also choose it if it was her. What she wanted to convey was: longing can transcend time and space, no matter their identity or place in society, even if you're in your twilight years you still have the right to attain your happiness.
Also, as one of the quartet of Onmyoji short animations, there were a lot of small Easter eggs, such as the ring that Okuribito gave Oriyuki was a token of affinity from the Bond Shrine, the knot is the knot of a bond formed. And the rich merchant that mocked Enmusubi no Kami seemed familiar too, no? He should've appeared in the story of Rijima.

5. Enmusubi no Kami and Kidomaru met frequently in the story, what is the relationship between the god and a child of the asura?

Enmusubi no Kami had met a young Kidomaru by chance in a forest by the Demon Domain multiple years ago, the red string on Kidomaru's neck is an item with divine power that was received from the Bond Shrine. When he met Enmusubi no Kami, the red string automatically heeded Enmusubi no Kami's divine power, so Kidomaru did not behold her as rotten flesh, but her complete appearance, holy and pure. At the same time Enmusubi no Kami's words about living for herself and her easygoing nature interested Kidomaru, who had been suppressing his nature at the time, Enmusubi no Kami assumed that he was a child of a follower, and performed totally inadequate healing for the injured Kidomaru. But due to Enmusubi no Kami meeting too many people due to helping others form bonds, she didn't think too much of the tiny lending hand she gave a young hanyo, so didn't remember him. After his exile, Kidomaru became obsessive and violent, his one fear was boredom, so he perseveres whenever he came upon anything interesting, he wanted to play a game of a believer and god with Enmusubi no Kami, no matter if she actually accepts his "goodwill." In the rules of his game, a god should "save" their "follower," so she has to complete the follower's wish of finding amusement whenever he gets bored, that's why he will assume the appearance of piety and warmth in front of the god, but when he gets tired of it all, that facade will utterly vanish.

Skills composition

1. What is the connection between her place on a team and her character setting?

A lively fellow who is also a god that brings people together naturally has to be a support-type character~

2. Did anything interesting pop up while designing Enmusubi no Kami's skills?

Enmusubi should be the shikigami that the shikigami skills team probably spent the most effort on, before she was released to Royal Battle on Wednesday, we already saw everybody's predictions, and found a lot of designs we had discussed, such as SSR version of Kosode no Te, sharing stats between shikigami, living and dying together, and so on; we also had some strange ideas, such as how she needs to raise her Bond Shrine, so characters on the team have to complete missions like attacking or using skills together to build bonds.

3. How was Enmusubi no Kami's personality reflected in the skill design?

When discussing Enmusubi no Kami's skills, we thought that it was a better choice to design mechanics surrounding her character setting and particulars of her personality. Combining Enmusubi no Kami's fundraising for her shrine, and recovery of divine power through building bonds between others, we designed her as a character that grows throughout the match. First we designed the mechanics of bond formation, we discussed about a dozen versions in our meetings, and ultimately settled on this version, where a random knot is given when a teammate moves, and a bond is formed if it matches with an earlier member. When the bond is achieved, Enmusubi no Kami will joyfully leap up and grant 1 orb as celebration; if it fails then an anxious Enmusubi no Kami will still try to make the bond happen - initiating the pushing of move bar "Y'all should leave so I can ship these people!", and "Everybody will have a bond of their own, and it'll happen no matter what!".

Regarding the progression of the ult, when she recovers her power, the priority is to protect these teammates through shields, then motivate them to bond more quickly. So at the max level, the effect of the bond from a previous life means that the MVP will be the ultimate support Enmusubi no Kami~ Something like "Even though I'm not good at fighting, this is the power of a god!".

Speaking of battles, as Enmusubi no Kami's only offensive is "Moonlit Flower", I personally liked the description of the normal attack, when Enmusubi no Kami is angry she definitely will raise her staff in an attempt to knock others on the heads while yelling "If you act like that you'll never find happiness!" but in the end she's a god, so she has to be more stoic and a bit well-behaved, so it's better to summon a bonding mark instead. A C in attack along with a "This will be the end, that is the affinity of god's anger!" may create a feeling of gap moe.

4. Overall Enmusubi no Kami's skills are very strong, where is she suitable to be used?

As a fairly strong buffer/healer/supporter in the game meta, I believe she will be put to good use in various long or high-intensity PVE events, for example Super Onio, Demon Encounter, and so on. Increasing damage by 40% is like the team's attackers getting a free Shadow set, and in Moan and Fallen Sun, she lowers requirements for achieving high damage~
In terms of PVP, due to the mechanics of bond forming, allies have to move on their turn, so teams passively awaiting their bonds aren't suitable for Enmusubi no Kami~ Usage with units with high mobility will significantly raise the team's strength. A skillset that provides orbs, pushes move bar, and heals means she successfully integrates into first mover push/pull move bar team, and increase in damage and passive lets an originally slow battle wrap up quickly.
As for recommended teammates~ In the current meta, Enmusubi no Kami has high compatibility with pullers such as Kamaitachi, Yokinshi, and Ungaikyo; however since Enmusubi no Kami herself is limited in terms of orb provision, she needs to be paired with Tenjo Kudari in PVP or use Fortune Cat sets on many shikigami to guarantee enough orbs, and still needs to be teamed with Oitsukigami in PVE~ Of course, it's completely OK to use her as the fifth man in a Shiranui/Shuten/Shuten/Ushi team. Additionally, used with Onio Shuten Doji's damage buff, she will increase the offensive capabilities of the team to the extreme, and stand out regardless of PVP or PVE~
More, in duels, for the sake of more stability to bond, the team should use Dawn Fairy Oura Hannya, Mouba, Komatsumaru, and other control shikigami~
Of course, it's up to the players to discover more ways to utilize her!


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