The arena is an area where players can duel each other, in other words, PVP combat. It is unlocked at level 12.


The arena can consist of 1 vs 1 battles. Each player battles with their own onmyouji and shikigami with full control. A player's team consists of 3 shikigami and 1 onmyouji in battles when under 1200 points, and five shikigami and 1 onmyouji above.

Matchups will be determined automatically by the system, and between players with similar point accumulations - however, there is no discrimination between player levels.


For the sake of balance, some shikigami skills will have a different effect than in PVE. After a certain number of rounds, the damage sustained by each side will increase. Furthermore, onibi will be compensated should a unit die - 2 for onmyouji and 1 for shikigami. Lastly, any side may forfeit by returning, which is determined as a loss.

The judgement flag bestows heal down and damage up. In higher divisions there is also health increase.


The arena for individual combat is open daily from 12:00-13:00 and 21:00-22:00. For 2 vs 2 battles, the arena is available from 14:00-15:30 on weekends.

Rewards for achieving a certain ranking are distributed weekly, on Mondays at 6:00. Rankings and divisions are also reset at that time.

Note: While server resets placements at this time, display is delayed until player logs on, so it's possible for players that quit to appear not to be dropped to 1000. In reality server still distributes weekly rewards according to actual ranking.


Players gain points for winning their matches, and lose points from losing. There is no penalty for not playing, however, each week, players are dropped one division down, unless they are in the first division, where they stay.

The accumulation of points determine the player rankings as well as divisions. In the coop battles, points go to the player's Guild, for which there is a separate ranking.


The arena is split into 8 divisions, distinguished by the different environments that combat takes place in. Players are placed into each division depending on how many points are accumulated, as listed below along with rewards:

  1. <1199, 60 beads
  2. 1200-1399, 80 beads
  3. 1400-1599, 100 beads
  4. 1600-1799, 120 beads
  5. 1800-1999, 160 beads
  6. 2000-2199, 200 beads & 10 skin tickets
  7. 2200-2399, 250 beads & 15 skin tickets
  8. >2400, 300 beads & 20 skin tickets

The cat mask that represents each division is different, and is how players team up with each other.

Note: these are the minimum thresholds to quality for each division. It is not unheard of to reach 3600 points.


Although players receive reputation points regardless of winning or losing, there is a limit to the reputation points to be obtained, and the amount obtained also differs depending on the conditions of the win/loss. The amount and limit is dependent on the division achieved in the previous week.

  1. 80/match, 1600 max
  2. 100/match, 2000 max
  3. 120/match, 2400 max
  4. 140/match, 2800 max
  5. 160/match, 3200 max
  6. 180/match, 3600 max
  7. 200/match, 4000 max
  8. 220/match, 4400 max

Points are used to exchange for items in the shop.


Players are able to spectate matches from division five and up. A match cannot be viewed from midway, but instead viewers are arranged into a match that has just been made. Spectators are not anonymous.