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Oumagatoki (逢魔之时/逢魔が時), also known as Demon Encounter, is a mechanism to participate in cross-server boss challenges. It is available to players level 15. Players exploring the Inkai will have "personal incidents" and "collective incidents" which are cross-server collective bosses.


The evening is the boundary of day and night, and also the time when the two worlds collide. At this time, demons and gods can roam about in the real world, and humans may also enter the Inkai, thus the evening is called the time of meeting demons - Oumagatoki.

Oumagatoki is open from 17:00-23:00, where players can engage in exploration and challenges in the current world. There are personal incidents, and also shared incidents. Discovery is through the "Meeting Demons in Current World" button, which allows 4 uses per day. No more new incidents can be found after 22:00, though ones already found can still be challenged.

Personal Incidents


A shikigami appears and they can be challenged to give shards, like Youki Fuuin, but there is a wide variety of shikigami here, including SSR.

Meeting Demons Secret Letter

For more information visit Answer List

A letter appears and has 3 multi-choice questions. Select the correct one to get the reward that is shown.

Current World Treasure

A treasure chest appears and requires 50 jades to unlock the treasure shown.

Treasures include gold, stamina, random grade 6 soul, and daruma.

The main attribute probabilities are fixed for slots 1/3/5, while there is 10% chance of special attribute and 90% of other attributes for slots 2/4/6.

Mystery Kekkai

Realm defense of random players will also show up during Oumagatoki's discovery. Only one attempt is allowed to challenge the realm. Rewards are also given at random regardless of win or loss.

Mystery Mission

Slips of paper appear and a mission (typically a daily mission) must be done to receive the rewards.

Collective Incidents

Cross-server collective bosses are either "normal" or "rare" difficulty, they offer ample rewards, and allows many onmyouji to participate. Collective bosses will be shared to the LBS map, and players in the vicinity can directly participate as well as invite friends, nearby players, and guild members depending on server/location.

The battle occurs in a new environment which allows players to see the shared health of the enemy, as well as the status/damage contributions of other onmyouji in the team. The team channel is still used to communicate.

A player can challenge 1 rare boss and 1 oniou boss a day, though their own discoveries do not count. There is also no restrictions on being defeated - a player can simply rejoin the instance to continue challenging it after 60 seconds.


Oniou bosses are shared to the current server's LBS map and thus can gather friends, guild members, and nearby people on the same server. They are considered small-scale gathering bosses. They exist for 30 minutes then run away.

The prospective rewards are detailed in the pane where they are discovered. There are two types: gold and victory (finder/helper). Gold rewards depend on the damage dealt to the boss and is capped at 20k. Victory rewards are given if the boss is defeated in time and at least 10k damage is dealt. Finder rewards are a bit higher than helpers. All rewards are given through mail.


For more information see Demon Encounter/Boss

Rare bosses are shared to the cross-server LBS map. They include Tsuchigumo, Oboroguruma, Gashadokuro, Jishin Namazu, Shinkiro and Kiryou Utahime. They take turns being the rare boss of Demon Encounter, changing per day.