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For more information on the interface, click here, otherwise, here is more information on the Scroll menu.
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The courtyard is the area that is first seen when entering the game.

The scroll interface can be seen in the Courtyard or Village, once a mechanism is entered into, the scroll may disappear. When the scroll is rolled up, the gold, beads, and stamina counters also collapse.


  • Summon: Allows access to the Summon Room and Shrine where N~SP shikigami as well as other items can be acquired.
  • Town: Goes to the Town. Depending on the graphic quality selected for the Town,
  • Exploration: Goes to the map where player can access some solo and co-op instances for the sake of acquiring materials and other rewards. The lantern will not have a red dot as a notification, but will glow brighter with a butterfly encircling it.
  • Wanted: Kohaku will offer rewards in exchange for defeating certain shikigami. Kohaku can be changed to any shikigami with their 3 main bios unlocked can also be selected in whichever skin available.
  • Jizo Statues: The statues offers a timely list of ingame activities to act as shortcuts for the player. There is also an option to view a
  • Story & Events: A related character will appear in the courtyard to commence a chapter or to access large scale events.

Lantern Rack

The lanterns on the wishing rack act as wrappers for various Onmyoji related websites

  • Event: Serves as the entrance for the current major event happening in-game
  • Navigation: Links to the game helper which answers many questions.
  • Events: Links to the events page, showing various holidays, online and offline events, and other pertinent happenings.
  • Survey: Occasionally serves a survey for players to complete to gather feedback for the future progress of the game.
  • Fanworks: Links to the official website where players can upload their fanworks, and others can browse through them.
  • Customer Service: Connects to a chat with a customer support representative, along with a FAQ, to help solve problems.


  • Redeem Code: Opens a window where a PIN can be entered to redeem for in-game items.



The onmyoji can be tapped on to switch to them or change their skin. The same can be done with the active player onmyoji, but there is an additional option to change them to any shikigami with their 3 main bios unlocked.

By tapping the tree, main story chapters and old memory scrolls can be viewed or the courtyard skin can be changed.

Paper dolls will dispense buffs, offer shortcuts to active events, and provide other daily rewards. They may also serve as the redemption mechanism for some event rewards. Appearance may change depending on events or equipped skins.

The shikigami that offers bounty can be changed if all their bios can be unlocked. Each shikigami has a different pose.

For more information visit Courtyard Pet.
Courtyard pets will provide special rewards after clear an Orochi soul zone when they are well fed and happy.

Other things may show up in the courtyard due to events.

Courtyard Skins

Easter Eggs

  • The chimes by the Summon entrance will change the courtyard's background music when tapped on, it is not always available depending on the courtyard skin.
  • When the screen is shaken while on mobile, petal will fall from the courtyard tree.
  • During Lunar New Year, there are temporary decorations in the Moonlight courtyard.
  • The 4 N Imp shikigami and Kappa can be seen hidden in the Summer Nights courtyard.
  • When a player hasn't logged into the game for a long time, the courtyard will temporarily become abandoned .