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The Codex (图鉴/図鑑) is the last option in the scroll menu from right-to-left on the main page. There you can see the background introduction and region of obtained shikigami, information about obtained Soul and side stories.

Allows players to see the background introductions of shikigami.

A list of all shikigami can be seen here


All shikigami are shown as tags on a line and ordered by number, but can also be filtered by rarity.

On the screen, the shikigami's rarity, name, and art (not viewable if not collected) is shown on the left. On the right are tabs with introductions and voiced sample, information such as skills and methods of obtainment, and more skin arts. Only information can be seen if shikigami is not collected. Unobtained ones will only appear a black silhouette along with blacked out options.

At the bottom-right of the screen is the shikigami counter and picture scroll.


The scroll will lead to a screen with all shikigamis separated by rarity. You only can see clearly the shikigamis obtained so far for any rarity. The scroll can be zoomed in for more details, and shared to social media.

Allows checking of obtained souls' information.

All souls are displayed as tags on a line. The name and art of the soul is shown on the left. On the right, shows the 2 and 4 combo description, and obtained slots of the Soul you secured so far. Unobtained Soul will not show any type of information except for how to obtain them.

A list of all Mitama can be seen here.

Allows players to see the background introductions of the Demon Encounter bosses.

Pages for bosses can be seen here

Illustrations can be used as loading screens, and selected pictures will be randomly loaded.

At least one illustration must be selected as loading screen, and there is no limit to the number can be used.

Shop illustrations are typically 150 jades.