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Various CN terms used by players in Onmyouji. Definitions from elf. Not all are original to Onmyoji.

Game Terminology

猜拳 (rock paper scissors)
When a shikigami doesn't have max crit so they could either crit for a greater heal/dps or not do it at all (usually exactly when you need the crit too)
超车 (outspeed)
When your first speed is faster than your opponent so you move first
赌魂 (soul gambling)
When you get souls from the shop, scales or the shrine
三围 (three sizes)
SPD/ATK/Crit (DMG) in slots 2, 4 and 6
满暴 (full crit/max crit)
Crit reaches 100% or very close to 100%
压级 (level suppress)
Purposefully not levelling up in order to have easier raids and/or satisfaction at beating higher-levelled players
魂十一 (s11/soul 11)
An old term. Used to refer to getting souls from the shop
魂土 (s12/soul 12)
Refers to Fallen Sun
低保 (minimum wage)
Getting the bare minimum in duels each week so as to not fall in rank
双速 (double speed)
when a slot 2 soul has both speed as main stat and substat
反喂 (reverse feed)
Feeding a shikigami that has been fed skills already to another shikigami of the same type. The feeder's skill points will be redistributed so it's a common practice to kamaitachis that have beat up lv5
毕业 (graduate)
Level 40 and the best souls possible for that particular shikigami
一拖四 (carry 4)
When one strong shikigami carries four weak ones, usually to gain EXP
尬舞天团 (dance troupe)
3 or 4 yamausagis/kamaitachis, as they can constantly pull each other and prevent the opponent from moving. So named because they constantly rabbit dance/wiggle wiggle wiggle
一速 (first speed)
Whoever moves first in your team is called this
拉条 (pull/puller)
Shikigami who increase your action bar, most often referring to Yami Usagi and Kamaitachi
Player vs Environment, generally player control vs AI
一波流 (one hit comp)
Compositions that seek to take out the enemy's core unit in one wave of concentrated attacks
反手 (backhand comp)
Compositions that seek to survive enemy attacks and wear the opposing side down, or those that seek to take the rhythm from firsthand comps. Notable instances include most counter comps
215 (or any other succession of three numbers)
Denotes skill levels of a shikigami. The first skill is the first number etc. E.g. a 215 Yuki Onna would have normal skill lv2, passive lv1 and special skill lv5
群奶 (group heal)
Exactly what it says on the tin, a person who can group heal
Player vs Player, generally duels and raids to a certain extent
S/L大法 (s/l method)
Saving and reloading games to get to all endings or achieve a desirable outcome. Sometimes practised in instances when one may flip
鬼火 (onibi/fire/orbs)
The orbs at the bottom of the battle screen
狗粮 (fodder)
Shikigami or souls whose primary use is to be fed to level up, rank up or accomplish similar functions
先手 (firsthand comp)
Compositions that seek to claim the rhythm from the beginning and prevent the opponent from recovering
群体加速 (group speed)
Shikigami or skills that add speed to everyone in the team, allowing them to fill their action bars faster
Shikigami who can attack multiple targets, usually only used to refer to those who can attack everyone at once
群控 (AOE CC)
Shikigami who can prevent several opponents from normally behaving (by stunning, taunting, freezing, etc.) at once
退条 (pusher)
Shikigami who can decrease action bars of others, generally referring to Kamikui and SP Shuten
肉队 (meat comp/tank comp)
Compositions that tank every attack that can be thrown at them, often forgoing a DPS to achieve such
多段攻击 (multi-hit)
Shikigami that deal multiple bits in a single attack. They are suited for seductress as seductress calculates per hit
(seems to be obsolete?)

Chat Terminology

舔屏 screen lick
when something desirable (often beautiful) appears on screen
毒奶 poison milk
when someone says something, but either unintentionally or intentionally meaning or causing the opposite to happen instead. E.g. "my next pull will be an ssr!"
奶一口 milk
make a prediction, often leading to poison milk. Could also be a request to heal
a request for likes to help the person get avatar frames
could refer to Ebisu's carp banner. It could also be speech or behaviour that seem foreboding, in the same line as poison milk. E.g. "there's no way I'll lose this duel!"
蹲坑 lie in wait
when a person repeatedly refreshes the team pages in order to find a team with whom to clear a particular instance
堵车 traffic jam
碗/乞讨 bowl/beg
begging refers to requesting shards from a guild. In case of SSRs, a shard needs to be acquired first to make a request, so the first shard is called the "bowl" which which to beg
勾协互换 exchanging jade coops
a call that a person has a jade coop mission
上车 board (the car)
to enter a team for an instance
翻车 flip
when the team gets wiped
欧洲 Europe
a poke at the IRL Europe, in-game this is used to refer to great luck
老司机 old driver
one who "knows the way", in-game used to refer to whoever opens the teams
偷渡 illegal immigrant
using methods to reach Europe (i.e. get luck) unconventionally
爆肝 liver explosion
when you grind too hard and your liver figuratively dies
欧吃伞 when it rains it pours
roughly: European traitor, taste my umbrella!
to recharge
玄学 mysticism
placebo effects that seem to yield certain results, e.g. it's more likely to pull an SSR at midnight
欧派 oppai
the sound of licking, see screen lick
see above
shorthand for 这双腿我可以玩一年, lit. I can play with these legs for a year
咸鱼 salty fish
players who are less active