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72e 72e 4 June 2018

Guide to Using Shoyo for High-Scoring Demon Encounters

One of the 阴阳天机谱 series. Written by 解说七老爷

The total damage is recorded damage * crit damage * (1-negated percentage), compared with Shoyo's maximum health * 12. That would be 34000 * 12 = 408K. In other words, it's 450.8K damage vs 408K. Take the smaller number, and so Shoyo deals 408K damage.

  • 1 Calculation Mechanism
  • 2 Omagatoki Formation Recommendations
    • 2.1 Formation Recommendations
      • 2.1.1 Notes
    • 2.2 Mitama Choices
    • 2.3 Additional Notes
  • 3 Conclusion
  • 4 References

As mentioned before, when Shoyo uses the third skill, two enemies are selected: what you locked onto, and the lowest health ratio. Note that these two don't have their damage calculated at the same time, instead the locked target is first calculated, and then the other one. So this is the reason why y…

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72e 72e 22 February 2018

Actual Usability of SSR

This is a guide written by wuqifang2008 from NGA

  • 1 Ibaraki Doji
  • 2 Shuten Doji
  • 3 Otengu
  • 4 Aoandon
  • 5 Enma
  • 6 Arakawa no Nushi
  • 7 Shishio
  • 8 Yoto Hime
  • 9 Ichimoku Ren
  • 10 Kacho Fugetsu
  • 11 Kaguya Hime
  • 12 Susabi
  • 13 Higanbana
  • 14 Yuki Doji
  • 15 Tamamo no Mae
  • 16 Ryomenbotoke
  • 17 Nura Rikuo
  • 18 Miketsu
  • 19 Shrine Suggestions
  • 20 References


A convenient and efficient shikigami for basic and kekkai toppa instances.
Largely replaceable after arrival of Tamamo no Mae (Tamamo no Mae has higher requirements). But Ibaraki Doji is irreplaceable in low-level multi-round instances such as shard and easier skin instances where a normal attack is an AOE. Also used in Inkai Gate, though he can't compare to Kuro Doji.
So Ibaraki technically wasn't weakened, but the situations where he is suitable have indeed be…

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72e 72e 11 January 2018


A compendium of recommended shikigami and souls to equip for new players, as agreed upon by the high elders of Onmyoji Discord.

Due to formatting issues, please refer to the Google sheets pinned in the Discord Server.

  • We define new players as 1-30, or until grade 5/6 shikigami
  • We assume the following for new players
    • No black daruma
    • Has high level friends
    • Don't spend hours and hours on the game everyday
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72e 72e 7 January 2018

Shikigami to Raise

A guide for new players written by 魔法少女翻翻 from NGA. It is oriented towards new players joining during the game's anniversary, who will not be lacking black daruma, and can easily find stronger players to help them. The shikigami introduced in the guide will continue being useful even entering late game.

Shikigami unavailable in the GL version of the game will be italicized.

  • 1 Your First Grade 6
    • 1.1 Notes
  • 2 Healers
  • 3 Other Supports
    • 3.1 Shozu
    • 3.2 Heiyo
    • 3.3 Yamausagi/Zashiki Warashi
  • 4 Progressing
  • 5 On SSRs
  • 6 One More Thing
  • 7 References

Your choices will be Tamamo no Mae, Ibaraki, Ootengu, and Ubume.

Tamamo and Ibaraki are the best farmers, and the most optimal choices for farming Souls 10 (without teaming with random people), they can be useful in early game or late gam…

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72e 72e 12 December 2017

Duan no Shikigami Rankings

These are credited to 段段以及南墙, a guide writer for Onmyoji. Translated by 72e. The PVE rankings are the 2017.12.8 version, and thus excludes Hiyoribou and those following her from consideration.

Just to be clear:

  1. Rankings will always be subjective, this one is based on suggesting the order to 6 - it is not a must to 6 the ones in high tiers first, just that considering the appearance rate, utility, win rate, etc. sixing them can be considered;
  2. There is no difference between those in the same tier.
  3. Note that Kekkai Toppa is not included.

Also, due to the breadth of the considerations, this is most likely an unfriendly tierlist for new players.

== PVE |- ! align="center" style="border-bottom: 1px solid grey; width: 20%" | T0 | style="border-bottom: …

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72e 72e 25 November 2017

Egg Eating

We have here an introductory guide to the optimal method to consume daruma in order to level up shikigami. This is a guide for efficiency based on the experience (pun intended) of veteran players, and thus does not take into consideration shortage of daruma, gold, etc. That being said, this method should serve to give an idea for new players as to the basic demands for a 5/6-star shikigami.

Credits go to user 生亦何欢死亦何妨 on the NGA forums.

1 level 60 shikigami = 5 5-star level 30 white daruma = 25 4-star fodder = 25 white daruma + 200 2-star level 1 + 75 3-star level 20 + 25 level 13 blue daruma + 5 level 8 blue daruma + 130 red daruma + 3.095 M gold

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