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Tenseki Tenseki 13 days ago

Heian Gourmet Festival Guide

CN's 5th anniversary event has arrived! It's a 2-week long event that coincides with the release of Shokurei and Mishige. It consists of 3 main parts; Market, Downtown Challenge and the Restaurant. Also, everyone's beloved Showdown Bidding finally returns in this event.

  • 1 Market
  • 2 Downtown Challenge
    • 2.1 Sumo Match
    • 2.2 Feast
  • 3 Restaurant
    • 3.1 Bonus Effects
  • 4 Showdown Bidding
  • 5 Decorations
  • 6 Food Trader
  • 7 Exchange Shop
  • 8 Recommended Teams
    • 8.1 Market
    • 8.2 Downtown: Sumo Match

Help Shokurei and Mishige get Ingredient Bags by defeating random bosses. Costs 1 event AP to do, there's no time limit, has solo and co-op but you can only get rewards for first co-op 10 runs per day. Once your event AP is all used up, can use 6 AP to continue farming but with slightly different re…

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Tenseki Tenseki 17 August

Painted World Guide

A new 1-week event that coincides with the release of SP Kachou/Hana. Consists of 3 main parts; Painting Scroll, Painting Materials and Draft Duel.

Help finish the painting by filling up the event map with various materials; landscaping and yokai. This is done via the paint bowl and brush in the bottom right of the event page. You'll start out with a few materials and more can obtained from the Painting Materials farming section. Even after obtaining a yokai material, to place 1 on the map you must first defeat a Yokai Boss. If you want to place more yokai, you'll need to repeat this process.

Yokai Bosses cost 6 AP, are solo only, cannot be done on auto and each boss has a total of 10 stages. Clear a stage within 10 turns to unlock harder th…

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Tenseki Tenseki 13 July

Revolving Realm of Sin Guide

A new 2-week long event that coincides with the release of SP Menreiki. It's relatively simple event that consists of 2 main parts; tower climbing and a draft duel type activity. The former only lasts for 1 week, while the latter lasts for 2 weeks

  • 1 Tower Climbing
    • 1.1 Buffs
  • 2 Courtyard of Reincarnation
  • 3 Far and Wide Corridors
  • 4 Exchange Shop
  • 5 Recommended Tower Climbing Teams

(sorry, don't know how to translate the name of this so it's just gonna be called Tower Climbing here)

Defeat Menreiki bosses and unlock some server rewards. Costs 1 event AP to do or 5 AP to do with no event currency drops, it's solo only, there's no time limit and can be done on auto. When entering this part for the first time, can pick your preferred drop type (evo, gold, EXP o…

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Tenseki Tenseki 16 June

Secrets of Aomori Guide

A brand new ~1 week long guild event. It coincides with the release of the SR Nyuunaisuzume and brings back the lantern grandma bosses from Suzuka's event. This is essentially a mini guild version of a False God type event. Instead of the entire server working together to create a path to reach a special boss, it's just your guild.

  • 1 General Advice
  • 2 Area Exploration
    • 2.1 Field Effects
  • 3 Guild Ranking
    • 3.1 Ranking Rewards
    • 3.2 Area Rewards
  • 4 Achievement Rewards
  • 5 Recommended Teams

This event relies on having active guild and guild leaders/lieutenants. So if your guild is inactive and the leaders/lieutenants are constantly MIA, move guilds before this event starts. Don't wait to do this, change guilds before this event starts.

On the other hand, if you are in a…

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Tenseki Tenseki 10 June

Sanrio Collab Guide

The 1st part of the Sanrio collab will come to CN servers on Jun 16th (2021). There is no news about the collab for TW/JP and GL servers yet. Like similar collabs that have happened in the past, it will probably have 3 parts.

  • 1 Pets
  • 2 Part 1
    • 2.1 Activities
    • 2.2 Exchange Shop
  • 3 Part 2
  • 4 Part 3

Gudetama and Bad Badtz-maru are obtainable as pets via the event exchange shop for part 1 of the collab. Both have 1 outfit that can be obtained from their individual outfit s-jade packs. Gudetama has a Ungaikyou outfit and Bad Badtz-maru has an Ootengu outfit. Like all limited pets, the only thing they can give you is their love and companionship.

This first event is extremely simple, so this part of the guide will be a bit sparse.

All the activities are pretty stra…

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Tenseki Tenseki 18 May

Return of Mara Guide

False God 3.0 has arrived! This event coincides with Asura's release and continues the event story from Taishakuten's event. It is another False God and War of Heian-kyo type event, lasts for around 1-2 weeks. Unlike those 2 events, this one has 3 maps the entire server must work through. Also, each map will have very clear paths that we need to take in order to reach the special bosses. When the timer for the 3rd map ends, the final battle between Asura and Taishakuten will begin.

  • 1 Event Page
  • 2 Battlefield of the Abyss
    • 2.1 Leaders
    • 2.2 Special Bosses
  • 3 Spiritual Body
  • 4 Final Battle
  • 5 Special Buffs
  • 6 Quests
  • 7 Exchange Shop
  • 8 Recommended Teams
    • 8.1 Battlefield of the Abyss
    • 8.2 Final Battle

At the top the screen there'll be an ever-present timer slowly counting down to…

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Tenseki Tenseki 15 April

Crown of Red Lotuses Guide

A new ~1 week long event that coincides with the release of Taishakuten. It's like a mix of SP Kiyohime's event, specifically the Mad Desire part of it, and the Mermaid King boss of Senhime's event. Consists of 2 main parts; Demon Domain Crusade and the Final Chapter of Good and Evil.

  • 1 Demon Domain Crusade
  • 2 Study the 10 Virtues
  • 3 Holy Lotus Pool
  • 4 Final Chapter of Good and Evil
  • 5 Event Story
  • 6 Exchange Shop
  • 7 Recommended Teams
    • 7.1 Crusades
    • 7.2 Final Chapter

Experience Taishakuten's and Asura's crusades against the Demon Domain. There are a total of 7 chapters, each has 3 waves of increasingly stronger bosses. Lotus Pastries are required to access a chapter, get 1 everyday by accessing the event and 3 everyday for a total of 700 jade from the exchange shop.…

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Tenseki Tenseki 7 April

Shadow of the Abyss: Demon Domain Guide

A week long Boss Challenge event. It's pretty much the same as the Sealand recap event - Illusion Boss Trial: Sealand. It serves as a prologue for the next big event that will coincide with the release of the new SSR Taishakuten.

Important Note: Quite a few noticeable changes have been made to the General skills in the live version of this event. And due to time constraints, this guide cannot be updated to reflect those changes. So please keep this in mind when reading the Skills and Recommended Teams sections.

  • 1 Bosses
    • 1.1 Exploring the Abyss
    • 1.2 Demonic God Boss Challenges
  • 2 Generals
    • 2.1 Skills
  • 3 Rewards
    • 3.1 Guild Ranking
    • 3.2 Quests
  • 4 Recommended Teams
    • 4.1 Explore
    • 4.2 Boss Challenge
  • 5 Resources

Fight a 3 round boss to farm EXP Scrolls needed to upgrade the genera…

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Tenseki Tenseki 9 March

Snowfall Sakura Festival Guide

A short 1 week event that coincides with the release of SP Yuki Onna. It's reminiscent of Enmusubi's event. Consists of 3 main parts; Sakura Forests, Secluded Realm, and Sakura Drifting. Experienced players may find this event to be a bit underwhelming.

  • 1 SP Yuki Onna & Snow Spirit Buffs
  • 2 Sakura Forests
    • 2.1 Missions
  • 3 Secluded Realm
  • 4 Sakura Drifting
  • 5 Quest Rewards
  • 6 Recommended Teams

In Sakura Forests and Secluded Realm, an ally SP Yuki Onna will join you in battle. She'll deal some damage to all enemies every time she has 6 layers of Ice Flower (the snowflake behind her gains 6 arms/points). Every time an ally or enemy take a turn, she gains 1 layer. This damage and layer gaining is the default Snow Spirit buff that is immediately available.

After def…

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Tenseki Tenseki 3 February

Kimetsu no Yaiba Collab Guide

The KnY collab will come to CN servers on Feb 10th, ? and ?. There is no news about the collab for TW/JP and GL servers yet. Like the other anime collabs, it will have 3 parts.

  • 1 Collab Shiki
  • 2 Part 1
    • 2.1 Tanjiro
    • 2.2 Boss Restaurant
    • 2.3 Minamoto Dojo
    • 2.4 Showdown Bidding
    • 2.5 LBS Boss
    • 2.6 Travel Guide
    • 2.7 Exchange Shop
  • 3 Part 2
  • 4 Part 3

For players who access the event during part 1 of the collab will receive SSR Tanjiro for free. He is obtain unevo'd and temporarily at level 40. To have him retain his level and grade, the event Tanjiro must be upgraded to level 40 with max skills.

SSR Nezuko is obtained by summoning 5 emblems during the collab summon event/s. Emblems are unlocked after getting your uncollected summon (guanteed at 60 summons + 1 emblem) and they h…

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Tenseki Tenseki 29 December 2020

Flower of the Netherworld Guide

The first big event of 2021! It is 1-2 week long Onmyoji Guardian type event that coincides with the release of SP Higanbana and it consists of 3 main parts; Mundane Dream, Withering Dream and Riverside Tourney. There is also a puzzle, but it's something you should be able to complete just by participating in the event everyday.

  • 1 Mundane Dream
    • 1.1 Loyal Blade
  • 2 Withering Dream
  • 3 Riverside Tourney
  • 4 Traces of a Lost Butterfly
  • 5 Exchange Shop
  • 6 Recommended Teams
    • 6.1 Mundane Dream & Withering Dream
    • 6.2 Withering Dream: Gashadokuro Boss

Progress through multiple stages by using hanafuda cards to move across tiles. As you progress through each stage, Kamaitachi will trail behind you with the intent of getting ahead of you and steal tile rewards. Every time Kamai…

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Tenseki Tenseki 24 November 2020

SP Yamakaze Super Oniou Guide

A new and revamped Super Oniou event featuring a familiar face for CN and TW/JP players. The event coincides with release of SP Yamakaze and lasts for 1 week.

This Super Oniou has been changed in quite a few ways by introducing elements more common in recent 2020 events. Hard to say if these changes are for the better.

  • 1 Quick Intro
  • 2 General Info
    • 2.1 Changed Features
  • 3 SP Yamakaze
    • 3.1 Buff Effects
  • 4 Super Oniou / Uber
  • 5 Practice To Become a King
    • 5.1 Practice: Boss Challenges
    • 5.2 Become a King: Various Boss Types
  • 6 Exchange Shop
  • 7 Buffed Shiki
  • 8 Recommended Teams
    • 8.1 Super Oniou
    • 8.2 Practice: Boss Challenges
    • 8.3 To Become A King: Various Boss Types
  • 9 References & Other Resources
    • 9.1 Previous Super Oniou

For people unfamiliar with Super Oniou / Uber type events, here is a qui…

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Tenseki Tenseki 21 October 2020

Sea of Eternal Life Guide

A brand new week long event, that coincides with the release of Senhime. It is the 2nd half of the 2 part event "Promise with the Ancient Sea". Consists of 3 main parts; Seacoast, Sea Exploring and Eternal Sea of Ruin. The latter is only unlocked on the 7th day after maintenance.

  • 1 Seacoast
    • 1.1 Eternal Tide
      • 1.1.1 Tidal Power
      • 1.1.2 Sea Souls
    • 1.2 Sea Stories
    • 1.3 Treasure Hunting
  • 2 Sea Exploring
    • 2.1 Interface
    • 2.2 Exploring
  • 3 Eternal Sea of Ruins
  • 4 Exchange Shop
  • 5 Recommended Teams
    • 5.1 Sea Exploring
    • 5.2 Sea of Eternal Ruin

After clearing all the story activities for each of 5 areas in Sea Exploring, you'll be granted a Tidal Power. Tidal Powers unlock buff effects, such as;

  • Travel 30% faster in Sea Exploring.
  • Enemies gain 30% decreased DEF.
  • Allies gain 10% increased ATK.
  • Have…

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 26 September 2020

Ashiya Dōman

Ashiya Dōman is Seimei's historical rival and bitter enemy. He made his first significant appearance during the Castle of the Sun event. While the time loop was in effect, he disguised himself as Everlight (Himiko's husband-to-be) and escorted Seimei, Kohaku, and Yao Bikuni through the surrounding village. He even invited them to the queen's wedding, where they would eventually get caught in the time loop.

On Day 4, after Kamimai was defeated, "Everlight" appeared and mocked her defeat. Seimei accuses "Everlight" of being the mastermind behind Kamimai, but "Everlight" taunts him, saying "Oh, you suspected, did you? Slow as always, Seimei." Seimei notes that "Everlight" felt familiar somehow.

On Day 6, after discussing Kamimai's origins, Seime…

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 26 September 2020


Himiko is the final boss of the Nichirin-no-jō (Sun Castle) event.

She is the ageless ruler of the Castle of the Sun and beloved by every one of her subjects. Unable to deal with the loss of everything she loved on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, Himiko loses her mind and uses her power to trap the Castle of the Sun in a recurring time loop for decades.

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Tenseki Tenseki 15 September 2020

Sealand Homecoming Guide

A new week long event, also known as Journey Home, that coincides with the release of SP Ootakemaru and SP Ubume. It is the 1st half of the 2 part event "Promise with the Ancient Sea". It's similar to War of Mt Oe and some more recent events that have characters replace our onmyouji like Bound by Love. Consists of 3 main parts; False Islet, True Island and the Final Battle. There is also is a puzzle but it's more of a side thing that you should be able to complete without even trying.

  • 1 General Info
    • 1.1 Battle Report
    • 1.2 Treasure
    • 1.3 Suzuka
  • 2 False Islet
    • 2.1 Treasure Hunting
    • 2.2 Evil Spirit Lairs
    • 2.3 Sacred Trees
  • 3 True Island
  • 4 Final Battle
  • 5 Handbook
  • 6 Exchange Shop
  • 7 Recommended Teams
    • 7.1 False Islet
    • 7.2 True Island
    • 7.3 Final Battle

Like War of Mt Oe, there is an "even…

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Tenseki Tenseki 8 September 2020

Illusion Boss Trial: Sealand Guide

A 6 day Boss Challenge event. It's kind of like the Kyonshii Imouto event. It also retells what happened during Ootakemaru saga/Sealand Invasion events but from the perspective of Ootake, Kujira and Kani. So if you weren't around for those events, this is nice way to get a quick recap.

  • 1 Boss
    • 1.1 Illusion Boss
    • 1.2 Boss Challenges
  • 2 Sealand Generals
    • 2.1 Skills
  • 3 Rewards
  • 4 Example Teams
    • 4.1 Illusion Bosses
    • 4.2 Boss Challenges

Fight a 3 round boss to farm gems used to upgrade stats and skills for the Sealand generals. There's 3 difficulties, costs 6 AP to do and there's no time limit. Can be challenged 20 times per day.

Fight the boss onmyouji for an area within a 24 hour period. Everyday 1 boss will be available, they can only be challenged 3 times per day, cos…

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Tenseki Tenseki 21 July 2020

Land of Gagaku Guide

Yet another "tower" type event that coincides with Kinnara's release. The event format doesn't share many similarities to other events, but the actual activities are like most multiple stage/boss clearing events that have happened this year (Bound by Love, Oniou Banquet, etc). Consists of 3 major parts; Sonata, Recalling Voices and The Night Aratama. During this event, Kinnara will have a buff for damage dealt and damage reduction.

  • 1 Sonata
    • 1.1 Ray of Hope
    • 1.2 Musical Instruments
  • 2 Recalling Voices
    • 2.1 Spirit Fragments
    • 2.2 Recalling the Story
    • 2.3 Ancient Nocturne
  • 3 The Night Aratama
    • 3.1 Opening Note (Boss)
    • 3.2 Broken Song & Hurried Music (Netherworld Gate)
    • 3.3 Sound Spirit: Wish & Curse (Boss Netherworld Gate)
    • 3.4 Night Aratama (Boss)
    • 3.5 The Final Note
  • 4 Exchange Sh…

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Kaisekii Kaisekii 4 July 2020


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Kaisekii Kaisekii 4 July 2020

Feeling Energetic ;3

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Tenseki Tenseki 16 June 2020

Bound by Love Guide

A new 2-week long event that coincides with SP Kiyohime's release. It doesn't share many similarities with other events, Castle of the Sun and Bonded with You are probably the events it's most similar to. However, it does vaguely resemble the False God type events. Consists of 5 major parts; Mad Desire, Cultivation, Dispatch, Rose Tinted Memory and Obsession.

  • 1 Mad Desire
    • 1.1 Snake Bosses
  • 2 Cultivation
  • 3 Rose Tinted Memory
  • 4 Dispatch
  • 5 Obsession
  • 6 Rewards
  • 7 Recommended Teams
    • 7.1 Mad Desire
    • 7.2 Obsession
  • 8 References

Progress through multiple stages by controlling the 4 onmyouji to purify and defeat bound snake bosses. Costs 1 event AP to clear a tile and 3 AP to fight bosses, however, event AP is not needed to move around the stage map. This part of the event ca…

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Tenseki Tenseki 12 May 2020

Oniou Banquet Guide

A new 3-week long event that coincides with Suzuka Gozen's release amd is the big event to start the new story arc. It's similar to the Shiranui island, Castle of the Sun and Sea Voyage type events. Consists of 3 major parts; Hyakkou Defense, Sign of Daybreak, and Lantern Grandma bosses.

  • 1 Hyakkou Defense
    • 1.1 First Rounds
    • 1.2 Last Round Bosses
    • 1.3 S-Jade Pack
  • 2 Lantern Grandma Bosses
    • 2.1 Boss Challenge
    • 2.2 Assemble Boss
  • 3 Sign of Daybreak
  • 4 Betting
  • 5 Rewards
  • 6 Recommended Teams
    • 6.1 Hyakkou Defense
    • 6.2 Boss Challenge
    • 6.3 Assemble Boss
  • 7 Resources

Progress through multiple stages by clearing 4-14 rounds of activities and last round bosses. Stages 1-10 have 5 rounds, stages 11-50 have 10 rounds, while stages 51 onwards have 15 rounds. Costs 1 event AP to clear a round, ma…

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Tenseki Tenseki 7 May 2020

Boss Trial Guide

A week-long Boss Challenge type event. If you’re never done it before, it’s like an event version of Regional Oniou / Area Boss.

The boss menu is accessed by clicking the featured shiki on the event map. Once the menu pops up you can read their skills, fight them solo or co-op, and increase the boss difficulty with challenges. Defeating the boss will give you a score based on the challenge difficulty level.

Each day the boss will travel to a new place on the event map, the boss mechanics will change on days 2-6.

There is ranking, but the only reward is bragging rights and showing off the team you used.

To get a high total score for defeating the boss, you need to increase the boss difficulty by selecting challenges. During the first event each…

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Awyman13 Awyman13 24 April 2020

Your New Fandom Wiki Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my talk page.

Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

  • Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders—ways to present images.
  • Tabbers—a tabbed interface to organize information.
  • Portable Infoboxes—concise presentation of data that works on mobile devices too.
  • Community CSS and JavaScript—more customization options.

Questions? Let me know how I can help. -

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Tenseki Tenseki 8 April 2020

Kyoto's Shop of Everything Guide

Another 2-week long event, also know as Heian-Kyo Agency, that coincides with SP Aoandon's release. This event is like a much more newbie-friendly version of the Hyakki Yakou event, except it's a little bit more tedious. Consists of 3 major parts; Paper Doll Dispatch, Hyakki Battles and the Oniou Scroll.

  • 1 Before Starting
  • 2 Paper Doll Dispatch
    • 2.1 Dispatch Area
    • 2.2 Collection Area
    • 2.3 Summoning & Upgrading
  • 3 Hyakki Battles
  • 4 Oniou Scroll
  • 5 Rewards
  • 6 Recommended Teams
  • 7 References

Before you get access to the rest of the event, you must first create your paper doll. You can customise your paper doll's ribbon colour, give them a back accessory, give them front accessories, and most importantly - give them an adorable face by either selecting a preset or drawing …

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Tenseki Tenseki 3 March 2020

Bonded with You Guide

Another 2-week long event. It coincides with the releases of the new SSR Enmusubi. The event is similar to the Castle of the Sun and Protecting YinYang / Onmyoji Guardian events.

  • 1 Matchmaking Experience
    • 1.1 Wind Chime Wall
  • 2 Matchmaking Realm
    • 2.1 Recommended Teams
  • 3 Love Advice
  • 4 Rewards
  • 5 References

Use 3 items to send Enmusubi out on a 4-hour dispatch quest. The items are obtained from the 2nd tab in the exchange shop, they all cost 10 event currency and 999 of each can be bought. When she returns you get event currency, event AP, Prosperity Charms, and a random reward.

When a certain combination of items is used to send Enmusubi out, a special story will get unlocked and appear on this wall as a wind chime. There are a total of 8 to unlock, collectin…

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Tenseki Tenseki 18 February 2020

Daiyoukai Super Oniou Guide

The first Super Oniou / Vanquish event of 2020!

On GL this type of event is called "Uber", however, it has become common for GL players to call all new big events as Uber. If possible, please avoid doing this because it can cause a lot of confusion, especially for newer players.

Confusingly, the traditional Super Oniou part of the event is called "Boss Defence" while the Boss Defence part is called "Vanquish".

  • 1 Quick Intro
  • 2 Bosses
  • 3 Anima
  • 4 Rewards
  • 5 Buffed Shiki
  • 6 Recommended Shiki/Teams
    • 6.1 Shikigami
    • 6.2 Super Oniou
    • 6.3 Ranking for Vanquish
  • 7 References & Other Resources

For people unfamiliar with Super Oniou / Vanquish type events, here is a quick intro. You can also check out the Super Onio Invasion page here on the wiki too.

Your overall goal is to find & …

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Tenseki Tenseki 13 February 2020

Kumamon Collab Guide

The Kumamon Collab will come to CN servers on Jan 8th/Jun 10th/Nov 18th (2020), TW/JP and GL servers on Feb 19th/Jul 10th/Nov 18th (2020). Like the anime collabs, it will have 3 parts.

Kumamon is a pet that is obtained by participating in the collab events, excess Kumamon pet affection points can be given to friends or guildmates via Guild Wishing. Pet Kumamon's story and accessories can be viewed on the Pet Backyard page, and the frame on the Settings/Frames page.

There will also be s-jade packs available during each collab part;

  • Part 1:
    • Kumamon themed icon frame
    • Seimei outfit and hat accessory set for Kumamon
  • Part 2:
    • Kumamon themed icon frame again
      • Players who already own the frame will get an animated version
    • 30 pet Kumamon affection points (ie ge…
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Tenseki Tenseki 13 February 2020

P2W Events Guide

Guides for p2w type events like the Shiranui Tea House types ones and Ibuki events.

  • 1 Mini Gacha
    • 1.1 Notable Exchange Items
  • 2 The Great Onmyouji and Ibuki
    • 2.1 Weekly Tasks
    • 2.2 Rewards
  • 3 F2P?
  • 4 References

This event type has no official name but it refers to the SP Miketsu Shrine, Shiranui Tea House, SP Kingyo Distant Sea and Kaguya's Summer Moon events. They are a gacha, there’s no other way to explain it. Names for the text in red will vary depending on the event theme.

You collect to pull 1 or more times for random items. These items are viewable on 24 , 6 of which you can choose what items to put on them, and they can even be refreshed every 24 hours. However, there is a special reward for clearing out all the ; an icon frame + 100 + 1 , then each ti…

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Tenseki Tenseki 21 January 2020

Hyakki Yakou Guide

A rather simple 2-week long event that coincides with the releases of Kidoumaru. It’s vaguely similar to Castle of the Sun and Shiranui’s Island event. Consists of 2 major parts; Boss Challenge and server-wide colouring in.

  • 1 Boss Challenge
    • 1.1 Recommended Shiki
    • 1.2 Recommended Teams
  • 2 Hyakki Yakou Colouring Illustration
  • 3 LBS Nen Boss (CN only)
  • 4 Betting
  • 5 Exchange Shop
  • 6 References

Fight your way through 3-minute battles of 120 stages of bosses, costs 3 AP to do. On the 1st day there are only 25 stages you can do, then every day at 18:00 ingame time 10 more stages become challengable. At stages 10-20-25-35-45-55-65-75-85-95-110-115-120, Kidoumaru will appear as a boss.

With each stage that you clear the difficulty will gradually increase from Easy > Moder…

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Tenseki Tenseki 3 December 2019

Battle of Kyoto Guide

Also known as War of Heian-Kyo, it is the final part of the Ootakemaru invasion story. This event is pretty much the same as the False God event with a tiny bit of the Tsuki-no-hime or Battle of Arakawa type events mixed in. The overall goal is for the entire server to work together to clear the event map and defeat special bosses. The event map is split into 5 areas with a 6th area that opens up later in the event and consists of 4 major activities.

Upon starting the event you must choose which of the areas you want to start in. The overall goal is to defeat all 5 area bosses, then once the 6th area is opened up everyone needs to create a path to the special bosses (Uminari, Kujira and Kani-hime) and defeat them.

Beware: it is possible to f…

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Tenseki Tenseki 2 December 2019

Protecting YinYang Guide

Also known as Onmyoji Guardian, this is yet another event part of the Ootakemaru invasion story. It is the same as the Sea Voyage event but with least fun part of the False God event - the dispatch quests. The event consists of 4 portions; Kyoto Purification, Hidden Realm, Kekkai Dispatch, and Boss Challenge.

  • 1 General Info
    • 1.1 Kyoto Purification
    • 1.2 Hidden Realm
    • 1.3 Kekkai Dispatch
    • 1.4 Boss Challenge
    • 1.5 Rewards
  • 2 Quick Guide
    • 2.1 Dispatch
    • 2.2 Purification
    • 2.3 Hidden Realm
    • 2.4 Boss Challenge
  • 3 References

Progress through a board by banging a drum to move across tiles. At the start of each board, you choose what type of bonus rewards you’ll get from most tiles - exp, gold, random evo materials or random mitama/souls. There are 6 types of tiles you can land on - bos…

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72e 72e 2 October 2018

Comments from Onmyoji writer

I'll have them translated eventually... treat them as dojin. Writer's Weibo: https://www.weibo.com/u/6460017396

  • 1 Onikiri
    • 1.1 1
    • 1.2 2
  • 2 Minamoto no Yorimitsu
  • 3 Hakuzosu

Reference to Domeki branch for Onikiri's Heian Kitan?

Those with forms possess emotions, a formless blade is heartless

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Hzgaming Hzgaming 6 August 2018


  • 1
  • 2 Stats
  • 3 Skills
  • 4 Skills
  • 5 Trivia

  • The first skill has decimals, so the maxed damage is 85%, not 84%

  • N/A
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72e 72e 18 July 2018

Summary of Common Comps in Dokan

This is a summary of methods to combat commonly seen teams during Dokan battles. It was compiled by 泉水子, and translated by 72e.

Kama, Ame, Heiyo, whatever, Kaguya
Ame, Heiyo, whatever, whatever, Kaguya

These are the poster's stats.

235 speed
96 accuracy
195 speed
130 speed
178 accuracy
One >128 speed
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72e 72e 2 July 2018

Seven Aspects of the Heart fan lyrics

With我 a看 crack,见 on你 your的 face脸
Who在 is破 that碎 you你 are的手 pointing在指 to?谁
Your你的 heart心 starts在 to哭 weep.泣

Who黑 are夜 you,中 who谁 murmurs站在 in我 my床 dreams?头轻言
Who一 are张 you?假 What面具 are画 you着 doing谁 to的 me?脸
A他 mask悄悄 painted的说 with着 whose我 likeness?睁开眼
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Taking都交 those给 fading时间 memories,慢慢相连 discarding梦中梦 them梦未醒 to梦 the见 world谁的 beyond思念 this绵 life.延

A face一 that面 laughs哭 and一面 cries笑
One一 light,面 one黑 in一 the面 dark白
Benevolent一面恶 and一 cruel面 smile善
Seven七颗 hearts心 and七 their张 masks面

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Seven七颗 hearts心 and七 their张 masks面
All七 are个人 really都是 you她

Just就 toss忘 them却 aside!一切 Becom…

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72e 72e 4 June 2018

Guide to Using Shoyo for High-Scoring Demon Encounters

One of the 阴阳天机谱 series. Written by 解说七老爷

The total damage is recorded damage * crit damage * (1-negated percentage), compared with Shoyo's maximum health * 12. That would be 34000 * 12 = 408K. In other words, it's 450.8K damage vs 408K. Take the smaller number, and so Shoyo deals 408K damage.

  • 1 Calculation Mechanism
  • 2 Omagatoki Formation Recommendations
    • 2.1 Formation Recommendations
      • 2.1.1 Notes
    • 2.2 Mitama Choices
    • 2.3 Additional Notes
  • 3 Conclusion
  • 4 References

As mentioned before, when Shoyo uses the third skill, two enemies are selected: what you locked onto, and the lowest health ratio. Note that these two don't have their damage calculated at the same time, instead the locked target is first calculated, and then the other one. So this is the reason why y…

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72e 72e 12 March 2018

Shikigami Brief Analysis: Soul Choices, Skill Characteristics, Things to Note

This guide is written by 用我一世换你一眼温存

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72e 72e 22 February 2018

Actual Usability of SSR

This is a guide written by wuqifang2008 from NGA

  • 1 Ibaraki Doji
  • 2 Shuten Doji
  • 3 Otengu
  • 4 Aoandon
  • 5 Enma
  • 6 Arakawa no Nushi
  • 7 Shishio
  • 8 Yoto Hime
  • 9 Ichimoku Ren
  • 10 Kacho Fugetsu
  • 11 Kaguya Hime
  • 12 Susabi
  • 13 Higanbana
  • 14 Yuki Doji
  • 15 Tamamo no Mae
  • 16 Ryomenbotoke
  • 17 Nura Rikuo
  • 18 Miketsu
  • 19 Shrine Suggestions
  • 20 References


A convenient and efficient shikigami for basic and kekkai toppa instances.
Largely replaceable after arrival of Tamamo no Mae (Tamamo no Mae has higher requirements). But Ibaraki Doji is irreplaceable in low-level multi-round instances such as shard and easier skin instances where a normal attack is an AOE. Also used in Inkai Gate, though he can't compare to Kuro Doji.
So Ibaraki technically wasn't weakened, but the situations where he is suitable have indeed be…

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Mikotoh - Pupeteer Mikotoh - Pupeteer 12 March 2018

Individual gaming experience

Hello and welcome

to my very first blog! First and formost I want to clarify my intention. In every game there is a meta (best characters / skills to use in order to win)  and for some players this is getting out of hand.  You might see some shikigami being played all over the place and others

not being used at all. The community starts to realize how to optimize a team and starts to follow the mainstream trend,

by using the same ideology of gameplay the mainstream is following.

While this might be key to advance in a game, to adapt and improve by following that which is necessary, one must realize, the primary intention of installing the game in the first place... which is most likely to have FUN!

Have Fun!

... If you love a character just becau…

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72e 72e 3 February 2018

Protagonist Skills Discussion

For a beginning player, maxing the skills of all the onmyoji are not easy, so it's hard to tell the strength of an onmyoji at full strength and how imbalanced they are.

The below is an opinionated post by 玩笑王的大玩笑 from NGA. Translated by 72e.

  • 1 Preamble
  • 2 Abe no Seimei
  • 3 Minamoto no Hiromasa
  • 4 Kagura
    • 4.1 Strength
    • 4.2 Specialty
  • 5 Yao Bikuni
    • 5.1 Summary
    • 5.2 Skills
  • 6 Conclusion
  • 7 References

In the game, the onmyoji serves as an important aspect of the formation, their skills are fixed, and a key component of strategy.

It could be argued that whatever skill an onmyoji uses will decide what the team does. This is also why the unchanging 128 is such a significant speed to focus on. However, the balancing between characters do not do much justice to such a number with the…

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72e 72e 14 January 2018

New Player Encyclopedia

Guide written by leina0602 副本存在时间为1小时,共可以挑战6次,每次消耗6体力,挑战成功会掉落1~2块该式神的碎片。 前十八章只有桃花妖和Kamaitachi两个SR式神挑战,一旦开启Kamaitachi碎片副本,请务必通知好友。

天邪鬼绿、Kyuumei Neko
提灯小僧、Zashiki Warashi
Ame Onna、Jikikaeru、Kanko
灯笼鬼、Kodokushi、Kocho no Sei
天邪鬼赤、Koi no Sei、Kappa
Warrior Soul、Ushi no Toki
Kyonshi Ototo、Kyonshi Imoto
萤草、Karasu Tengu
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72e 72e 11 January 2018


A compendium of recommended shikigami and souls to equip for new players, as agreed upon by the high elders of Onmyoji Discord.

Due to formatting issues, please refer to the Google sheets pinned in the Discord Server.

  • We define new players as 1-30, or until grade 5/6 shikigami
  • We assume the following for new players
    • No black daruma
    • Has high level friends
    • Don't spend hours and hours on the game everyday
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72e 72e 7 January 2018

Shikigami to Raise

A guide for new players written by 魔法少女翻翻 from NGA. It is oriented towards new players joining during the game's anniversary, who will not be lacking black daruma, and can easily find stronger players to help them. The shikigami introduced in the guide will continue being useful even entering late game.

Shikigami unavailable in the GL version of the game will be italicized.

  • 1 Your First Grade 6
    • 1.1 Notes
  • 2 Healers
  • 3 Other Supports
    • 3.1 Shozu
    • 3.2 Heiyo
    • 3.3 Yamausagi/Zashiki Warashi
  • 4 Progressing
  • 5 On SSRs
  • 6 One More Thing
  • 7 References

Your choices will be Tamamo no Mae, Ibaraki, Ootengu, and Ubume.

Tamamo and Ibaraki are the best farmers, and the most optimal choices for farming Souls 10 (without teaming with random people), they can be useful in early game or late gam…

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72e 72e 30 December 2017

Starting Midspeed PVP From Zero - Issue 2

Current as of 2017.12.28. Translated by 72e.

There is a first issue.



Author will not take responsibility if readers


This is an original work


By 荔枝妖


在文章结尾再说下, 本文由携手同心-荔枝妖原创, 独家授权冰冷之海发表, 转载请注明作者和出处. 本文包括头条文章赞赏、微信公众号赞赏等一切收入, 会全部转给荔枝妖.

谢谢大家能耐心看完本文, 如果感觉这篇文章对你有帮助, 欢迎分享给其他的Onmyoji玩家, 比心. ​​​​

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72e 72e 29 December 2017

Starting Midspeed PVP From Zero - Issue 1

Current as of 2017.7.27. Translated by 72e.

Has a second issue.

  • 1 Arena Formation Types
    • 1.1 High Speed
    • 1.2 Midspeed
    • 1.3 Low Speed
  • 2 Creating a Midspeed Formation
    • 2.1 Necessary Shikigami
    • 2.2 Optional Shikigami
  • 3 Midspeed Formation Battles
    • 3.1 Against High Speed Formations
    • 3.2 Against Midspeed Formations
    • 3.3 Against Low Speed Formations
  • 4 Selection Strategy and Techniques
    • 4.1 Cardflipping Selection Strategy
    • 4.2 Instaswitching Strategy
  • 5 Prospects for Meta
  • 6 Credits
  • 7 References

The current Arena environment has relative variety, and is different from the previous meta where getting first speed has guaranteed advatange, the current meta of Arena focusses more on the formation's overall quality, such as Mitama quality, cardpool depth, and strategy. It's not completely a mixed …

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72e 72e 12 December 2017

Duan no Shikigami Rankings

These are credited to 段段以及南墙, a guide writer for Onmyoji. Translated by 72e. The PVE rankings are the 2017.12.8 version, and thus excludes Hiyoribou and those following her from consideration.

Just to be clear:

  1. Rankings will always be subjective, this one is based on suggesting the order to 6 - it is not a must to 6 the ones in high tiers first, just that considering the appearance rate, utility, win rate, etc. sixing them can be considered;
  2. There is no difference between those in the same tier.
  3. Note that Kekkai Toppa is not included.

Also, due to the breadth of the considerations, this is most likely an unfriendly tierlist for new players.

== PVE |- ! align="center" style="border-bottom: 1px solid grey; width: 20%" | T0 | style="border-bottom: …

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72e 72e 26 November 2017

What To Do?

Onmyoji is a fun game. Onmyoji may also be a hard game. So let us guide these new and returning players in starting their adventure. There will be a lot of things you cannot do, you might get one-shotted in Kirin Hunt, you might struggle to pass any skin instance's 8th floor and onwards, the failure rate of goryou and regional kiou might be very high, it could be all very discouraging. So, instead of feeling sad over what you cannot do, let us preview what we can and should do at your level.

Written by NGA's 用我一世换你一眼温存, in-game nickname 么么啾我爱二频 based in [携手同心].

  • Borrow a 6-star attacker and hope for the best against that Kagamihime, basically Yamausagi pulls -> Ushi sticks a doll -> attacker attacks -> Youkinshi pulls again, Seimei opens shield…
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72e 72e 25 November 2017

Egg Eating

We have here an introductory guide to the optimal method to consume daruma in order to level up shikigami. This is a guide for efficiency based on the experience (pun intended) of veteran players, and thus does not take into consideration shortage of daruma, gold, etc. That being said, this method should serve to give an idea for new players as to the basic demands for a 5/6-star shikigami.

Credits go to user 生亦何欢死亦何妨 on the NGA forums.

1 level 60 shikigami = 5 5-star level 30 white daruma = 25 4-star fodder = 25 white daruma + 200 2-star level 1 + 75 3-star level 20 + 25 level 13 blue daruma + 5 level 8 blue daruma + 130 red daruma + 3.095 M gold

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72e 72e 27 October 2017

Full Auto Mitama 10

This is a more or less complete guide to autoing mitama 10, i.e. no need to aim and finishing everything in 1 round for the first two rounds. will be excluded due to their prospective damage.

  • 1 Susabi
    • 1.1 2 fire attacker
    • 1.2 Normal attacker
  • 2 Aobouzu
  • 3 Raw Data for HP/DEF
  • 4 Reference
  • 5 Notes
  • 6 More Links

Susabi needs 6 onibi, so the other attacker cannot have a skill that consumes 3 onibi. Instead:

For example Inugami.

High speed: Kamigui -> Ibaraki -> Seimei -> Attack -> Fire -> Susabi
Low speed: Kamigui -> Seimei -> Ibaraki -> Attack -> Fire -> Susabi

With this, Susabi has 7 onibi.

For example Itsumade, Kyuuketsu (Shingan), Amanojaku Ao.

High speed: Kamigui -> Ibaraki -> Seimei -> Fire -> Susabi -> Attack
Low speed: Kamigui -> Seimei -> Ibaraki -> Fire -> Susab…

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