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    One of the 阴阳天机谱 series. Written by 解说七老爷

    The total damage is recorded damage * crit damage * (1-negated percentage), compared with Shoyo's maximum health * 12. That would be 34000 * 12 = 408K. In other words, it's 450.8K damage vs 408K. Take the smaller number, and so Shoyo deals 408K damage.

    As mentioned before, when Shoyo uses the third skill, two enemies are selected: what you locked onto, and the lowest health ratio. Note that these two don't have their damage calculated at the same time, instead the locked target is first calculated, and then the other one. So this is the reason why you always have to target the doll. When only one monster is on the field and the doll is connected to it, the doll deals damage from Shoyo's curse to the …

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    Full Auto Mitama 10

    October 27, 2017 by 72e

    This is a more or less complete guide to autoing mitama 10, i.e. no need to aim and finishing everything in 1 round for the first two rounds. will be excluded due to their prospective damage.

    Susabi needs 6 onibi, so the other attacker cannot have a skill that consumes 3 onibi. Instead:

    For example Inugami.

    High speed: Kamigui -> Ibaraki -> Seimei -> Attack -> Fire -> Susabi
    Low speed: Kamigui -> Seimei -> Ibaraki -> Attack -> Fire -> Susabi

    With this, Susabi has 7 onibi.

    For example Itsumade, Kyuuketsu (Shingan), Amanojaku Ao.

    High speed: Kamigui -> Ibaraki -> Seimei -> Fire -> Susabi -> Attack
    Low speed: Kamigui -> Seimei -> Ibaraki -> Fire -> Susabi -> Attack

    With this, Susabi has 8 onibi.

    Aobouzu deals double damage to summoned creatures, which …

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