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72e 72e 2 July 2018

Seven Aspects of the Heart fan lyrics

With我 a看 crack,见 on你 your的 face脸
Who在 is破 that碎 you你 are的手 pointing在指 to?谁
Your你的 heart心 starts在 to哭 weep.泣

Who黑 are夜 you,中 who谁 murmurs站在 in我 my床 dreams?头轻言
Who一 are张 you?假 What面具 are画 you着 doing谁 to的 me?脸
A他 mask悄悄 painted的说 with着 whose我 likeness?睁开眼
He看 whispered,不清 "Please,看不见 open听 those不 eyes清 of听 yours."不见

To熟 fill悉 this的 chasm身影 in悄悄 my出 heart现
Idle我的 chatter手我的 here,耳 but我 they的 are心 all我 drivel.的眼
Taking都交 those给 fading时间 memories,慢慢相连 discarding梦中梦 them梦未醒 to梦 the见 world谁的 beyond思念 this绵 life.延

A face一 that面 laughs哭 and一面 cries笑
One一 light,面 one黑 in一 the面 dark白
Benevolent一面恶 and一 cruel面 smile善
Seven七颗 hearts心 and七 their张 masks面

Crying一边哭 as一 you边 laugh,笑
Seven七颗 hearts心 and七 their张 masks面
All七 are个人 really都是 you她

Just就 toss忘 them却 aside!一切 Becom…

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Mikotoh - Pupeteer Mikotoh - Pupeteer 12 February 2018

Individual gaming experience

Hello and welcome

to my very first blog! First and formost I want to clarify my intention. In every game there is a meta (best characters / skills to use in order to win)  and for some players this is getting out of hand.  You might see some shikigami being played all over the place and others

not being used at all. The community starts to realize how to optimize a team and starts to follow the mainstream trend,

by using the same ideology of gameplay the mainstream is following.

While this might be key to advance in a game, to adapt and improve by following that which is necessary, one must realize, the primary intention of installing the game in the first place... which is most likely to have FUN!

Have Fun!

... If you love a character just becau…

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72e 72e 3 February 2018

Protagonist Skills Discussion

For a beginning player, maxing the skills of all the onmyoji are not easy, so it's hard to tell the strength of an onmyoji at full strength and how imbalanced they are.

The below is an opinionated post by 玩笑王的大玩笑 from NGA. Translated by 72e.

  • 1 Preamble
  • 2 Abe no Seimei
  • 3 Minamoto no Hiromasa
  • 4 Kagura
    • 4.1 Strength
    • 4.2 Specialty
  • 5 Yao Bikuni
    • 5.1 Summary
    • 5.2 Skills
  • 6 Conclusion
  • 7 References

In the game, the onmyoji serves as an important aspect of the formation, their skills are fixed, and a key component of strategy.

It could be argued that whatever skill an onmyoji uses will decide what the team does. This is also why the unchanging 128 is such a significant speed to focus on. However, the balancing between characters do not do much justice to such a number with the…

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72e 72e 14 January 2018

New Player Encyclopedia

Guide written by leina0602 副本存在时间为1小时,共可以挑战6次,每次消耗6体力,挑战成功会掉落1~2块该式神的碎片。 前十八章只有桃花妖和Kamaitachi两个SR式神挑战,一旦开启Kamaitachi碎片副本,请务必通知好友。

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72e 72e 26 November 2017

What To Do?

Onmyoji is a fun game. Onmyoji may also be a hard game. So let us guide these new and returning players in starting their adventure. There will be a lot of things you cannot do, you might get one-shotted in Kirin Hunt, you might struggle to pass any skin instance's 8th floor and onwards, the failure rate of goryou and regional kiou might be very high, it could be all very discouraging. So, instead of feeling sad over what you cannot do, let us preview what we can and should do at your level.

Written by NGA's 用我一世换你一眼温存, in-game nickname 么么啾我爱二频 based in [携手同心].

  • Borrow a 6-star attacker and hope for the best against that Kagamihime, basically Yamausagi pulls -> Ushi sticks a doll -> attacker attacks -> Youkinshi pulls again, Seimei opens shield…
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72e 72e 20 October 2017

FAQ for Beginners

  • [1]
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72e 72e 19 February 2017

Strategy for kekkai cards

Noone can expect to play 24/7, that's why kekkai cards exist. On the other hand, arbitrarily dropping in a kekkai card just to complete the daily really fails to use the feature to its full potential! This guide is a rough overview to the ways to get better kekkai cards. That's because while actually feeding mats to shikigami is the most efficient, and actually playing to gain experience is the most straightforward, leveling shikigami through kekkai gives the least hassle!

Note: once again, basic knowledge of kekkai cards should be already grasped.

  • 1 General things to know
    • 1.1 Type 1: Same star synthesis
    • 1.2 Type 2: Different star synthesis
  • 2 Getting a good card
  • 3 Player anecdotes
  • 4 Closing
  • 5 Sources

During synthesis, the card is raised by one or two star…

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