• 72e

    Mitama for starters

    February 18, 2017 by 72e

    You've just started the game, Kohaku tells you the basics, but it's not enough. How come all your friends' shikigami are so OP? It's because of their mitama, read on to learn more!

    Note: guides assume basic knowledge of the mechanics, so be sure to read the corresponding pages.

    Mitama can be acquired through the shop, but later on, leveling up and adding stars to mitama will result in massive use of funds, so it is not recommended to buy them unless it is a must. Whales can disregard this advice.

    If you have need for a specific mitama (i.e. on a day off rotation), play through the exploration instances, where the difficult version gives better mitama than standard. Otherwise, mitama are dropped from the mitama instances. The higher the mitama…

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