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Level 1
Level 40
ATK.png ATK SS.png 183 SS.png 4127 +3944
HP.png HP C.png 939 B.png 11279 +10340
DEF.png DEF C.png 67 B.png 428 +361
SPD.png SPD A.png 109 S.png 119 +10
CRIT.png Crit S.png 10% S.png 10% +0%
CDMG.png Crit DMG 150% 150% +0%
HIT.png Effect HIT 0% 0% +0%
RES.png Effect RES 0% 0% +0%


3641.png Annihilation Flames (紅蓮誅灰)

Type: Normal Onibi:Onibi.png0 Cooldown: 0

Obey or die.

Asura weilds Bonelash to attack a single target dealing damage equal to 100% of his ATK.
When Asura KO's an enemy, he inflicts Annihilation on them, then the skill Mighty Crush changes to Endless Slaughter.

Annihilation (誅灰)
General, Mark: ATK is permanently decreased by 50%.
(This effect is represented by a small swirling vortex of ashes underneath KO'd enemies.)

Level Effect
Damage increases to 105%.
Damage increases to 110%.
Damage increases to 115%.
5 Damage increases to 120%.

3642a.png Mighty Crush (天魔威圧)

Type: Special Onibi:Onibi.png0 Cooldown: 0

Please me with cries.

At the start of battle and the start of Asura's turn, he gains 9 points of Sanity. He becomes immune to control effects and similar effects such as Banish if he doesn't have 9 points of Sanity. At the start of each attack, consumes an amount of Sanity equal to the number of enemies he is attacking.

Evolution Effect
If Asura's initial SPD is faster than his target's initial SPD, he deals and additional 10% of damage to them.
Sanity (理性)
General, Mark: Max of 9 points. Each point of Sanity that Asura restores, recovers his HP by 8% of his max HP. Asura is suppressed by Sanity, each point decreases his damage dealt by 9%.
Control Effect
Freeze, Sleep, Confuse, Taunt, Silence, Bind, Transform, Daze, Provocation, Deep Freeze, Frostbound and Shadowbound are considered to be control effects. The final 6 cannot be dispelled. Frostbound cannot be dispelled or removed.

Level Effect
Sanity: Reduced damage dealt decreases to 8%.
Sanity: Reduced damage dealt decreases to 7%.
Sanity: Reduced damage dealt decreases to 6%.
5 For each point of Sanity lost, reduces the damage Asura receives by 6%.

3642b.png Endless Slaughter (無間殺戮)

Type: Special Onibi:Onibi.png0 Cooldown: 0

Asura becomes immune to controlling effects and similar effects such as Banish. At the start of his turn, he will automatically use this skill. At the end of another non-summoned allies' turn, restores 1 point of Sanity. If Taishakuten is an ally, then at the end of his turn Asura will restore an additional 3 points of Sanity.

Upon Usage
If Asura doesn't have 9 points of Sanity at the start of his turn, a giant sword will be summoned to attack a random target other than himself dealing damage equal to 263% of his ATK. Then summons a rain of swords to all remaining targets dealing damage equal to 113% of his ATK.
If Asura does have 9 points of Sanity, this skill will change back to Mighty Crush.

3643.png Inferno Slaughter (煉獄虐殺)

Type: Special Onibi:Onibi.png3 Cooldown: 0

Wherever I go, destruction follows.

Asura plunges into the enemy lineup and summons forth a giant hand to attack all enemies dealing damage equal to 290% of his ATK. Then inflicts a follow-up attack on a selected target until all of his Sanity points are fully consumed, dealing damage equal to 54% of his ATK on each attack.

Level Effect
Damage for the all enemy attack increases 305%.
Damage for the all enemy attack increases 315%.
Damage for the follow-up attacks increases to 63%.
5 If he KO's the selected target and he still has Sanity left, the follow-up attacks will target the enemy with the lowest HP.

Biography Unlock

No. Unlock Conditions Rewards
1 Evolve Asura.
2 Increase Asura's skills 12 times.
3 Recover 99 points of Sanity.


Skins Info

Celestial Strider
懿肆琬兮Skin Shop: S-Jade Only


Bio 1

「ははは、さすがは帝釈天の旧友だ。 勝るとも劣らぬ狂いっぷりよ!」
血の雨を浴びながら、高いところから飛び降りる。 屍山血河を通り、ゆっくりと別の魔神に近づく。
限界まで目を見開いた魔神は、うめき声をあげたかったようだが、 あごが砕けていてそれは叶わなかった。
「ならば、俺は魔神の王になろう。この阿修羅が、百の魔神から力を取り戻した暁には、天に返り咲き、人々を虐げたお前を、 今度こそ踏みにじってやる」

The Abyss at the bottom of the Celestial Realm is a prison for the Celestials and an arena of battle for the Celestials and an arena of battle for the Monster-Gods. But I turned it into a hell feared by both the Celestials and the Monster-Gods.
With a loud crackling sound, a bright flare lit up the Abyss. The field that had imprisoned me exploded as my Spiritual Entity was detonated.
I stood at the peak after regaining my freedom and looked down on the hundreds of Monster-Gods drenched in a sea of blood.
The Monster-Gods blown down by the explosion spoke.
"Asura, you destroyed your Spiritual Entity just to regain freedom. But do you still remember where you are?"
"Hahaha, they all say that Taishakuten is mad. You're indeed his old friend. You're even madder."
"The Abyss is filled with demons and Monster-Gods. You give up power for freedom. But you will get neither freedom nor power. For we will tear you apart!"
Hundreds of Monster-Gods and demons plunged at me. And yet they failed to bring me down. In a mist of blood, I laughed.
"Don't you ever mention that name before me. You understand?"
With a finger snap, a Monster-God started to vomit as an arm pierced his chest from the inside. It started to churn inside his stomach. And in an instant, his stomach was cut open. Blood poured out. The Monster-God looked terrified even though he was used to bloody scenes.
As his limbs were swept by, hundreds of Monster-Gods in the air were cut in half through their stomach before they even realized what was happening.
Chunks of flesh and dark blood rained down as their limbs were sent flying.
The blood bath left me feeling satisfied. I jumped down from the peak and walked step by step towards that Monster-God through the sea of blood. He scrambled to escape me. But before he could take a step, my claw pierced his heart.
That crimson Spiritual Entity shard in my hand was the power those Monster-Gods wanted and devoured.
"But... how..." the Monster-God's eyeballs twitched. He tried to wail before he collapsed and died. But since his jaws were broken, he made no sound.
I absorbed the crimson Spiritual Entity shard and made it a part of me.
"The strong live and the weak fall into hell. If you don't have power, freedom is fleeting, let alone love and hate."
"I, Asura, am the prince of darkness. But I don't want to be a monster. I want to love, to hate, to have friends. I used to want to be an ordinary person."
"But now, everything seems to have been in vain."
In the darkness, the crimson eyes of the Monster-Gods looked at me silently in awe. Some of them had a crimson mark on their stomach from having devoured my Spiritual Entity, marking their greed.
"If this is the case, then I will be a god among the monsters! I, Asura, swore to kill a hundred Monster-Gods and take back my power. I will return to the light and trample upon everything that the light owed to the people."
"Watch closely. The fire of the Abyss Prison will burn your hypocrite heaven into dust."

Bio 2


An appalling secret lay at the heart of the Abyss.

The Ten Precepts rule was created by Taishakuten. It evaluated the Celestials by their power.

Any Celestial considered low was condemned and exiled into the Abyss. The Abyss Prison filled with spiritual power. The sinners couldn't live or die. All they could do was devour each other until they became Monster-Gods, struggling perpetually in a purgatory of neither life nor death.

Some had already become demons. Others implored me to grant them their death as they didn't want to be a degenerate, and feared that the Monster-Gods would devour them. So I drank the blood of the sinners and fed on the Monster-Gods. But there was a constant stream of sinners coming down from heaven. The prisoners of the Abyss Prison never ceased to increase.

When I pulled out the shard from the ninety-ninth Monster-God, all of the shards turned into spots of light and merged togeher. They eventually formed into six arms. The newly born Spiritual Entity was powerful enough to reach the bottom of the Abyss, which had seemed impossible to reach.

In the Abyss Prison, those Monster-Gods I conquered and enslaved clapped their hands and knelt before me. "Congratulations, Lord Mara, on achieving your desire!"

I reached my hand out to the newly born Spiritual Entity. There was a heart-shaped hole in it that looked quite like the one on my chest. The last Spiritual Entity shard: my Soul. I looked for it in every dark corner of the Abyss, to no avail.

Bio 3



Without my Soul, I wouldn't be able to resume my identity as a Celestial. But I didn't care.

I evoked my newly born Spiritual Entity and slammed it to the ground. The whole Abyss started to shake. The ground cracked open. All of the Monster-Gods who were devouring each other stopped fighting and sat on the ground because of the quake.

I pointed to the chains on the wall leading to the exit. "You greedy trapped beasts who know nothing of right and wrong. Raise your heads!"

"Your true opponents are not in front of you. They live above you!"

"They were your brothers when you were in the light. You were condemned because you were weak. And now you are trapped here, killing each other endlessly!"

"I, Asura, once raised an army against the Deca. Now I will raise an army to fight Taishakuten! Those who're not willing to follow me can stay in the Abyss and continue to kill each other. Those who're willing to follow me must obey me and shout my name!"

"Then follow me and fight against your real enemies in heaven to your heart's content!"

The Monster-Gods raised their heads and looked into the light in the distance skeptically. I turned around and the Monster-Gods followed. They cried, "Asura, the Mara!" Hearing the cry, the demons and monsters in the Abyss started to bellow. Countless Monster-Gods emitted a loud and agonized cry like ghosts from hell. Wave after wave, they knelt before me in waves, requesting light from me.

"Asura! Asura!"

Flames burst out from my chest along with molten lava as six stronger arms stretched out. The reborn Spiritual Entity was ever more powerful. The arms destroyed the Abyss and emitted flames that burned even more fiercely.

The arms rushed towards the bottom of the Abyss and tore the whole Abyss Prison into pieces. Following my flame, thousands of Monster-Gods swarmed out of the Abyss and destroyed the light. They fed on the light as the Celestial Realm was devoured.

"Perhaps this is all I ever was. I was the prince of darkness from the minute I was born. I'm the most violent sin. The fire that will consume everything."

"As long as there's darkness untouched by flames, I will keep burning until I reach it, until the light fears to confront me, until destruction follows wherever I go, until no one in this world fears Monster-Gods, demons, darkness, and hypocrisy, and until no one is afraid to speak the name of the Abyss."

"Instead, they will fear my name -- Asura."

Voice Lines

Summon Animation
俺について来い!偽りの天国を焼き尽くすぞI, Asura, will lead you bring down the Unsullied Heaven!
Tap (Head)
おお?俺が怖くないのか?You're not afraid of me I see.
Tap (Arms)
この世に生を受けたときから、俺は、闇の申し子だI was born the Prince of Darkness.
Tap (Arms)
天上天下唯我独尊I stand above everyone else across all worlds.
Tap (Body)
俺みたいなやつしかいなかったら、誰が俺の暴走を止めてくれる?If everyone were like me, there would be no one there to stop me.
Tap (Skin 2, Body)
ちっ、つまらんTsk, how boring...
Tap (Skin 2, Body)
闇の申し子でも、愛や憎しみ、そして、人との繋がりを持ちたいと思うときもあるんだI, Asura, was born the Prince of Darkness, but I want to love, to hate, to have friends.
Tap (Legs)
己の執念には、己で打ち勝たねば意味がないIt's my inner demon, and I will conquer it myself.
Tap (Legs)
お前の断末魔で楽しませてもらうPlease me with your cries.
Tap (Legs)
虫けらどもが、はははははPuny ants.
Enter Battle
お前、死んだぞYou asked for it.
Enter Battle (Special)
俺が道を踏み外さないように、照らしてくれShow me the light so I don't lose my way.
Enter Battle (Skin 2, Special)
たまらないなぁ、この匂いI can't get enough of this scent.
Skill 1 (Skin 2)
もっと、もっとだMore... more!
Skill 2
命乞いしろ!ははははははBeg for your life. Hahahahaha!
Skill 3
俺の後には灰燼しか残らないWherever I go, destruction follows.
Skill 3
なかなか骨のあるやつだI can still fight.
服従しろ!さもなければ、死ぬObey me! Or die.
切り刻んでやる!I'll cut you up.
ぶっ殺す!I'll kill you!
跪け!俺に服従しろ!Kneel! And obey me!
これから先は俺がすべてを見守り、支配する!I will now watch over and rule everything.
黙れ!Shut up!
俺に触れるな!Don't touch me!
この阿修羅が、帝釈天の討伐を約束するI, Asura, promise to defeat Taishakuten.
この世界に満ちた争いや殺戮より、俺はあの人の温もりがほしいIn this world full of struggles, if only I had his arms.


  • Asura only casts Endless Slaughter if he manages to KO an enemy unit and does not regain 9 Sanity by his next turn. If his Sanity is spent from casting skill 3 but a KO did not occur, then his Sanity points will be automatically restored to 9 at the start of his next turn.
  • Asura can play the piccolo.

Interview with the Design Team

Celestial arc development interview from the official blog, translated and summarised here (credit to 500scnds).

  • Asura's contradiction is the choice he must make about who he is (hero of Celestials vs Mara of Abyss). At the end of the story, Asura crushed his Celestial Locus, became complete after stating "because I am only Asura".
  • Asura was partly inspired by a historical king.
  • Originally Asura had black armor in the story, so the Taishakuten would refer to him as a warrior in black. But later, while designing the art, got rid of armor to make him look more exotic, and settled for clothes that complemented darker skin tones instead.
  • Asura's appearance is savage externally, but on the inside he is forthcoming and brave, values friendship, yearns for warmth, is open to his friends, and wants to protect his family. However, his brutal powers will kill all his loved ones. He was born as the Mara in the darkness, but still desired the light, and so filled dual roles of hero and villain.
  • Efforts were made to show his strength in battle, how he had an aura of fierceness and valiance. Elements selected were inspired by the "six-armed" asuras in mythology, which was represented by the six tentacles of his Spiritual Entity. Also borrowed from how asuras were considered gods of war and destruction.
  • Asura possesses unparalleled power, but what he values most are ordinary and simple emotions. He was always looking for someone who can fill his heart, so this contrast informed his core self.
  • Asura's tentacles can shift into various forms, so he often changes them into various weapons to accommodate different situations.
  • Asura's third eye can see through all illusions and falsehoods, an invincible buff but with limits. This will play an important role in later plot.
  • Taishakuten and Asura's relationship is described as "intimate friendship"; the missing parts of the two are precisely the strengths of each other, they reflect and complement one another.

Asura Story CG - the Celestial Realm Part 2

Theme Song


Name Asura
Sex Male
Rarity SSR
Weapon demon arms, greatsword, ghost hands
Height 197 cm
Colour red-black, red-gold
Character Tags God of War, Hero, Mara, Son of Darkness
Strength powerful, bold and straightforward, candid, sincere and loyal to his friends. Excellent at military command. Highly motivated and independent, noteworthy conduct, very confident, resolute and steadfast. Positive, full of energy, has the courage to act and then take full responsibility for his actions/foot the consequences.
Weakness bloodthirsty and cruel, tyrannical and irritable, domineering, extremely possessive, vengeful, loves making new enemies and provoking them, will answer blow for blow/eye for an eye.
Hobbies and interests hunting, military chess, exploration/conquering new territory, travelling, boxing, extreme sports, appreciating song and dance.
Habits when fighting he exudes a strong killing desire/desire to subjugate, free-handed rock climbing, volcano-boarding, carving and engraving (with his tentacles), snapping his fingers to light fires.
Special Abilities fighting, taking the initiative/lead in battle, military strategy, drawing maps, surviving in the wild, taming all kinds of animals, cultivating all types of plants, mining
Personality violent, overbearing, rebellious, heroic and courageous, resolute, cruel, brutal and ruthless
Relationships Taishakuten (friends of the heart), Mother, Shuten Doji and Ibaraki Doji (drinking buddies), Garuda (subordinate), Orochi (source of information)
Motivations to end war and bring about world peace, overcoming all sorts of challenges
Things he likes a tranquil and comfortable courtyard, sunlight and storms, thrilling challenges, adventures, blood
Things he dislikes betrayal, lack of challenge
Vulnerability he will sincerely bare his heart to those he has a very close relationship to, and he most fears losing the people who are important to him.
People he likes gentle, affectionate, and passionate people, tender-hearted people.
People he dislikes corrupt, dull and insipid people, pedantic people, people who cling to old rules, people who offend/violate things that belong to him.
Foods he likes ghost peppers, grilled meat, mustard, spicy food
Foods he dislikes he's not picky due to his time on the frontlines, however he does not like delicate, mild foods.
Private fact though his aura is tyrannical and cruel, he attaches extraordinary importance to friendship.