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Two events that coincide with almost every new SSR/SP shikigami release.



By clicking the red daruma players can view a short story, test the featured shikigami's skills and gain some mystery amulets. When the number of gathered players reaches a certain number, some rewards be unlocked for the entire server.

Note: Players cannot summon the featured SSR/SP during assembly events.

Memory Scrolls


During the event, players can obtain scroll fragments by participating in different in-game activities. For every scroll fragment donated, players will receive 1 random reward. After the memory scroll has been repaired, players can view the corresponding story.

Ranking rewards can be claimed by players according to their donation ranking as soon as the memory scroll has finished being repaired.


Players must collect memory scroll fragments to repair the scrolls. There are three types of scroll fragments; Mem Scroll 1.png small, Mem Scroll 2.png medium, and Mem Scroll 3.png large. They are obtained by:

  • clearing various PVE instances such as explore/evo/soul zones (excludes Sougenbi) and totem zones
  • clear personal or guild realm raids
  • buying s-jade (20 gives 1 medium fragment sent via ingame mail)
  • using mystery/AR amulets or jade to summon (every 10 summons gives 1 large fragment)
  • gaining 80 courage in Talisman Pass gives 1 medium fragment

A limit of 50 small fragments can be obtained daily, there is no limit for medium and large fragments.

After all scrolls have been repaired no more fragments can be obtained and all unused fragments will be converted to gold.

Past Events

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Featured Shikigami Assemble Memory Scroll
n/a "Kyoto Uprising" Memory Scrolls
296.png n/a "Warm Wind and Insect Calls" Memory Scrolls
311.png n/a "Seven Aspects of the Heart, Illusion of All Things" Memory Scrolls
312.png n/a "Blood-stained Finery, Flashes of Chill Blades" Memory Scrolls
316.png n/a "Master of Dream Mountain, My Name as the Pledge" Memory Scrolls
325.png n/a "Evil God Descends" Memory Scrolls
n/a "Sunlit Miketsu" & "Wind of Alms" Memory Scrolls
330.png n/a
331.png n/a
333.png "Nemesis on Waves" Memory Scrolls
334.png "Hero Returns on Furious Waves" Assemble
"Upon the New Moon Rises the Divine Fox" Assemble "Blazing Fox Fire" & "Moon's Offerings" Memory Scrolls
341.png n/a "From Divine to Demoniac" Memory Scrolls
343.png "Reforged with Unshaken Will" Assemble "Reforging the Mighty Blade" Memory Scrolls
344.png "World's an Illusion The Mirror Rotates" Assemble "Enter the Mirror Realm" Memory Scrolls
345.png "Demon Gone Mad" Assemble "Bloodlust・Awakened" Memory Scrolls
347.png "Bonded with Heian-Kyo" Assemble "A Special Bond" Memory Scrolls
348.png "All-Illuminating Lantern" Assemble "Worldly Stories Revealed" Memory Scrolls
351.png "The Sound of Wave Echoes" Assemble
352.png "Bound by Love, Bound by Heart" Assemble
353.png "Melodic Serenade Shines Bright" Assemble
"Lingering Crane, Reborn Master" Assemble
356.png "Merfolk's Song: Sung Again" Assemble
357.png "Becoming the King" Assemble
358.png "Underworld Blossom: Bloomed Again" Assemble
362.png "Warming Snow・Spring's Arrival" Assemble
363.png "Strive for the Peace" Assemble
364.png "The Return of Mara" Assemble
366.png "Karma and Sins Born in Twins" Assemble
367.png "Illustrious Brush World Shaper" Assemble
"Delightful & Delicious Feast" Assemble
372.png "Moonfolk Princess Reawakened" Assemble